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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 - Elimination Poll - Round 1 [poll]
Crossing Cup - Baby Park (9/17 votes)
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land (6/17 votes)
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods (0/17 votes)
Crossing Cup - Animal Crossing (2/17 votes)
Bell Cup - Neo Bowser City (0/17 votes)
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road (0/17 votes)
Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway (0/17 votes)
Bell Cup - Big Blue (0/17 votes)
Mario Kart's second DLC pack has released finally and with it come eight awesome courses. I wanted to gauge the interest and appreciation of these various courses around here so I thought I would put on an Elimination Poll to determine the proper order of things. Afterwards, I may do one for the first DLC pack as we,ll but I figured lets start with the ones that are freshest in our minds. For more discussion on Mario Kart 8, visit it's Discussion Thread.

For those interested in participating (and why not? it's very little effort), just post IN BOLD the track you find the least appealing of the set. The bold votes will hold more weight over the actual poll voting to prevent any kind of tom-foolery (or Tom Nook-foolery perhaps). To go the extra mile, tell us why, or if your favorite is losing the poll(s) then tell us why we're wrong!

Have a go at the courses. Have a vote. But most of all have fun!

This phase of the Elimination Poll is live until Wednesday, April 29th, @ 11:59 PM EST.

Again, vote for the LEAST favorite of the remaining options
and post in BOLD your choice below.

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Posted: 04/28/15, 05:33:02  - Edited by 
 on: 04/28/15, 05:32:48
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Right now I'd say Crossing Cup - Baby Park. I was always a fan of this polarizing course, but they didn't really do anything to make it better, and in fact it seems less chaotic to me now.
Posted: 04/28/15, 06:01:34
Way too early for me to say I'm afraid.

I'd have to at least play Animal Crossing enough times to experience all the different seasons.
Posted: 04/28/15, 06:24:19  - Edited by 
 on: 04/28/15, 08:41:57
I like all of these courses, but Crossing Cup- Animal Crossing is my least favorite. From a gameplay perspective it feels pretty basic and simple. There's not anything wrong with that, but this is a pretty strong lineup of courses where such a vanilla track stands out as being the most tame of the bunch.
Posted: 04/28/15, 07:52:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/28/15, 07:52:55
Baby Park was fun on GCN but here is just boring
Posted: 04/28/15, 08:34:47

Fair enough but if you want, just go off first impressions. It's not like this is some scientific poll.
Posted: 04/28/15, 12:48:59
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land
Posted: 04/28/15, 13:07:15
My personal vote has got to be Baby Park also. I think they put up barriers to divide the track that weren't there in the original so I agree when people say it feels less hectic.
Posted: 04/28/15, 13:21:04
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land
Posted: 04/28/15, 15:13:39
Baby Park. It's just not the same without the character-specific items. Crazy chain-chomps and huge shells made for chaotic fun. Speed doesn't make up for that.
Posted: 04/28/15, 16:08:34
Although I'm not a huge fan of character-specific items (it's way too unbalanced), I totally agree that particular aspect is what is missing from Baby Park.

In MK8 it's pretty much just green shells everywhere. Still pretty hectic, but it doesn't feel quite the same.
Posted: 04/28/15, 16:50:18
Cheese Land for sure. It just feels like one more desert-y course. Anyone like those?
Posted: 04/28/15, 16:53:51

Not me, but Cheese Land might be my favorite of a theme I'm not fond of.
Posted: 04/28/15, 16:57:40

I dislike desert courses, but the developers seem to love them. Just give me more snow!
Posted: 04/28/15, 17:06:23
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land - I basically feel the same way as Gui. Feels like a boring desert stage. It also felt too monotone. I was also disappointed to see those barriers in Baby Park but maybe my lactose intolerance pushed me towards disliking Cheese Land more.
Posted: 04/28/15, 17:41:53
Cheese land is awesome on 200cc.
Posted: 04/28/15, 19:45:26
13 actual votes but only 10 write ins. Remember that we always respect the write ins.
Posted: 04/28/15, 20:15:29
Baby Park
Posted: 04/28/15, 22:39:49
Neo Bowser CITY[/B]

Cheese land actually has a shortcut or two.
Posted: 04/29/15, 01:09:37
Crossing Cup - Baby Park is boring!
Posted: 04/29/15, 02:07:49

I'm taking your vote as Neo Bowser, though if you want to correct the bold you can still.
Posted: 04/29/15, 02:16:40
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