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Has the end of Club Nintendo changed your videogame purchase habits? [poll]
Yes (3/32 votes)
No (29/32 votes)
I used to buy Nintendo games first and games for other consoles later just so I would make sure to hit platinum every year. But, now that there is no reward incentive, I'm not prioritizing Nintendo purchases. What about you guys?

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Posted: 04/21/15, 07:54:08
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Too early to say. I might be more inclined to buy a used version of Nintendo games now that there's no codes involved. But probably not since I don't really like buying used in general.
Posted: 04/21/15, 07:58:11
Hard to say. Back when the Digital Deluxe thing was going on it definitely affected my purchases, but the rewards for Club Nintendo are kind of iffy so I haven't really gotten super into that.
Posted: 04/21/15, 08:22:18
Not even remotely. The only thing it will change is my wife's desire to go through our friend's games looking for Club Nintendo points asking "are you gonna use these!??!!?" =)
Posted: 04/21/15, 08:24:07
Nah, I never took Club Nintendo into consideration. The rewards were pretty much always bollocks anyway, though I'm happy to have gotten a couple 3DS games out of it at the end.
Posted: 04/21/15, 08:49:19
No I didn't buy games for coins. I'm sure I let many a survey expire during the promotion too.
Posted: 04/21/15, 11:56:11
Nah. If there's a game I want, I'm gonna get it. It was nice having the rewards, but not really necessary. Besides, we are still unsure on what the alternative will be, if there is one, when Club Nintendo is gone.

Unless I've been living under a rock and missed it.
Posted: 04/21/15, 13:08:51
I was a heavy user of Club Nintendo but only as a second circumstance after being a hell of a Nintendo fan and gamer first. That still hasn't changed.

In both cases, trying to be smarter and not buy games when I don't need them yet or even ignoring games I 'don't really need' was happening before too and is now; a function of me getting older.
Posted: 04/21/15, 13:31:37
No. I always looked at anything I got from there as a nice bonus but that's it. It never influenced my decisions.
Posted: 04/21/15, 14:09:18
Not *exactly.* I ended up buying several games I was "waiting on" just prior to the end of Club Nintendo in order to procure a few more of those precious, precious Coins, before that was no longer an option. (mostly to get enough Coins to get Paper Mario: Sticker Star for my son) But now that Club Nintendo is officially (more or less) over, it hasn't affected my buying habits. I still buy games whenever I want them.

Club Nintendo wasn't much of an incentive for me to buy games, but it was a really nice bonus.
Posted: 04/21/15, 15:00:24
I'll echo most of the points already made here.

My buying habits haven't/won't change due to Club Nintendo's passing. I buy the games I want when I want them, for the most part. It's more the limited nature of the Nintendo's releases that speeds up my purchasing rather than any reward I may gain from them.
Posted: 04/21/15, 15:36:32
Not at all.
Posted: 04/21/15, 16:27:08
Can't say that it has.
Posted: 04/21/15, 16:32:55
Posted: 04/21/15, 16:42:53
You might be alone on this one, sirmastersephiroth! I liked the Club Nintendo bonuses well enough, but it was to the point where I'd let codes pile up over a few years because I didn't feel like doing the surveys. So they definitely weren't an extra incentive for buying games for me.
Posted: 04/21/15, 17:19:12
No I stopped caring at some point, it was so much time/work to fill out all those surverys and then whenver there was a cool reward it was sold out in 10 seconds and I never got one. The straw that broke the camels back was the 3DS XL charging cradle, I logged in literally 20 minutes after they went on sale and all the good colors were gone, they must have only made couple thousand total which to me seemed almost dishonest, they should have made enough for everyone it's not like they didn't know how many Club Nintendo subscribers there are.
Posted: 04/21/15, 17:26:58
With the vague way the question is worded, I would have to say "yes," but not by much. I would wait and try to find a good price on a sealed copy instead of buying used, to ensure it came with a code, though I may do that anyway since I like games in good condition. If I were at GameStop or anything and they had multiple copies of the same game, I would look and see if any still had a code in case it hadn't been used. I sometimes did pass on buying games if they didn't have a code, though I'd still get it if it were a good deal that I thought I may not come across again. So yeah, I don't think much will change, just slightly.

I am curious about all these "no" votes though. Did the Mario Kart and/or Smash promotions not influence anyone to buy those games sooner than otherwise?
Posted: 04/21/15, 21:20:13
Not really but I have cut back on purchases if only because I'm trying to be extra frugal these days. That and I can play Smash for hours on end and not get bored.
Posted: 04/22/15, 01:46:35
No, the club's closure had no effect. The club's overall lack of anything remotely interesting or exciting for the past few years as well as a super lame platinum gift offering last year, however, has had an effect. Not just in my supportive spending, but in logging into the site to fill out countless silly survey. I said goodbye to that nonsense months ago. If we were offered the cool, rare and nifty things the Japanese Club Nintendo offered, things might be different.
Posted: 04/22/15, 02:40:09
Club Nintendo was a bonus - I never expected to get anything back - not many companies do that. The amount of games I have recieved for free though (ambassador program + CN rewards) is more then I imagined. It would be great if something like it would take it's place - but if not - that's ok. I'll still buy the games I want to play - and that usually means more Nintendo Games
Posted: 04/22/15, 04:51:46
I picture your wife saying everything in Toad's voice.
Posted: 04/22/15, 05:44:37
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