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Did the end surprise of the Smash Wii U Direct change your mind on buying both versions? (Spoilers!) [poll]
Yes, I think I'll have to get both now. (1/38 vote)
No, I'm still sticking with just the Wii U version (6/38 votes)
No, I'm still sticking with just the 3DS version. (0/38 votes)
No, because I don't have a 3DS. (0/38 votes)
No, because I don't have a Wii U. (2/38 votes)
N/A! I've been planning to get both anyway. WIN! (29/38 votes)
So Nintendo just gave fans the Smash character they've been wanting all along... except as an exclusively free download for when you buy both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the Super Smash Bros. games. This is quite the interesting move on Nintendo's part and does a great job for placing an incentive on obtaining both versions. As if the CDs weren't incentive enough.


How do you feel about this move? For those who were either choosing not to get the 3DS version or were on the fence and hadn't yet, please answer the poll. All others can share in the thread/comments about how you feel regarding this move.

Total surprise. I was expecting them to maybe tie in an amiibo for this too but maybe not... or not yet....

This is kind of a bummer though for Mewtwo fans who don't have a 3DS though...

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Posted: 10/24/14, 01:51:33
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It's a very nice little bonus, but I always looked at the 3DS version as my practice version while I wait for the definitive console release... and it does look feature packed!

I think the fact that they are continuing to develop content post-release is telling, however. I have a feeling Mr. Mewtwo is not going to be the only new fighter and that we can expect something similar to what they are doing with Mario Kart 8.
Posted: 10/24/14, 01:55:38

I agree. Stage/Character/Music packs?
Posted: 10/24/14, 01:57:22
For a long time, I was planning on selling the 3DS version once I transferred all my stuff to the Wii U version. Eventually I decided to just keep the 3DS version, even if I'm probably never going to touch it once the Wii U version comes out. And if I had any doubts about that, today's announcement put them to bed. I need that DLC.
Posted: 10/24/14, 01:58:30
I was planning on both....though when Wii U version is in my hands I might not bother....damn....
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:09:04
I don't care at all about Mewtwo. But I do have the 3DS version and definitely getting the Wii U version.
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:10:12
No 3DS version for me. I rarely touch my 3ds because my gaming time has dwindled considerably. I still haven't finished LoZ: ALBW
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:21:18
I am probably getting both anyway, but that news didn't move the needle for me. Kind of a dick move by Nintendo honestly. I hope they offer the character for money for people who don't have a 3DS.
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:22:36
I was planning on getting both anyway, don't really care about Mewtwo. I plan to get the 3DS game in a holiday sale, I'm sure it'll be featured in one.
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:26:57
I already have the 3DS version and OBVIOUSLY will be getting the Wii U version... but I kind of wish I'd just waited for the Wii U version, as little as I've played the 3DS version.
Posted: 10/24/14, 02:55:20
Frankly, locking a character in a fighting game behind owning both versions angers me. I don't even care about Mewtwo (having never played a Pokemon game), but this almost makes me not want to buy the Wii U version, knowing that I won't have the complete roster. If they also make him paid DLC, then I'm fine with it, but I'd almost prefer not to get the game at all if they're going to hold a member of the roster hostage like that.
Posted: 10/24/14, 03:34:47
I assume it will be available for purchase too right?

Anyway....my hype is through the roof! It's a shame they couldn't get voice chat working in game though. Maybe they could patch it in?
Posted: 10/24/14, 03:35:20
The way the reveal was worded, it's likely you can purchase him as well. It's just free if you own both versions.
Posted: 10/24/14, 03:44:43
I'm still 50/50 on getting the 3DS version. This announcement pushed me over to 55/45, but then hearing speculation that you could probably just download Mewtwo for a fee if you don't have the 3DS version has brought me back down to a 50/50.
Posted: 10/24/14, 04:22:55
Not at all. I honestly don't even care for Mewtwo. Never really liked him in Pokemon and I have barely played Melee.
Posted: 10/24/14, 05:04:10
One Smash is enough for me... Wii U be it for now.
Posted: 10/24/14, 05:43:44
Hah, what a bunch of uber-nerds we are. 21/25 were buying both, anyway! If only NW represented the buying public...
Posted: 10/24/14, 06:31:13
No, and I don't think it would have swayed me if I were not planning on getting both versions. I just don't find Mewtwo that appealing as a character. Even back in Melee, I barely ever used him.
Posted: 10/24/14, 06:37:52
I'm planning on buying the Wii U version. I don't have any real desire to buy the 3DS game though. And even though Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon that wouldn't change my mind at all. I do have to say that soundtrack deal does tempt me a bit.

I'll put the 3DS version on my Xmas list and maybe I'll end up getting it after all.
Posted: 10/24/14, 09:30:06
I want my Mewtwo! I'll have to convince my brother to get the 3DS version if I don't have a 3DS by spring.
Posted: 10/24/14, 10:14:39
Nope, just Wii U for me. Don't care about Mewtwo. I think it's kind of weak that they'd keep people who don't own both platforms from playing as this character, though.
Posted: 10/24/14, 11:56:58
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