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--E3 2014 Predict-a-ton RESULTS!--

The show is over, the Treehouse has ceased streaming, and many seem to agree it was not only Nintendo's finest E3 in a while but the best way forward when it comes to presenting and demonstrating games.

How did the NW crew fare predicting all of the reveals and news? First, here's how the predictions shook out.


A) Expected : 2pts

01) Legend of Zelda U appearance

02) New NFC game unveiled

03) New 1st party 3DS game demonstration

04) Bayonetta 2 confirmed for this year (US)

05) Hyrule Warriors confirmed for this year (US)

06) Anniversary promotion

07) Zelda U to release 2015

08) New Gamepad focused games

09) Reggie meme

10) No graphs

B) Rumored : 4pts

01) Legend of Zelda U trailer!

02) Majora's Mask remake for 3DS

03) Pokken Tournament unveiled

04) New HD re-release

05) First look at Fatal Frame 5, confirmed for US

06) Zelda U playable on showfloor

07) S.T.E.A.M. unveiled

08) New IP from Miyamoto team

09) Yarn Yoshi reappearance

10) NFC used in Smash Brothers

C) High risk: 6 pts

01) New Metroid title

02) New Mario series or spin-off (not a sequel)

03) X confirmed for 2014 in the US

04) Wii U release of Bayonetta 1

05) Mario Kart track/mode/character DLC

06) New 3rd party Wii U exclusive (physical)

07) Previously unnannounced 1st party U game for 2014 (physical)

08) Monolith Soft 3DS game announced

09) Next Level Games new project

10) E3 demos available in eShop

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) Zelda U for 2014

02) New 3DS model

03) Galaxy 3 or Prime 4

04) Nintendo MMORPG

05) Monster Hunter Quattro Wii U

06) Console revision

07) Virtual Console goes to mobile

08) Intelligent Systems bringing Paper Mario or Fire Emblem to Wii U

09) EA support

10) QOL platform


And now the results....


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Posted: 06/14/14, 18:18:09  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/14, 18:17:40
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1ST PLACE: zero 62

JOINT 2ND: jacksrb and TriforceBun 26
3RD: Octorockin 24
4TH: Stephen 20

Abdooooo 18
Mop it up 16
sirmastersephiroth 14
Griptor 10
Super_Conzo 8
CPAWei 6
anon_mastermind 6
V_s 6
Secret_Tunnel 4
Smerd -2
vinniebrock -6
Brick -6
nate38 -26
canonj -32
grantimusprime -34
TheBigG753 -40
Jargon -48
chrisguy -52
Shadowlink -50
Mr_Mustache -52
missypissy -52
Pokefreak911 -54
infinitywave -58
legendofalex -58
DrFinkelstein -60
-JKR- -150



- The maximum possible score this year was 88 points and the worst possible was -208. A monkey guessing at random would be tend to score -60 but in practice we averaged -17. Look how smart we are.

- The "It's a Trap!" award goes to the Metroid franchise which suckered many of us into negative points.

- 2014's Eternal Optimist is infinitywave for making the most predictions: 24

- The wrong answer that was picked most often was: "Mario Kart track/mode/character DLC"- 21 times. Mario Kart is getting some kind of Amiibo support but we don't know what that entails, so no confirmation!

- No megatons in the quiz this year. But the consensus seems to be Nintendo had the strongest show in a long time with polished games, new IP and real surprises.


Thanks to everyone for playing!
Posted: 06/14/14, 18:18:19
Is this some sick joke?! I always do terrible on these things!

BTW did I get my bonus points for Star Fox?!

Posted: 06/14/14, 18:33:48
I sucked this year. Do I get points for predicting you were going to win?

Posted: 06/14/14, 18:40:08
Made the top 10! I can dig that.
Well done ye winners.
Posted: 06/14/14, 20:27:45
Tried to go safe, ended up losing big AGAIN! Fuck you Metroid and QOL platform.
Posted: 06/14/14, 20:52:35
Hah, my conservative guesses ended up doing surprisingly well.
Posted: 06/14/14, 21:53:42
7th place ain't so bad, at least I got into the positives. I didn't know what "no graphs" and "Reggie meme" meant so I didn't choose them. I could have gotten a bit higher if I thought about it a little more, but oh well.
Posted: 06/14/14, 22:46:31
BOOM. That's a victory in my eyes. If you ain't first, you're last, but I'm FIRST PLACE LAST.
Posted: 06/14/14, 22:59:36
Infinitywave said:
A monkey guessing at random would be tend to score -60 but in practice we averaged -17. Look how smart we are.

Are you calling me a Random-Picking Monkey!?!?
Posted: 06/14/14, 23:38:06
Next year I'm going to try to get the best possible lowest score.
Posted: 06/15/14, 00:16:05
DrFinkelstein said:
Infinitywave said:
A monkey guessing at random would be tend to score -60 but in practice we averaged -17. Look how smart we are.

Are you calling me a Random-Picking Monkey!?!?

No!!! That's not what I was implying at all. Sorry. I'm saying you're no better than a Random-Picking Monkey.
Posted: 06/15/14, 00:40:04
Freakin' Metroid.


--Also, Zero has proven that the later you turn your sheet in, the better. He picked Star Fox BECAUSE of an uber-late leak on that Time article. TERRIBLE.
Posted: 06/15/14, 01:24:33
hm, I never saw the original 2014 prediction thread
Posted: 06/15/14, 01:27:24
Bah, no QOL or Majora screwed me out of second. Was Zero the only one crazy enough to predict Star Fox?
Posted: 06/15/14, 07:05:35
Yes!! I'll take positive points and like it!
Posted: 06/26/14, 18:15:31
Second place! Whoot!

Thanks as always for doing this. One of my favorite things about E3.
Posted: 06/27/14, 18:29:01
Well, I surprisingly didn't come in last. So there's that!
Posted: 06/27/14, 19:09:41
The GameCube, Wii, Gameboy Advance, and DS all had two Metroid titles each come out during their lifespans. I figured there HAD to be a Metroid game announced for one of the two newer systems. We're 2 or 3 years in, maybe a quarter to a third of the way through the generation, and not a sniff of a Metroid title. How?
Posted: 06/27/14, 23:03:47
I'll take a solid 4th place.
Posted: 06/27/14, 23:37:21
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