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Who is your main character in Super Mario 3D World? [poll]
Mario (16/30 votes)
Luigi (4/30 votes)
Peach (3/30 votes)
Toad (1/30 vote)
Random (6/30 votes)
That is, who are you primarily choosing to play as?

So far I've just been choosing random every stage, although it seems there might be certain stages where only certain characters can do things? Hmm.

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Posted: 11/26/13, 07:45:13
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I'll mix it up once I go back for the green stars/stamps/gold flags/whatever else.
Posted: 11/26/13, 08:07:32
Yeah, I'm just doing a Mario run through my first play through. I'll probably go random when going back for the stars and stamps I've missed.
Posted: 11/26/13, 08:39:28
I usually play as Peach or Mario.
Posted: 11/26/13, 08:48:43
You forgot a choice. ;)

Random keeps things interesting.
Posted: 11/26/13, 09:00:23
@Mop it up I was thinking first playthrough...

Besides, some might say it is a spoiler to even acknowledge there is another choice, even if you don't say what that choice is. Not me, but some people are like that.
Posted: 11/26/13, 09:07:13
I'll answer this later cuz for my first playthrough I'm focusing on Mario on purpose. Having tried all the others though I'd probably say Luigi.

Loved him in SMB2 as well, and I always use him in Mario Kart. I didn't like what Nintendo's done with Luigi since the GC era, but I like him a lot in this game. I prefer cocky Luigi to pussy Luigi. When he's too whiney and a lil too over compensating-y...I don't like him.

Mario Kart 64 Luigi was the best! And 3DW Luigi!
Posted: 11/26/13, 10:03:01  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/13, 10:04:07
When I do get around to getting the game, my main character will be Peach, because she is awesome
Posted: 11/26/13, 10:18:45
Luigi so far.
Posted: 11/26/13, 10:50:39
Luigi, although I have used all the characters.
Posted: 11/26/13, 13:04:20
Mario, because Nathalie uses Peach. Otherwise I would be her for nostalgia's sake, since she was my go to gal in Mario 2 USA
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:16:39
Usually Mario.
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:32:40
Mario right now, but I plan to go back and play as others.
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:37:25
All Mario, all the time.
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:37:26
I suppose Mario, but I use Peach and Toad a lot too. Luigi is my least used character so far.
Posted: 11/26/13, 16:43:23
I played most levels with Toad.

His extra speed came in handy several times over the course of the game.
Posted: 11/26/13, 16:56:45
This guy:

(I actually haven't played it yet.)
Posted: 11/26/13, 17:30:39
This is interesting, I thought for sure "random" would be the one most would go with. Once I saw all of the characters I knew that I had to mix it up, and random is the easiest way to do so.

I wish you could just pick once at the beginning of the game instead of having to do it every stage though, it only gives you a few seconds to pick it and I forget sometimes.
Posted: 11/26/13, 17:47:51  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/13, 17:48:06
I alternate mostly between Mario and Toad. The girlfriend usually picks Luigi or Peach.
Posted: 11/26/13, 18:00:13
For the poll, I picked "Random," but actually I don't use the Random option. What I do is simply cycle through the characters one by one. I'll complete a stage with Mario, then the next stage with Luigi, the next with Peach, then Toad, and repeat. I just like to give all the characters their fair share of action, because they all deserve it!

Although now that I'm in one of the final worlds (maybe it is the final world?) (fire), I'm sticking with Mario because it makes sense. Having said that, I do love seeing Peach take down the big fortress/ castle stages (what an awesome role reversal to see her kick ass in a Mario game).
Posted: 11/26/13, 18:54:40
I'm disappointed by the poll results so far. Why so few votes for the younger bro? C'mon guys, what's going on here?

Posted: 11/26/13, 19:48:59
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