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Interview with Grant Henry, aka Stemage of Metroid Metal
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October 26, 2008, 04:01:13
Yeah, yeah, it's on my site, but it's a good interview nonetheless!

Check it out!

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 on: 02/18/11, 00:32:36    
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He's a pretty cool guy. I was emailing him back and forth a bit when I made my rock/punk remake of a Donkey Kong Country song Blasted by Rock and Bramble. He seemed to genuinely like my song and I was confused, I was like dude you're METROID METAL how can you even listen to my amateur-ish remake?!!?!

Actually I was going to throw him an email lately which was basically along the lines of "now that Guitar Hero 4 has downloadable content on the Wii you should really, really find a way to get one of your songs as an official downloadable in the game." Think about it, it makes a LOT of sense for them to have rrock versions of Nintendo songs and he is probably the most famous solo artist doing this (obviously some bands like the Mini-Bosses and such are pretty big too, or actual artist bands like the Black Mages.)

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 on: 10/26/08, 17:38:53
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