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02/26/19, 08:28 by 
I shouldn't rebuy games I already own but I've been too lazy to sort out my older system situation and I really want to replay Resident Evil 4 one of these days. Hmmmm. ... [more]
02/22/19, 00:44 by 
Doug Bowser, that is. ... [more]
02/05/19, 03:03 by 
I'm eagerly awaiting the details further but apparently Microsoft is planning to lease out or spread out the Xbox Live-style of Friends Lists, Achievements, and perhaps other aspects to many other pla ... [more]
02/02/19, 22:54 by 
Before we get started, I want to clarify to anyone who has stumbled upon our GOTY awards that we are a Nintendo-focused site, and our awards reflect that. This doesnít mean that we donít love and pla ... [more]
01/25/19, 15:36 by 
This is not a rumor, Nintendo themselves just released a video with Takahashi explaining the situation. This is a huge chunk of transparency from Nintendo about behind the scenes happenings. Apparen ... [more]
01/16/19, 16:39 by 
I really want a brand new Mario Kart to see what kind of numbers it would put up. (Curious what kind of numbers a brand new New Super Mario Bros. would put up as well, but not quite as interested in ... [more]
12/22/18, 15:37 by 
Hooray, we finally have some solid evidence that this game exists! The Switch version of the latest game in the world's longest-running JRPG series will be titled Dragon Quest XI S and include a few n ... [more]
11/14/18, 02:16 by 
Despite a lot of great 1st party and indie games, it still feels like the Switch isn't getting a whole lot of new 3rd party stuff. But here is a new game! If you don't know who Nippon Ichi is they a ... [more]
10/04/18, 04:38 by 
This is uh... well, it's something. ... [more]
09/22/18, 05:25 by 
Sad news hit earlier today. Telltale Games announced via Twitter that they will be closing their doors after their final contracts are resolved. Until then, all but 25 key personnel were laid off toda ... [more]
09/07/18, 17:42 by 
Welcome to Hidden Nindies, a new feature where we put the spotlight on some of the lesser known indie games on current Nintendo platforms! We donít have a strict line drawn for determining which game ... [more]
09/04/18, 22:00 by 
San Francisco, CA Ė September 04, 2018 Ė Zen Studios today announced it is bringing tables from the world-renowned Williams and Bally pinball collection to digital game stores. This global agreement g ... [more]
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