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05/14/20, 17:03 by 
Creepy origami Peach is my waifu ... [more]
04/27/20, 07:54 by 
Every now and then I wonder what happened to Jerry, the spindly little boy who was ruthlessly bullied by just about every kid in my 5th grade class. He didnít smell great. Glasses thick as a Kool-Aid ... [more]
02/05/20, 22:21 by 
I am currently replaying Metroid Prime for the fourth time (I'm very close to the end) and it still stands as one of my all-time favorite games. Iím probably not going to replay Metroid Prime 2 and 3 ... [more]
01/30/20, 19:33 by 
Introduction ... [more]
01/28/20, 16:27 by 
Before we get started, I want to clarify to anyone who has stumbled upon our GOTY awards that we are a Nintendo-focused site, and our awards reflect that. This doesnít mean that we donít love and pla ... [more]
01/14/20, 18:00 by 
Join Super #SmashBrosUltimate director Masahiro Sakurai on 1/16 at 6am PT for a roughly 35 minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at an upcoming DLC fighter, which he will unveil in the vi ... [more]
10/23/19, 15:13 by 
There is nothing about this collaboration that I don't love. I just hope Suda takes charge of the gameplay. ... [more]
10/02/19, 07:59 by 
Sad news. I loved well... about half of those games. Wonder if the Mario & Luigi series will continue on without them or if Nintendo will just stick to Paper Mario? ... [more]
09/12/19, 16:52 by 
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new type of adventure game is headed to the Nintendo Switch system on Oct. 18 Ė one that incorporates fun new accessories that turn real-world movement into in-game ... [more]
08/28/19, 22:33 by 
Looks like Shovel Knight meets SteamWorld Dig? But with procedural generation? It's in collaboration with Nitrome, who I've honestly never heard of, but people seem excited about? ... [more]
08/20/19, 04:01 by 
Not sure how many people caught the Indie World thing, there are a lot of games but these are the two big announcements. Ori is particularly big because Microsoft is the publisher so... it looks like ... [more]
07/20/19, 07:23 by 
I'm normally down to defend my boys at Nintendo, but this Joy-Con thing has been a real thorn in my side lately (thank goodness for the Pro Controller). IMO, the Joy-Cons haven't displayed an acceptab ... [more]
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