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Posted: 11/10/22, 20:06:47 by 
Yes, I reject the American MM/DD/YY system. It doesn't make any sense!.. (more)
Posted: 09/20/22, 04:09:30 by 
What a weird year it was for Nintendo Directs. We started getting back into the swing of things but when E3 2022 was cancelled, we all hoped Nintendo would still stick to the usual schedule and provide us with a news blowout in June. That didn’t happen. However we did get a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase at the end of June and then a slew of announcements in July and into early August. It was in early-September when we finally received a truly new and fully stocked Nintendo Direct. Well over forty games were mentioned. However all this made for a very peculiar situation regarding the Predict-a-ton. What is seen as a game meant to hype up E3 for the week or two before turned into something that stretched well beyond the intended timeline... (more)
Posted: 09/07/22, 18:14:53 by 
Yep, I actually finished and released it!.. (more)
Posted: 07/15/22, 01:18:25 by 
Seems like Nintendo is really getting serious about making movies and TV shows... (more)
Posted: 06/28/22, 20:39:35 by 
Honestly though it was weird that they were announced for everything but a few weeks ago, I guess they were just holding back the announcement?! (more)
Posted: 06/11/22, 06:26:10 by 
THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS If that sounds okay, then bring on the wall of text!.. (more)
Posted: 05/10/22, 19:56:30 by 
It just surpassed the previous champ, Metroid Prime. Congrats!.. (more)
Posted: 04/12/22, 20:33:55 by 
Hey, I know a bunch of the people who made this! Never got around to checking it out though. But now it is that much easier!.. (more)
Posted: 01/24/22, 20:44:44 by 
Before we get started, I want to clarify to anyone who has stumbled upon our GOTY awards that we are a Nintendo-focused site, and our awards reflect that. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love and play games on other platforms, but for the sake of these awards we stick to games that appear on Nintendo platforms only... (more)
Posted: 01/18/22, 21:18:53 by 
Source (more)
Posted: 12/24/21, 01:55:53 by 
Hey all, it's that time of the year again! I need your help to put together our GOTY nominations! Here are some things to remember: (more)
Posted: 11/28/21, 23:50:22 by 
This game got great reviews on PS4 and I always meant to get around to it, but I'll probably just wait for the Switch version now... (more)

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