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Posted: 11/10/14, 00:44:04 by 
Hey! Iím still here! And I even write stuff sometimes! With the recent release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (most literal game name ever) and the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (same), I felt like it was about time for me to finally create a top 10 Smash Bros. stages list. Can you believe we donít have one here yet? Weird. Anyway, hold onto your butts because this is going to be highly controversial. Ok, probably not. But you will almost certainly disagree on some of my choices... (more)
Posted: 10/24/14, 05:28:36 by 
Since the moment that Nintendo announced having a special event for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, I knew I wanted to do a special article or 'something' for it. When they said it was a "50-Things" type Nintendo Direct, it felt right to pick my 10 favorite things and post about them in this manner. The list is indeed a general order of preference but really, I liked everything this Nintendo Direct had to say. I could probably write a small paragraph on each and every item stating what I think but alas I've chosen ten things and guesstimated my preference order the best I could, even whereas some may be 'equal' more or less. For those interested in checking out the Nintendo Direct directly... /pun... you can do so below... (more)
Posted: 08/27/14, 22:15:12 by 
Hello all. I have decided to talk about the Nintendo 64, because why not... (more)
Posted: 08/04/14, 03:09:44 by 
Mario Kart 8 has been out for a few months now, and is a pretty big hit for Nintendo as they try to sell more Wii U's to the masses. It's a pretty looking game, with great tracks and characters to choose from. It's very easy to hop online and get in a game in about a minute, and there are people playing around the world at all times... (more)
Posted: 06/06/14, 20:10:06 by 
I've been thinking about doing a Top 10, or Top 25, or Top...something of the previous console generation for a while now, and reading IGN's recent Top 100 list got me to stop thinking about coming up with a list, and to actually give it a go. While I do have some last-generation games still to play, I don't expect any of them to realistically change the list I've come up with, based on my tastes in specific genres and, well, the part where they weren't high on my list of games to play anyhow; they are still in the backlog for a reason! I considered a lot of factors when narrowing the list down to 10 games, and I opted to only select one game per franchise in the interest of being a more, *ahem*, interesting list... (more)
Posted: 05/21/14, 01:06:09 by 
The day of this writing is a sad day for me. After ten years, the online service for the Wii and DS has shut down, leaving behind over 250 titles that lost some sort of functionality. Despite a few pointless hurdles like friend codes, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection started with Mario Kart DS and was a good free service that brought me thousands or hours of entertainment. I still played its games all the way up to its very last day, and I will miss all the good times had. It was a bit tough to narrow some of these down, but here are the ten games that I will remember the most fondly... (more)
Posted: 05/19/14, 22:10:04 by 
We're back! My ACen 2013 top 10 nintendo-related cosplay list was a pretty big hit last year, with close to 5k views, so of course I had to do another one this year! I think this list will be even better, because I actually went to some photoshoots this time, including one that was specifically for Nintendo characters. However, I want to focus on individuals and small groups of people who were clearly together, so I'll put some of the bigger group photos after my list, as well as the non-Nintendo and non-video-game stuff. Plenty of cosplay for everyone!.. (more)
Posted: 02/04/14, 07:39:07 by 
While news that DS games were coming to the Wii U are not new, it has recently been reconfirmed that they will indeed reach Nintendo's latest console. In honor of this recent announcement, I have compiled a list of the DS games that I would like to see the most on the Wii U Virtual Console. And yes, Iím lumping series into 1 slot... (more)
Posted: 01/20/14, 03:06:02 by 
(DISCLAIMER: If it reads like I was slobbering over some of the games on this list, it's likely because I was. ) (more)
Posted: 12/20/13, 18:15:10 by 
It's that time of year again, when I take a moment and look back at all the games I've played over the last 12 months. Below are my Top 10 favorite games from this past year... (more)
Posted: 11/12/13, 23:14:35 by 
Oh yes friends, it is time for our top 10 Mega Man games! Iíve recently posted top 10 game lists for Mario and Metroid, which added to the Zelda, Kirby and Castlevania lists that we already had, all of which you can see here. With Mega Man primed to make his Smash Brothers debut in the near future we hope, it felt like the right time to talk about his best games. And the way Capcom has been handling Mega Man lately, this may very well end up being a list of the best Mega Man games that stands up to the test of time. Please make it not so Capcom... (more)
Posted: 11/11/13, 15:42:17 by 
With a new Mario game arriving soon (Super Mario 3D World for Wii U), I couldn't help but think back on all of Mario's different special moves and abilities. More specifically, Mario has many different ways to soar through the sky and stay there for a period of time before touching foot on solid ground. I decided to pick out some of my favorite methods Mario has used to conquer the air; I broadened the definition of 'flight moves' to allow for more then just the standard power-ups, though I did intend to stay within the regular Mario platformer series. Let's take a look at what ended up on my list: (more)
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