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Posted: 01/13/11, 03:12:32 by 
Really like doing these lists. Anyway, this is my personal top 10 songs for both Galaxy games. It was very hard to put this list together... (more)
Posted: 12/12/10, 20:33:40 by 
So I heard this awesome Bloody Tears (number 10 on this) and it inspired me to do this thread. Hopefully you guys enjoy some of these (in no particular order) (more)
Posted: 11/09/10, 21:54:23 by 
I have done this twice before, once in July '09 before the massive influx of users, and then once again in March '10, after we gained a whole bunch of new people. As you probably should know, if you are a member (and if you are not, why not join up?) we host a games database where all users can add and rate games on Nintendo consoles. And we also average out all of the ratings, to get a (semi-)official list of the top rated games based on the tastes of the Negative World users... (more)
Posted: 07/06/10, 00:39:09 by 
For a song to be on this list, it has to a) be awesome, b) be a remix of an older video game song, c) be featured in a game (no fan remixes) (more)
Posted: 06/20/10, 04:01:05 by 
So yeah, I like this site's top 10 feature, and I wanted to try it out ... so, I love video game music, and I love Pokemon, so what better way to test it than a Top 10 Pokemon songs list? This list might be a bit generic, but whatever. Also, I should note that I'm leaving out many, many great tunes. It was hard to narrow it down to 10. This series has great music... (more)
Posted: 06/10/10, 22:53:06 by 
I suppose with the recent rumours of Yoshi's Land on the Wii U this is relevant again? Now is the time... (more)
Posted: 03/23/10, 21:49:03 by 
I did this once last July, before the massive influx of users, so I thought it would be fun to do it again and see how much has changed. The main thing that has changed, of course, is that we have a lot more users now and therefore a lot more voting on games. So for the sake of this write-up, I am only going to choose games with at least 10 votes. I have also decided that in the case of a tie, the game with more ratings wins out. Makes sense to me... (more)
Posted: 07/17/09, 20:42:56 by 
This isn't any kind of official Negative World top 10 list or anything, merely a quick look at top rated games as of this day and time, according to our user ratings. Some have more ratings than others, some good games missed the top 10 list from a sole "low" rating, etc. But it's a surprisingly "accurate" list, in my eyes, considering that it is really only based off of a handful of ratings... (more)
Posted: 06/05/09, 23:26:39 by 
Yes, I consider E3 a holiday. It may actually be the best holiday, though in recent years it has been floundering a bit. However, E3 may just be "back." Though I hesitate to say it is back in full (where were the booth babes?!) this has certainly been the best E3 since the shift to the new format. And yes, much like holidays such as Easter and Christmas, I consider E3 to have a season surrounding it. So, for the sake of my top 10 list, I'm not sticking solely to games announced at E3; I am including a few that were announced in the weeks leading up to E3 as well. Just because you get your Christmas present a week or two early doesn't mean it isn't a Christmas present! Here goes... (more)
Posted: 10/13/08, 22:19:17 by 
The Nintendo Wii is an interesting phenomenon. Coming off of the disappointing sales of the Gamecube, 3rd party publishers and developers were a bit wary to jump into the next Nintendo home console right away, especially after Nintendo announced that the Wii would come with a (very) non-standard controller and a decided lack of hardware power next to its competition. Yet the Wii took the industry by surprise and soared in the marketplace, quickly becoming not just the best selling home console of the generation, but setting itself on a pace to, perhaps, become the best selling home console of all time. We are approaching the two year anniversary of the console and it is still difficult to simply walk into a store and buy a Wii; they sell out almost as fast as they come in. Surely 3rd party support has followed?.. (more)
Posted: 09/22/08, 18:44:20 by 
With today’s release of Mega Man 9 on WiiWare, I felt that it was a perfect time to take a look back at the classic games that made the Mega Man franchise what it is. There are many reasons the series grew in popularity, from the excellent controls and gameplay to the awesome style and graphics to the stunning soundtracks which, to this date, still stand as some of the best in the entire game industry. Who could forget this gem?.. (more)
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