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Posted: 11/22/10, 00:51:34 by 
I guess I could do this by picking a bunch of sequels that didn't live up, but I think in most every franchise there are a few sequels that don't live up, so that could get boring. Instead I'm going to try to choose some original games that I was super excited about before they released, but then they released and just... weren't that great? though I'll also throw in some sequels. I admit that for most of these I'm going off of what others have said about them, so if I'm wrong maybe someone can set me straight. But I'm willing to take a chance and assume these games didn't live up... (more)
Posted: 11/21/10, 21:45:35 by 
Which game concepts have you come across and immediately dismissed all chances of success for? The stuff where, if you were a game company exec, and someone pitched you, you would just laugh them out of the office? (Disregard the quality of the actual finished game.) (more)
Posted: 11/19/10, 08:49:46 by 
Wet-Dry World in Mario 64 (more)
Posted: 10/19/10, 00:59:32 by 
It's one thing that seems to be all the rage these days. I don't think I've played many games in which I'm forced to make a "moral choice" but I would like to explore that aspect of gaming. Firstly, I'd like you guys to please suggest some games (I play games on the PC) by the way. that make smart use of open choice system without it feeling arbitrarily described as good or evil or just having an immediate effect and then never being referred to again, ever... (more)
Posted: 10/16/10, 18:20:09 by 
Can you guys figure out the point of this device, exactly? Or why Nintendo is apparently pushing MotionPlus hardware so hard (with this and the MP unit that has recently been included in every retail Wiimote), since there aren't many games that support it, and most of the ones that necessitate it are bundled with a unit, anyway? In fact, the only viable four-player MotionPlus experience that I can think of is Grand Slam Tennis (I know, canoeing), and no one even knows that game exists... (more)
Posted: 10/11/10, 21:03:53 by 
Thought I'd jump on the Game Boy bandwagon. Pretty self-explanatory. What games and features do you most want to see on the service? (I'm assuming the GBA isn't part of the equation, and I have almost every GBA game I'd want, anyway, so whateverrrr.) (more)
Posted: 10/10/10, 06:35:14 by 
NINTENDO CHARACTERS. As in, characters that are part of Nintendo owned IPs. If you want you can make some 3rd party picks too, but I'm curious to see what Nintendo characters you guys think still need to make the cut... (more)
Posted: 10/07/10, 21:54:01 by 
Nintendo basically has the opportunity to improve/modernize OOT with the 3DS port. Do you want them to? Do you want more content in an already enormous game? How would you go about it (besides the Iron Boots thing)?.. (more)
Posted: 08/30/10, 19:47:01 by 
Feel free to also discuss games that have made a big impact on you throughout your game-playing history (the original topic of this thread). You know, the games that defined you and really stayed with you. Has this gen produced any titles that totally blew you away? That you will always fondly remember your experiences with?.. (more)
Posted: 08/24/10, 18:23:21 by 
I don't want to admit it, either. But, fiscally speaking, has Reggie been making the right decision in passing up all of those cool-looking Japan-published Nintendo games? The responsible decision? I mean, Sin & Punishment 2 bombed, right? Did ANY of us think it would succeed? Would Captain Rainbow? Would Zangeki No Reginleiv or The Last Window or Jam With the Band or Tingle? Or even Soma Bringer or Mother 3 or a Nintendo-published Tales of Graces/Hearts? Will FlingSmash sell, even at a discounted price? NoE has been localizing a lot more games than NoA, and it seems to have resulted in an unending series of flops... (more)
Posted: 08/12/10, 17:19:31 by 
Mine mostly fall into the 'obscure' category. Games like Geist, DK Barrel Blast, Mole Mania, Teleroboxer, Mario Clash, stuff like Odama and Chibi Robo and Golden Sun that I just haven't opened yet, lots of import games. But there are also a bunch of old-school games that I missed out on, like Gyromite, Stunt Race FX, Earthbound, all the Super Mario Land games, and most Kirby games. Oh, and some of the more realistic sports stuff... (more)
Posted: 07/17/10, 17:59:27 by 
You know, like how The Cars should have been the blueprint for post-80s rock'n'roll, but weren't?.. (more)
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