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Posted: 05/09/11, 17:18:39 by 
Everyone and their mother knows that Animal Crossing: City Folk was a big disappointment. The only real upgrade over Wild World was that each player could have their own house again. This was important enough in my household to make it the Animal Crossing of choice, and it's still played very consistently, but the game also came with several steps backwards, like a very annoying Wii interface and the grass destroying mechanic... (more)
Posted: 04/13/11, 03:57:35 by 
1) Do you like the pedometer feature of the 3DS? You earn 1 Play Coin for every 100 steps registered as you carry around your 3DS, and you can earn a maximum of 10 coins a day (after getting 1000 steps)... (more)
Posted: 04/09/11, 19:58:11 by 
Do you guys remember Armature? The three leads who split off from Retro, causing many to theorize that Retro's best days were behind them? Let's revisit that... (more)
Posted: 04/07/11, 19:28:12 by 
I read some article somewheres about the amount of 'verbs' in a game. Like, the amount of actions that you could perform in-game. It kind of got me thinking. With all of the genre cross-pollination, will there be eventually be a 3D engine that will enable pretty much any type of game experience? Where you can interact with the world almost any way you'd want to? Walk into a building, pick some dude's pocket, defenestrate said dude, and then shoot him on the way down? And then drop a cabinet on his head? (Actually, I just want to be able to do THAT.) (more)
Posted: 04/06/11, 21:15:51 by 
Now that you guys have had the device in your hot lil' hands for a while, how do you feel about the 3D effect? Is it as good as you expected? Has it provided a palpable advantage in any games thus far? Is the viewing angle adequate for you? Does you slider position change from game to game?.. (more)
Posted: 03/29/11, 23:08:22 by 
Now that the 3DS is out, and I've seen it for myself. (Though I haven't seen most of what it has to offer yet, I'll be seeing that this Friday when my friend brings over hers with SSFIV.) I thought we would talk about those who are skeptical about the 3DS... our fellow Nintendo fans that seem to cry out, 'It's just a gimmick!' and don't feel the same way most of us do about the system... (more)
Posted: 03/12/11, 07:32:00 by 
And how would you rank the games overall?.. (more)
Posted: 03/09/11, 20:04:26 by 
Hi there, Mario Kart fans! The next game in the series is going to release on the 3DS, and has been semi-confirmed for a release in late 2011, so let's get to discussing what kind of a game we want or expect... (more)
Posted: 03/09/11, 17:54:14 by 
Were there actually any good Game Gear games? Exclusive ones, maybe? I want to know what to look forward to on the service... (more)
Posted: 02/25/11, 03:16:31 by 
Many moons ago we had no save systems in games, as you are all aware we simply played a game to completion in one sitting, paused a game until we got back or used cheat codes to get us near enough to the area we were at previously . Then came the save system and all was well, usually you completed a level and the game saved no harm done but today due to a games complex nature things aren't so simple... (more)
Posted: 02/24/11, 18:40:23 by 
Ratchet & Clank, Jak 2 & 3, Sly 2 & 3 - Platformers?.. (more)
Posted: 02/22/11, 19:04:01 by 
That's kind of hard to understand, I guess. But I'm talking about the way Nintendo's recent consoles (DS, Wii) seem almost built to discourage ports, due to unique hardware features, power levels, etc. The Wii had the motion control/direct pointing market for many years. The DS has dual-screens, as well as the at-the-time unique touch-screen and microphone. Nintendo wanted to offer something new, but they also wanted exclusive software. Their gambit has worked in a way, as the Wii and DS certainly have a ton of exclusive software, but it has largely come at the cost of the everyplatform software that third-parties seem to sink most of their time and money into. And, at this point, many of the unique hardware features of Nintendo's platforms have been co-opted by the competition... (more)
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