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Posted: 05/31/13, 18:14:33 by 
A young woman, dressed in an ornate costume, appears to be singing and performing before a massive crowd of people on an outdoor stage. The camera focuses on one particular individual in the crowd, a young man of importance, when suddenly chaos erupts and a billowing cloud of smoke appears near the stage. A large beastly figure appears to loom from within. Suddenly we see the young man leading the performer away at a frantic pace, fleeing to an unknown destination as their captors pursue them. A third person appears, an old woman whose appearance is almost non-human. We soon find out the young woman, Elena, has been cursed and will become a beast if the hero, Aeron, doesn't help her... (more)
Posted: 04/30/13, 06:29:01 by 
"Objection!" Ah, that famous expression heard many times in each and every one of the Ace Attorney games truly makes gamers' faces light up with joy. The Ace Attorney series has had a strong showing on the Nintendo DS ever since the first Phoenix Wright game released in North America in 2005. Apollo Justice (Capcom, 2008) marks the fourth entry in the Ace Attorney series, and unlike the previous three games, it stars a brand new main character other than Phoenix Wright. Besides the new characters, does this game stray far from the formula already standardized in the games before it?.. (more)
Posted: 04/02/13, 20:09:40 by 
From the team that brought you the Pokémon games comes an original franchise catering to gamers' passion for the rhythm game genre. What sets Game Freak's new title apart from other games in the genre? Does the music make you jump for joy, and what about the platformer action?.. (more)
Posted: 12/29/12, 00:12:17 by 
Assassin's Creed is a franchise most gamers are at least familiar with, now consisting of five main entries and numerous supporting entries spanning multiple gaming platforms. For the first time, a main Assassin's Creed game hits a Nintendo console (on Wii U's launch day, no less!) not long after appearing on the competing platforms. Is this game worth picking up among the numerous Wii U launch titles? Will new Assassin's Creed players enjoy jumping in so late into the series?.. (more)
Posted: 11/22/12, 15:59:20 by 
Nintendo has fulfilled their promise of providing an extensive launch line-up for the Wii U, with an impressive number of titles, both retail and digital, being offered by a variety of different developers. One such developer, Shin'en, a well known official Nintendo third-party developer since 1999, is one of many reasons the eShop is off to such a great start. Nano Assault Neo, a game based off their recent 3DS game Nano Assault, is here to ensure Wii U gamers get their fast-paced twin stick shooter fix from the very start... (more)
Posted: 11/16/12, 04:15:58 by 
Kirby is the pink and very round Nintendo character whose versatility ensures he will show up in any number of different game genres. In fact, his spin-off games, like Kirby's Block Ball and Kirby's Dream Course, are probably just as endearing as his main adventure games. Let's return to 1993, when Kirby's spin-off career got off to a rolling start with this release for the Game Boy (now available on the 3DS Virtual Console). Even in his early days on the Game Boy, Kirby's roundness made it easy for him to find a place in a pinball game, long before gamers experienced other beloved Nintendo character pinball spin-offs like Pokemon, Metroid Prime, and even Mario (ok, that one didn't make as much sense at all!)... (more)
Posted: 10/14/12, 03:47:43 by 
Tradition. It's all about tradition. The Dragon Quest series exemplifies video game tradition above all else, and the fifth game in the series carries this concept forward in all major aspects of game design (even if it's a DS remake coming out 17 years after the original Super Famicom release). The Dragon Quest series (and its spin-offs, no less!) have become an important part of the extensive library of quality DS RPGs. DQ V originally released in Japan for the Super Famicom (1992) (then later remade for the PS2, Japan only, in 2004); Square Enix released this DS remake in 2009 outside Japan... (more)
Posted: 06/04/12, 20:33:43 by 
"To lose a bullet is to lose a life, and to lose a life is to lose a bullet." This is apparently the slogan used by the developer, EnjoyUp Games, to describe this unusual shoot-em-up game. 99Bullets resembles a standard vertical space shooter but throws in some very interesting features that separates it from its many clones... (more)
Posted: 05/30/12, 06:00:15 by 
"A Slime draws near! Command?" The Dragon Quest series has been around for a long time, with the first game (1986 in Japan, 1989 in North America and titled 'Dragon Warrior') being considered one of the most influential games of all time (not just role-playing games but video games in general). This DS version (released in Japan 2007, worldwide 2008) is a remake of the fourth game in the series, Dragon Warrior IV on the NES (1990 in Japan, 1992 in North America). Though the game features vast improvements over the NES game in many ways (notably the graphics and sound), it still manages to retain much of the old-school RPG elements that have come to define the series in the first place. Gather your sword, Hero, and embark on your journey to save the world from evil once again!.. (more)
Posted: 03/12/12, 02:18:40 by 
Capcom are the masters of uniting different franchises into their fighting games, sometimes outside their own series, including the ever popular Marvel vs. Capcom lineage. In the case of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, characters and settings from a variety of Japanese animated series (from animation company Tatsunoko) are brought together to test their skills against Capcom's renowned fighters. Does Ken the Eagle have what it takes to take on Ryu? Will Jun the Swan overcome Chun-Li's fantastic lightning kicks emanating from those muscular thighs?.. (more)
Posted: 02/29/12, 06:23:15 by 
Have you ever wanted to play badminton with a cat and dog as they fly their airplanes over the horizon? Or felt a great desire to play the tambourine with a dancing monkey? What if that monkey could help with your golf swing? All this and much more await you as enter the whimsical world of Rhythm Heaven Fever... (more)
Posted: 11/27/11, 23:20:35 by 
Gaijin Games has graced Nintendo gamers with their BIT.TRIP series of games, where players embark on a touching journey over the course of an individual's lifetime, as represented by the protagonist, CommanderVideo, with simple gameplay concepts that are easy to understand but very difficult to master... (more)
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