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Posted: 12/31/10, 19:22:39 by 
Imagine that you wake up in a strange room, dazed and confused, with no idea how you got there. The door is locked tight, and the only window is a small porthole, which subsequently bursts, and water starts pouring in. With no time to think, you go about searching the room desperately, hoping to find some way to escape. You start to find little clues, and objects that seem to serve some greater purpose, and begin to piece together a way out of the room. Finally, with the water rising higher and higher, you manage to unlock the door and escape... (more)
Posted: 12/23/10, 12:29:43 by 
This game is pretty old, but few people talk about it, and it's one of my favorite WiiWare games, so I wanted to give it a little more attention... (more)
Posted: 12/22/10, 18:33:39 by 
So, it's Mario's 25th birthday. And to celebrate, Nintendo released a red colored Wii bundled with New Super Mario Bros, the original Super Mario Bros installed, and a Wiimote plus. But also, and most certainly more interesting, they released a 25th anniversary version of the 1993 SNES game Super Mario All Stars. This is a Limited Edition, which comes with the game to play on your Wii, an art booklet and a soundtrack CD. Nintendo rarely does this kind of thing, but when the novelty wears off, is the package still worth a purchase?.. (more)
Posted: 12/20/10, 07:07:34 by 
Fluidity is one surprising little Wiiware title. On the surface, itís just another physics-based puzzle game, but it ends up have more in common with Metroid than anything else as you gain more and more abilities. And just like in Metroid, at the end of the game when youíre finally all powered up, you feel like a bad-ass. A bad-ass puddle of water... (more)
Posted: 12/19/10, 07:17:32 by 
Disclaimer: This is a nitpicky review for lilt line that will pretty much mean nothing to people who havenít played BIT.TRIP BEAT, as I keep comparing the two games. I couldnít help but pit these games against each other in my head while playing lilt line and overanalyse the differences. I didnít mean for the review to come out this way, but I donít know how to write it any other way. Maybe there is a need for a review like this anyway, I donít know. I hope so. So here it is... (more)
Posted: 12/12/10, 04:06:51 by 
Leaves rustle, woodland creatures run for cover, caverns in the background crumble to bits violently--the screen is pulsing with activity and life, and yet what Iím focused on is the big furry bullet bouncing around the stage. The ledges, cliffs platforms and even foes that make up the foreground obstacles are distinctly aligned to allow for a near-nonstop perfect run; the background may as well not even exist to me... (more)
Posted: 12/07/10, 20:57:14 by 
Firstly, I am in no way an eloquent writer and I truly wanted my first NW review to focus on a great game. Having said that, I MUST spread the word about this travesty of a game. I recently hosted a holiday party and we all exchanged gifts that had a max value of $20. I was the recipient of one Mini Golf Resort. Below are my impressions... (more)
Posted: 11/28/10, 06:32:14 by 
I'm going to write this review in a bit of an unorthodox manner, and start with the music first. In part because music is at the core of the BIT.TRIP games, but also in part so I can pimp my reimagination of the BIT.TRIP RUNNER zone 1 theme song right from the start. Yes, the music in this game is very good, so much so that I sat down with the game, played zone 1 for a bit, and one of the first things that popped into my mind is "I have to work on this song!" I have only done a handful of video game remixes in the past, and these include themes from titles such as Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Metroid, and Mario Kart 64. I only pick the best... (more)
Posted: 11/16/10, 01:32:59 by 
So we've got our first home console Kirby game (racers don't count...) since the decent Crystal Shards in the form of Kirby's Epic Yarn. As the title suggests, Kirby, as well as everything else, is made of yarn. But is it epic? (see what I did there? Classic is-the-game-good question to start the review!) (more)
Posted: 10/25/10, 07:43:35 by 
Before I can recommend Ivy the Kiwi? Mini, I have to ask one simple question: can you handle a little frustration in your games? If you donít mind pulling your hair out occasionally because you died for the Nth time on a set of spikes or because you ran out of time just as you were reaching the end of a stage, you will find this game very fun and rewarding. If not, donít curse my name and say I didnít warn you... (more)
Posted: 10/24/10, 06:57:14 by 
In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, developer WayForward has created the first realistic superhero game ever: you cannot die in it. And if we know something about superheroes, itís that no matter how many punches they receive and how much they get shot at, they donít die. Or if they do, they come back. It never really made sense to see Superman go down from receiving too many bullets in a video game, for instance. So here, the heroes always get back up, and the only penalty when your health bar drops to zero is you lose some of the coins you collected from the bad guys you beat up, coins used to purchase and upgrade your weapons and gadgets... (more)
Posted: 10/19/10, 06:41:26 by 
Kirbyís Dream Land 3 came out originally on the SNES very, very late in its life, slightly over 13 months after the launch of the Nintendo 64. As such, few people ended up playing it, but thanks to its availability on the Virtual Console, more people can now be exposed to it... (more)
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