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Posted: 03/15/11, 02:58:57 by 
Twin stick shooters are currently all of the rage, at least on the downloadable platforms. But did you know that the Nintendo 64 had a twin stick shooter of its own, long before the recent twin stick shooter revival? "Zero," you might ask, "how is that possible? The Nintendo 64 controller only had one stick!" And in this you would be correct. However, Robotron 64 (an updated version of Robotron X on Playstation) is one of the rare Nintendo 64 games (I believe Goldeneye 64 was another) that let a single player use two controllers at once, allowing for both analog movement and analog shooting. And to be completely honest, this is the only reasonable way to play the game, as the other control options involve either trying to move with the directional buttons or trying to shoot with the directional buttons, neither of which is very satisfying. The dual analog is spot on though, smooth as butter... (more)
Posted: 03/15/11, 00:39:42 by 
I have what you might call a hate-love-hate relationship with Take-Two Interactive. Their catalog makes it clear that they don't have much use for Wii. There's been a good port (Bully: Scholarship Edition), an excellent hockey game (NHL 2K10 and 2K11), and a gutsy if flawed survival horror game (Manhunt 2). Aside from that, Wii doesn't get much love from them... (more)
Posted: 03/15/11, 00:35:08 by 
I'm a fan of off-beat games, and the Wii is blessed with many. While the XBox 360 and PS3 get the same old concepts recycled with pretty HD dressing, it's been the Wii this generation that really has benefited from indie creativity. At this point in the generation it may be odd to call the Wii the underdog -- 46 percent of gamers worldwide can't be too wrong -- but it still suffers from habitual underrating by core gamers. While it's always a bummer when a previous Wii exclusive goes multiplatform, in this case I'm willing to let it slide now that the HD consoles have a crack at one of the most pleasant surprises on Wii: de Blob... (more)
Posted: 03/12/11, 15:17:09 by 
In anticipation of the release of Pilotwings Resort, Negative World is bringing you reviews of the Pilotwings series, starting with a look back at the title that started it all... (more)
Posted: 03/09/11, 15:06:41 by 
Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door are classics. Not only are they filled to the brim with the charm one would come to expect from Mario, but they're also excellent RPGs with awesome dialogue. Contrary to what my Pokemon obsession would imply, I'm not the biggest RPG fan. But I've always enjoyed the Paper Mario games. So, when I heard they were making a third Paper Mario game for the Wii, with less emphasis on RPG elements and more emphasis on platforming, I couldn't have been more excited. Then I got the game. Oh boy. Everybody loves analogies, so the most honest one I can make in this case is, when I was little I was excited to start middle school. Then I started it... (more)
Posted: 03/08/11, 23:04:25 by 
The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to know that they were extremely delicious or about the nature of the smelly pit in which they found themselves. They said something about this being the last level of the first chapter... whatever that means. -the sign painter (more)
Posted: 02/21/11, 06:36:11 by 
I’m a big fan of game companies stepping outside the norm every once in a while and trying something different, even within their own established genres. The World Ends With You, which I will refer to as TWEWY from now on, is a unique action RPG game that stands out from other Square Enix games for many reasons. The game takes place in a realistic setting, in the modern-day Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo. You’re a 15 year old boy named Neku who one day wakes up in the middle of the bustling streets without a memory of how he got there. He finds himself thrust, unwillingly, into ‘The Game’ of survival, where he must complete a series of missions over the course of a week to prevent being ‘erased,’ or ceasing to exist... (more)
Posted: 02/20/11, 07:42:54 by 
Eyes fixed on the screen, almost completely immobile except when I would try something, frown, and go back to staring with intense concentration... if you could have seen me on my couch playing the "Cascade" level in Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH, you probably wouldn't have found it very exciting. But despite how it looked, I was having a great deal of fun... (more)
Posted: 02/19/11, 23:45:00 by 
I almost feel like I have to start this review by justifying why I bought it. Very quickly: the friend who introduced me to the sport was around, and I thought it could be funny. Also, the reviews were pretty good, and as Simba said at some point, "You people have too much money". Fair enough. Now that that's out of the way, is the game worth YOUR time and money? Well the fact is, the game may be slightly better than you think it is from looking at its trailer... (more)
Posted: 02/07/11, 20:30:54 by 
NOTE: This review is of the Japanese version of the game. Some stuff may change in the American version, though if history is any indication, nothing aside from names will. I imported it a while time ago, but I wanted to truly appreciate every aspect of the game before reviewing it, since Pokemon is my favorite franchise nowadays and I wanted to do it justice. I needed to use Serebii sometimes to look at Pokemon types/moves, and I had to check out a Walkthrough twice due to not knowing what do to because I didn't understand the text. But other than that, I could progress just fine... (more)
Posted: 02/04/11, 04:34:21 by 
I know that this is an old news game at this point, but I believe it deserves more attention than it received when it released. And with the Wii heading into what looks to be a rather slow year, what better time than now to take a look at some of the gems you may have missed?.. (more)
Posted: 02/01/11, 08:35:50 by 
My experience with the Bangai-O series is a bit backwards. I was introduced to the series with the sequel, Bangai-O Spirits (2008) and I enjoyed it immensely. Recently I have started playing through the original Bangai-O (1999) and I love it as well, for most of the same reasons and a few different ones. A part of me would like to review the original, being that it is the start of it all and freshest on my mind, and technically it is an N64 game (although it only made it to the West as a Dreamcast game.) You should cross your fingers that the original Bangai-O someday makes it over as a virtual console import (however unlikely that may be) because it is well worth playing. Alas, I am currently playing the Dreamcast version, and I don't feel comfortable writing a review for an N64 game without having played the N64 version. Don't feel ripped off though, Spirits deserves a review as well. It is an excellent sequel that deserves your attention. The upcoming 3DS may be all of the rage at the moment, but you still have some time to play a few of the DS gems you may have missed!.. (more)
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