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Posted: 06/08/15, 00:10:31 by 
Alas we are now in fateful June and the E3 birds are singing their songs! E3 is almost near and for that the podcasters of Negative World are in full swing! This episode puts together Joe (Ninsage), and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) with their buddy Hendrik (Jargon) as they discuss Nintendo gaming and run through E3 predictions.
Posted: 05/29/15, 03:16:20 by 
There's less than an average work day in hours left before Splatoon hits the eShop. My copy is coming in the mail tomorrow. So before you dive in, splatting up the place, give this show a listen! Hey! Listen!
Posted: 05/21/15, 02:51:34 by 
Welcome to another episode of the Negative World Podcast! We recorded this one just a few days ago and in my dedication to do these episodes as timely and best I can leading up to E3, I edited the dang thing already too! Well sort of,... you see this episode is a part one of two since the actual episode 77 lasted about 4.5 hours long. Yeah... I know... so expect another funky ending as we focus on the front half of our usual show plan and stay tuned for the rest next week.
Posted: 05/17/15, 00:19:55 by 
The weather was nice. The planes were fueled up. The British had a new game concept and it was time for Stephen (DrFinkelstein) to get back to the tarmac with Peter (Octorockin) and Joe (Ninsage)!
Posted: 04/26/15, 07:23:14 by 
Welcome to the Negative World Podcast! This one is quite unusual as it's part two of our many-hour discussion about the April Nintendo Direct. Stephen (DrFinkelstein) is once again (obviously) joined by Andrew (Zero) and Joe (Ninsage) to finish up their discussion from Episode 74.
Posted: 04/12/15, 18:02:39 by 
Welcome to the Negative World Podcast! While recording this episode, we had so much content to discuss that the recording went over four hours pre-edit. Then there was an hour-long special segment recorded a few days later... thus this episode was split into Episode 74 and Episode 75. Please enjoy Episode 74: Charity Smash; featuring Andrew (Zero), Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein).
Posted: 03/16/15, 03:31:03 by 
Welcome to another installment of the Negative World Podcast! In this episode Joe (Ninsage) discovers a deep love for overtaking Hylian keeps in Hyrule Warriors. Then Stephen (DrFinkelstein) tells a story of one of the luckiest game-finds in a long while. Then he discusses his experience with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Pokemon Shuffle before airing his grievances on how he's been fooled again by the Pokemon franchise with Pokemon: Omega Ruby.
Posted: 02/17/15, 05:33:40 by 
Now we're caught up! Welcome to a great episode that was recorded just a few weeks back... the same day Nintendo had their last 'general' Nintendo Direct and showed us the greatness coming in Spring 2015. This episode it's just Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) as the duo discuss the news that came from the Nintendo Direct.
Posted: 02/16/15, 04:27:27 by 
Welcome to another 'Retro-episode' of sorts... as in... very late release compared to it's original discussion period. I feel bad because we have the excellent Paleo_Orca on with us this episode. He hasn't been on the show in years and it was great having him back. Of course besides his voice you'll find the voices of Joe (Ninsage), and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) as well.
Posted: 01/29/15, 05:40:55 by 
The show still goes on! At this time we're actually a few episodes recorded but there's a hold-up in editing. My sincere apologies to the fans. That said, consider this episode like an awesome time capsule a few months in the making. Chris (Chrisbg99), Grant (GameDadGrant), Joe (Ninsage), and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) sat down to discuss the results of the Brawl In The Family Kickstarter and then moved on to games they've been playing. This episode we have Teslagrad, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Hyrule Warriors, and even the old-school PSX titles, Jumping Flash 1 and 2. There's even more games discussed than that so check it out!
Posted: 09/13/14, 23:58:18 by 
Didn't we just have an episode? Well we did and now we have another awesome show, this time packed with tons of content in a timely fashion! You see a well known webcomic called Brawl In The Family is coming to a momentous close on October 3rd, the same date Super Smash Bros. for 3DS releases. Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) are joined by the creator of this this comic, Matthew Taranto (TriforceBun). They dive into what the comic has meant over the years, why it's ending, and reminisce about lost ideas that never made it to the main strips.
Posted: 09/10/14, 05:38:30 by 
The Negative World Rochester Meet Up has come and gone and this episode we have three folks who lived to tell the tales! Joe (Ninsage), Anand (Anand), and Lou (TheOldManFromZelda) join Stephen (DrFinkelstein) to talk about games and meet ups. Believe it or not, Stephen has even finally beaten Xenoblade Chronicles and the guys discuss the ending in decent length. Be sure to skip over 00:46:20 and 00:55:50 if you haven't yet beaten it yourself.
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