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Posted: 03/27/11, 01:22:21 by 
Nintendo nerds gather once more to discuss the topics they love most!
Posted: 03/14/11, 06:33:45 by 
Triumphing over busy schedules and general apathy, the Negative World crew brings you the fourth installment of its epic podcasting saga.
Posted: 03/01/11, 09:27:51 by 
You are listening once again to the Negative World Podcast for some reason. Let Anandxxx, Triforcebun, the awfully quiet Abdooooo and as always your host Pandareus delight you with their varied topics: Nintendo's Blue Ocean strategy; how RPG elements are dumbing down games; the best uses of motion controls (though as expected we spend 50% of the time bitching about them) and do lives, continues and gameovers have their place in games today still?
Posted: 02/17/11, 06:42:26 by 
The Negative World Podcast hits its sophomore slump as a Pandareus confident in his abilities to lead a podcast by himself gets hit with a harsh dose of reality! Hopefully the magic of editing will make it so that no one but the people there (Paleo, Zero and Warerare) will know what really went on on that fateful day.
Posted: 01/31/11, 19:43:01 by 
A brave crew of experienced message board posters on an incredible journey go beyond the keyboard and dare discuss face to face (not literally).
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