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Posted: 08/11/17, 17:33:03 by 
Posted: 08/08/17, 22:37:26 by 
Imagine Arkanoid. Now replace the Vaus paddle by a little dude (or dudette) holding pinball flippers. And add more pinball paraphernalia into the level design... (more)
Posted: 07/30/17, 23:40:45 by 
It's NAMCO MUSEUM! For Nintendo Switch! Play classic games on your TV at home or on-the-go!.. (more)
Posted: 07/30/17, 05:19:05 by 
I'm playing through Master Quest Quest on the 3DS right now. Having enemies deal double damage (Which is exclusive to the 3DS version) combined with the different, slightly insane dungeon layouts makes me approach the game very differently than any other 3D Zelda. It's amazing... (more)
Posted: 07/18/17, 16:47:25 by 
Have you guys played this game? It's a roguelike with a twist - the levels are designed by hand, and there's NO permadeath! J/K, Cursed Castilla has actually created a brand-new genre: the Makaimura-like!.. (more)
Posted: 07/12/17, 09:24:58 by 
Of all the games that apparently didn't have a thread before now... (more)
Posted: 07/03/17, 16:52:52 by 
The gaming world is full of good Roguelikes and bad Roguelikes. GoNNER definitely belongs in the former category... (more)
Posted: 06/29/17, 08:00:13 by 
Apparently Zero loved this game so much he never even bothered to make a game thread for it... (more)
Posted: 06/24/17, 20:23:09 by 
Hey, Mega Man fans. Do NOT sleep on this game!.. (more)
Posted: 06/23/17, 04:43:25 by 
Hey, it's the Atlus game for Virtual Boy that first brought the Shin Megami Tensei series to North America!.. (more)
Posted: 06/16/17, 23:52:35 by 
Amusingly (more)
Posted: 06/10/17, 06:29:46 by 
Call me crazy, but this game is actually starting to grow on me... (more)
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