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Posted: 04/28/17, 04:45:33 by 
Well, this came out of nowhere. I might consider buying one perhaps… my B-Button is shot on my 3DS XL and I wouldn't mind having something that can play some games again. If a repair would cost more, it'd be worth it... (more)
Posted: 05/24/13, 23:58:49 by 
The recent release of Super Metroid on the Wii U Virtual Console is a great reminder of how incredible the music for the Metroid games has been across the entire series. As many of you know, I am passionate about my gaming music and listen to it even when I'm not playing a game, and I admit I've even purchased a couple of official soundtracks here and there over the years. This list is completely my personal selection of favorite Metroid music tracks... (more)
Posted: 02/24/15, 06:04:08 by 
So, how are you liking this game? I think it's fun. I'm playing it in small doses. I'm on battle 42 of about 159 (for now). I already got the Mew from a special event, too. I haven't captured all the pokemon I have battled. I'm focusing on moving forward and then coming back to catch them all. I AM making exceptions for those pokemon I can actually Mega Evolve... (more)
Posted: 07/23/15, 21:45:57 by 
Yep, I'm makin' it a roundtable... (more)
Posted: 11/20/11, 05:48:02 by 
I picked these 10 bosses from Nintendo's games based on the fact that I could recall most of them from the Nintendo games I have played, and tried to rank them somehow based on my favorites as well as being memorable experiences. It just comes to show that Nintendo has a strange obsession using floating hands as enemy/ boss encounters in many of their games... (more)
Posted: 09/14/14, 01:35:08 by 
Nintendo's favorite fighter franchise makes its first foray into the handheld world. Here is the place to post your impressions and discuss your favorite modes, characters, strategies and anything else related to Sakurai's baby... (more)
Posted: 03/18/12, 04:45:53 by 
Hey-oh there, Negative World... (more)
Posted: 03/11/16, 00:33:42 by 
I'll cut right to the chase: I think the Ace Attorney games have some of the best plots, characters, and storytelling in any video game. Rarely have I been as compelled to see what happens next as I do playing a good Ace Attorney case. So here are my top ten favorite cases from the whole series, in order!.. (more)
Posted: 01/18/11, 07:32:00 by 
Figured I'd try this out!.. (more)
Posted: 10/18/12, 04:43:57 by 
Ok people... The Wii is almost over - In another month, it will be replaced (but not forgotten) by it's new counterpart. As you look at your Wii collection, imagine that all your games just went up in smoke... (not a nice thought I know) - what ones would you miss the most? What do you think are the most important (not necessarily the overall best) Wii games in your collection?.. (more)
Posted: 09/18/14, 04:45:06 by 
Through all the stories and all the timelines found in the Zelda series... nobody saw this coming. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo team up to take the Dynasty Warriors formula, toss in a lot of Zelda-franchise fan service, and blend that stuff together in a funky mish-mash of Zelda lore that only the Wind Fish could dream up. That game is called Hyrule Warriors... (more)
Posted: 07/13/13, 05:44:37 by 
Recently on Negative World there has been great debate between two classic platformer-giants of the N64 era. The bitter battle between Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie is not unlike that of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in terms of epic father and son battles go. This debate sparked a desire within me to take a look back at all the great levels these games had to offer in the form of two Top Ten lists. The first of which being for the father of the 3D platformer, Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 is distinct in that it really paved the way for 3D gaming much in the way Super Mario Bros. paved the way for 2D gaming once upon a time. It's a timeless classic and is loved generation after generation as Nintendo ensures this classic is available on a variety of platforms... (more)
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