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Posted: 06/23/18, 20:21:21 by 
I'm hoping I'm not the only one playing this at the moment because, uh...this game is quite good... (more)
Posted: 06/20/18, 21:18:46 by 
Who all is playing Fortnite?! If you're not... why not? It's free! And pretty fun! I'm not even usually that big on online shooters but... DID I MENTION IT'S FREE?! Come play Fortnite with us NWers! Maybe even... TONIGHT?! (more)
Posted: 06/16/18, 22:31:26 by 
Nintendo once again showcasing a single game as their primary focus. This time it was the previously teased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Nobody could have guessed that Nintendo would bring back EVERY fighter in the expansive series. We also didn't expect Fox McCloud to show up in a 3rd party game nor a bunch of key titles to end up being no-shows. It was an E3 many didn't quite expect, for good or bad. This was E3 2018... (more)
Posted: 06/15/18, 21:02:25 by 
I picked this up yesterday and it's really good. Contrary to a certain someone's jeers it's way better than Fortnite... (more)
Posted: 06/10/18, 23:07:03 by 
Literally. Like a two-player cocktail mode for multiplayer... (more)
Posted: 06/10/18, 22:53:06 by 
We've got two long days to go, so let's talk Smash Bros! Who do you think has the best chance to get in at this point, now that most of the obvious choices have already appeared in past games? My ten most likely picks: (more)
Posted: 06/07/18, 01:23:20 by 
For the past ten years, I've watched Nintendo's E3 livestream from the comfort of my home on some classic summer Tuesday mornings... (more)
Posted: 06/04/18, 13:13:23 by 
Itís the most wonderful time of the year! E3! Nintendo has been quite free to share big news throughout the year ever since Iwata started the Nintendo Directs, but E3 still packs a major news punch! Last year I hosted the Negative World E3 Predict-a-ton and with alignment from InfinityWave, Iím doing so again this year! Letís do this!.. (more)
Posted: 06/01/18, 20:02:48 by 
It's that time of year again! Nintendo have announced a new entry into the Super Smash Bros. series with the incredibly creative title of Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Although we know next to nothing about it, rest assured it will contain a batch of new characters besides just Splatoon's Inklings shown in the reveal... (more)
Posted: 06/01/18, 04:20:28 by 
This is such a cool idea. It's a pinball game but done in an adventure style with a whole world to explore. The last time I played something like this, it was Sonic Spinball and that was still just vertical boards like an actual pinball game... (more)
Posted: 05/30/18, 18:46:00 by 
The game has some stumbles here and there but it's overall really solid... (more)
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:08:27 by 
Mega Man 11 just got a new trailer with a couple boss name reveals... (more)
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