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Posted: 08/21/21, 05:43:30 by 
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Posted: 07/26/21, 22:36:00 by 
It's that time of year yet again! Now to copy over this post from ludist210... (more)
Posted: 06/20/21, 06:37:02 by 
The wonderful time of year known as E3 has finally come to a close. This year was a peculiar one, with all events taking place virtually. There was no show floor and off-screen footage; no live interviews; no wondrous Nintendo-themed landscape cultivated on the cold carpet of a vast convention center. For some companies this was a bit of a departure, though the show has gone more in the direction of being Ďpre-preparedí more and more in recent years. Nintendo was pretty comfortable with their presentation. They had a thirty-nine-or-so minute presentation at their usual time slot. Afterwards were many hours of live Nintendo Treehouse coverage of games. The only difference was that hosts sat farther apart. Otherwise, you never would have known they were taking pandemic-related precautions. There was even the usual slew of information that you wonder why it wasnít noted in the Direct itself as it would have made the initial presentation of a title a lot more interesting... (more)
Posted: 06/15/21, 23:21:36 by 
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Posted: 06/15/21, 16:06:48 by 
I guess we have some fishing and rifle shells for the Joy Con, but we still have no real gimmick JCs? JC!.. (more)
Posted: 06/03/21, 19:07:30 by 
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Posted: 05/28/21, 03:55:00 by 
After two years of hibernation, the E3 Predict-a-ton is back!!! Last year in particular was a weird one for everybody and it was the first year in decades without an E3. Pseudo events tried to replace it but Nintendo didn't really participate. This year, E3 is all-virtual but Nintendo is all-in! So in the spirit of the season I was excited to resurrect the Predict-a-ton for E3 2021! Let's-a-go!.. (more)
Posted: 05/24/21, 06:13:50 by 
Iíve been on a real retro games kick lately, which has been somewhat spurred on by a feeling of disillusionment with a lot of modern gaming practices (including even Nintendo), but thatís a whole other topic that I donít need to get into... (more)
Posted: 04/28/21, 19:44:44 by 
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Posted: 04/21/21, 18:49:08 by 
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Posted: 04/16/21, 23:45:59 by 
I'd been wanting to make a NW Collection thread for a while. Did you guys know that GameCube used game prices have been shooting up a lot lately? Heck, all Nintendo cartridge-based systems too. It seems like older games are becoming very desirable now to people who grew up with 'em. The GCNGB trolls are eating their words, lemme tell ya!.. (more)
Posted: 04/15/21, 03:07:01 by 
FEZ is available today. I actually liked this game a lot, even though I never got into the obtuse post-game content... (more)
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