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Posted: 03/11/10, 21:42:24 by 
Sony announced the official name at GDC earlier... (more)
Posted: 03/08/10, 15:10:10 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 03/08/10, 06:11:39 by 
GoNintendo story here... (more)
Posted: 03/05/10, 10:41:18 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console for Europe!.. (more)
Posted: 03/04/10, 21:52:40 by 
For those of you who may be wondering how the newest game in the fantastic Phoenix Wright series is and whether you should pick it up or not...well, I am here to tell you how it is. Having completed the game yesterday and looking back at my experience I am ready to give the people at Negative World my review on this title and to satisfy that burning question in your mind: How good is AAI: ME and what does it bring to the table? Please be aware I will include some spoilers so I'll black them out...READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!.. (more)
Posted: 03/04/10, 21:12:55 by 
Mega Man 10, like its predecessor, takes us straight back to the mid-80s for a game philosophy that focuses almost solely on design. And most importantly, it does it well. The game's streamlined, back-to-basics approach is so entertaining, in fact, that I've already played through it three times and am currently in the middle of trying out its Hard Mode... (more)
Posted: 03/02/10, 20:29:05 by 
I'm sure you've read about how M:OM did away with floating missiles and power pellets (oops, wrong game) left behind by enemies that you have to pick up. This IMO is a good thing. It eliminates the need for farming and steamlines the game. Instead of standing next to a pit that spawns enemies to fill up your missiles, you just have to clear out a room of enemies (a challenge in itself) to catch a break and gain enough time to automatically fill them up. I guess in a way it's like the shield in Halo, except here you're not running for cover in order to recharge, instead you overcome the challenge each room represents before being able to enter the next one fresh... (more)
Posted: 03/02/10, 07:46:26 by 
I wrote this a long time ago. Pre-2006, apparently. And I'm not going to change it to make it make sense in the present times. Nor am I going to read it and see if it isn't nearly as interesting and/or funny as I kind of remember it being (but not so much). So, deal with it!.. (more)
Posted: 03/01/10, 18:00:38 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 03/01/10, 17:18:19 by 
Inquiring minds want to know... (more)
Posted: 03/01/10, 15:38:10 by 
If the strength of feeling displayed on games forums and websites is a good measure of consumer sentiment, Nintendo is a company in gamers' black books right now. The stunning success of the Wii and the DS in reaching out to new audiences who have never played games before is viewed in the internet's darkest corners as a betrayal of core gamers, an abandonment of traditional games to be replaced with brightly-coloured, "waggle controlled" abominations... (more)
Posted: 02/27/10, 03:28:49 by 
Now tell me that doesn't look awesome. One of the best implementations of head-tracking I've seen yet. It really looks like a real 3-dimensional environment inside of the screen... (more)
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