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Posted: 07/04/10, 22:10:50 by 
I've always been fascinated by 3D, because I have the mentality of a four-year-old child. Even though I realize that there's just not enough content to possibly justify early adoption, 3D tempts me, in a way that HD never did... (more)
Posted: 07/04/10, 17:02:21 by 
So I wanted to take a little time out to talk about my absolute favorite games on WiiWare, and some of my top overall Wii games to date. This is Lost Winds and Lost Winds: Winter of the Melodias. I would make separate reviews for each one, but I truly feel any Wii owner should get both these games, since the second is a direct sequel which starts off right at the end of the first game, keeps you all the powers you earned throughout it, and adds much more on top of it, where both abilities and puzzle-solving/gameplay mechanics are concerned. It's a common complaint amongst gamers to say these games are short. But, if you buy both, you're getting at least six hours of pure side-scrolling bliss for twenty bucks... (more)
Posted: 07/04/10, 16:56:43 by 
I admit I was quick to negatively judge this game. I saw it, and went, "whatever, it's a nice effort for WiiWare but that doesn't change the fact it's a short, straight-forward game with very little going for it". While that is somewhat true, if you're like me, you'll find your 10 bucks were very well spent once you finish the title... (more)
Posted: 07/03/10, 19:59:53 by 
There are two types of gamers... (more)
Posted: 06/28/10, 15:22:05 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 06/26/10, 03:15:30 by 
Before the first Wiiware port Interplay announced, Decent, has even come out, the publisher has gone ahead and just announced MDK2 is coming to the service as well... (more)
Posted: 06/21/10, 20:36:52 by 
It really is. I still prefer Mario Kart or ExciteBots overall, but as a 600 point downloadable title, Light Trax delivers the goods, and then some... (more)
Posted: 06/21/10, 15:25:20 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 06/20/10, 04:01:05 by 
So yeah, I like this site's top 10 feature, and I wanted to try it out ... so, I love video game music, and I love Pokemon, so what better way to test it than a Top 10 Pokemon songs list? This list might be a bit generic, but whatever. Also, I should note that I'm leaving out many, many great tunes. It was hard to narrow it down to 10. This series has great music... (more)
Posted: 06/15/10, 04:35:11 by 
But doesn't mention what platform. WTF... (more)
Posted: 06/12/10, 18:00:33 by 
I'm reviving (and updating) a thread I made for IGN long ago so that I can say what my ideal Zelda is before we see the real thing next week (knock on wood)... (more)
Posted: 06/10/10, 22:53:06 by 
I suppose with the recent rumours of Yoshi's Land on the Wii U this is relevant again? Now is the time... (more)
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