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Posted: 11/18/10, 23:13:48 by 
Awesome thread is back!! (more)
Posted: 11/16/10, 01:32:59 by 
So we've got our first home console Kirby game (racers don't count...) since the decent Crystal Shards in the form of Kirby's Epic Yarn. As the title suggests, Kirby, as well as everything else, is made of yarn. But is it epic? (see what I did there? Classic is-the-game-good question to start the review!) (more)
Posted: 11/15/10, 20:07:29 by 
Probably a bad idea to bury my pseudo-review in the demo thread. Pasta time... (more)
Posted: 11/15/10, 15:23:33 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 11/11/10, 17:04:39 by 
In my opinion, of course... (more)
Posted: 11/11/10, 14:13:33 by 
Looks good but I really don't see much difference over the Wii original in terms of visuals. Maybe I am looking at the originals graphics with rose tinted glasses... (more)
Posted: 11/11/10, 12:40:01 by 
There's one tiny feature of The Last Story that Nintendo forgot to reveal all this time. The upcoming Mistwalker RPG has online support. And we're not talking about download content. The game will let six players get together for online play sessions... (more)
Posted: 11/10/10, 16:28:17 by 
It's a game that would easily crack my Top 100 DS Games of All Time, if there were such a list: Glory Days 2, the sequel to the GBA game Super Army Wars, is a hybrid multiplayer title that brings back the fun of Wings of Fury with the tactics of Armor Alley. Two games you probably never heard of, either... (more)
Posted: 11/10/10, 16:19:13 by 
One of the Wii's standout shooters and certainly its most explicit could be due a revival as reports hit that House of the Dead: Overkill 2 is in development... (more)
Posted: 11/09/10, 21:54:23 by 
I have done this twice before, once in July '09 before the massive influx of users, and then once again in March '10, after we gained a whole bunch of new people. As you probably should know, if you are a member (and if you are not, why not join up?) we host a games database where all users can add and rate games on Nintendo consoles. And we also average out all of the ratings, to get a (semi-)official list of the top rated games based on the tastes of the Negative World users... (more)
Posted: 11/08/10, 15:59:49 by 
Here are this week's releases on WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console!.. (more)
Posted: 11/03/10, 18:16:36 by 
Yo.. (more)
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