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Posted: 09/12/19, 16:52:35 by 
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new type of adventure game is headed to the Nintendo Switch system on Oct. 18 one that incorporates fun new accessories that turn real-world movement into in-game actions in a quest to save the world. Nintendo just revealed a new video that takes a closer look at this new experience for Nintendo Switch... (more)
Posted: 09/09/19, 21:51:22 by 
Super Mario Kart is still an awesome game... (more)
Posted: 09/08/19, 21:12:09 by 
Has anyone played this?! (more)
Posted: 09/06/19, 19:03:29 by 
Anyone playing this?! (more)
Posted: 09/06/19, 06:31:41 by 
I can't say it enough. This game is absolutely beautiful on Switch. Easily one of, if not THE, best looking games on Switch... (more)
Posted: 09/06/19, 00:56:50 by 
Anyone try out that first demo? I played about five minutes of it and it didn't click with me... (more)
Posted: 08/28/19, 22:33:11 by 
Looks like Shovel Knight meets SteamWorld Dig? But with procedural generation? It's in collaboration with Nitrome, who I've honestly never heard of, but people seem excited about?.. (more)
Posted: 08/27/19, 18:01:46 by 
I mean, you've got Fire Emblem, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, Dragon Quest XI, Smash trailers... even Link's Awakening has an '80s style anime intro!.. (more)
Posted: 08/26/19, 16:18:47 by 
Astral Chain is releasing this week, are you HYPED?! (more)
Posted: 08/20/19, 04:01:35 by 
Not sure how many people caught the Indie World thing, there are a lot of games but these are the two big announcements. Ori is particularly big because Microsoft is the publisher so... it looks like another Microsoft / Nintendo collaboration?.. (more)
Posted: 08/07/19, 20:57:32 by 
I've been thinking about this a bit as I start to look at the huge list of bugs I should probably fix on my game... (more)
Posted: 08/01/19, 07:45:38 by 
Has anybody picked this game up? I've been very critical of Fire Emblem's recent history. When I learned that this game would be based around an academy, I was ready to write this one off. But the E3 trailer did a lot to win me over, showing that this title might have some edge and care put into its writing. What sealed the deal was hearing that the game was inspired by Fire Emblem 4, wanting to portray the story of young heir who were close before political machinations led them to opposing sides of war later in life. So I went in cautiously, prepared to return this game for a refund if it put me off in the same way Fates did... (more)
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