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Announcing Boogerman Week - Kicking it off with an art contest! [community]
It is going to be all boogers, all week here at Negative World.

Check back (almost) every day for new content about this forgotten, unsung hero of the 16 bit era. But first, to kick it off, we will be hosting a contest for the artists here at NW. Provide us with your best fan art! Any format (though you may want to consider the 740 pixel width limit), any theme will do!

I have been contacting a few people through PMs already, but it is hard to manage and I am sure to forget a few of the talented folks we got here. A contest simply makes more sense. The prize: your very own copy of Boogerman on the VC, PLUS another Genesis or SNES game of your choice! A $16 value!

Simply send me your art through a PM by noon on Sunday July 31st, along with a short paragraph about the impact Boogerman has had on your art or your life (make it funny and/or convincing!) and a link to your website (DeviantArt or other site where we can find your art). Negative World members will vote on the anonymous art on Sunday and the following Monday until midnight, EST. Then, the winner and the creator of each piece will be revealed.

I will also send the link to the art page to the lead designer of the game. He ignored my request for an interview, but he can't ignore this!

At your pencils, talented folks.

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Posted: 07/24/11, 20:05:59  - Edited by 
 on: 07/29/11, 01:45:29
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If there is no art entry made of boogers, this whole week is a failure.
Posted: 07/24/11, 20:21:00

Well it looks like you just gave yourself a mission there, buddy.
Posted: 07/24/11, 20:25:59
I am very confused. Are you a huge Boogerman fan or is this totally random?!
Posted: 07/24/11, 20:31:33
I understand your confusion perfectly.
Posted: 07/24/11, 20:36:37
So we get to pick the winner? Hahahahahah!!!1

I had no idea there was a game called Boogerman... but this should be interesting.
Posted: 07/24/11, 20:36:44
To be honest I think Boogerman ought to have stayed forgotten.
Posted: 07/24/11, 21:40:55
Wait, but I don't want this game on VC lol. Not that I think I'd win anyways now that it's public.
Posted: 07/24/11, 21:59:22
Hahahaha, I love this
Posted: 07/25/11, 00:21:57
Omigod, my Boogerman Radar just fricking EXPLODED.
Posted: 07/25/11, 02:20:20
Posted: 07/25/11, 07:50:56
I sure hope the people who were into the idea before any prize was on the line are still into it now that it's a competition!
Posted: 07/25/11, 08:04:15
PogueSquadron said:

VofEscaflowne said:
So we get to pick the winner? Hahahahahah!!!1

nate38 said:
If there is no art entry made of boogers, this whole week is a failure.
Posted: 07/25/11, 09:07:45  - Edited by 
 on: 07/25/11, 09:07:59
Can it be about anything? I just drew the guy kinda standing there in a pose (practicing for now) so I take it the guy standing around isn't as interesting as a hand-painted masterpiece with 60,000 characters in the frame haha.
Posted: 07/25/11, 10:24:16
I'll consider it, though I must admit the part about the paragraph explaining how Boogerman has impacted both my art and my life is the part I'm most interested in, because not many people know that Boogerman literally saved my life when I was 10, and set me on my career as an artist single handedly. Also he's my dad. And he invented the internet.True story.

Of course, if Matthew is entering then I automatically have no shot, so I dunno, I'll have to think about it.
Posted: 07/25/11, 16:52:38
I don't want to put pressure on anyone, BUT someone already sent me not one but FOUR pieces of fan art. Only one of them will be submitted for the contest, but I'm just sayin'...
Posted: 07/25/11, 16:56:44
What about Photoshop of existing art? Does that qualify or does it have to be wholly original?
Posted: 07/25/11, 18:03:12

Good question. Photoshopping of official material would be fair game. Photoshopping of random fan art should be avoided without the consent of the artist.

Other ideas: Flipnote Studio, or a Wario Ware D.I.Y. mini game.
Posted: 07/25/11, 18:10:18
If I submit a picture of me picking my nose in an artistic fashion, does it have to be a new one, or can I use one of the many that I already have laying around?
Posted: 07/25/11, 20:40:48
Would you mind if I opened up this invite to some of the Hyrule's Most Wanted artists? Or is this strictly Negative Worlders?
Posted: 07/26/11, 23:53:51
Anyone can become a Negative Worlder...
Posted: 07/27/11, 00:07:42
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