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#20. Brick and Cube: "Modded" Part 1
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July 30, 2012, 10:09:08
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Yes, it released in North America since the original run of this particular strip. HOORAY for rabble-rousing!

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It appears Brick is really enjoying Xenosaga, much to Cube's chagrin. Not only can Cube not play some Mario Kart, but Brick totally ignored his horrible joke!

Xenosaga has since been announced for North America, so at least Brick will be done with the game by then. Perhaps Cube will get into it and have a chance to ignore Brick for a while.

Did you import the game or did you hold onto the hope that Nintendo of America would eventually snap and release it? Personally, I couldn't wait and I am currently about halfway through the game. I'm pleased however that more people will be able to play it. It's a great game!
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