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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 19: Zelda Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons [community]

The lands of Labrynna and Holodrum cry out for a saviour.
The forces of evil are gaining power.
The Triforce summons you.

As Link, take up your sword once more to determine the fate of two worlds, in the Game Boy Colour classics. Wield the powers of the Oracles to traverse time and control the seasons. And link your quests to reveal the hidden truth in an epic meta-adventure that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Primary Discussion Begins on page 3!

Heroes of Power
(Complete Oracle of Seasons)

Heroes of Wisdom
(Complete Oracle of Ages)

Heroes of Courage
(Complete the linked ending to both games)

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Posted: 05/20/13, 17:26:43  - Edited by 
 on: 08/09/13, 02:04:50
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As it always has, with a password you get from Game A and put into Game B.


Yeah, normal price is more like 7-8 bucks each.
Posted: 06/07/13, 03:14:44
Just beat Oracle of Seasons. Only missing one full heart. I have the Noble Sword and Iron Shield and Red Ring. Here comes Ages!
Posted: 06/08/13, 06:11:34  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/13, 06:11:53


I'm still in the middle of the eighth dungeon and I feel terrible right now. Gonna take my 3DS over to my parents for the weekend though, should hopefully finish up soon.

Then those who are holding off on ages can get going
Posted: 06/08/13, 08:21:57

oh, interesting. I did not know that.
Posted: 06/08/13, 09:10:07
DrFinkelstein said:

Yeah, normal price is more like 7-8 bucks each.

I think the normal price is $6, so you save a dollar on each one.

Just finished Ages! I got the Noble Sword, Iron Shield, and all but one heart (which you can't get the first playthrough, I don't think). I'll probably take a break and finish DKCR3D before I move onto Seasons. This playthrough did reinforce my opinion that Ages is the weaker of the two though.
Posted: 06/09/13, 16:54:24
Finally beat Onox after half a dozen attempts! Awful.

Started Ages. Wondered why I was stuck five minutes in.

Remember, if you start a linked game, Impa doesn't give you a sword, you already have it- But you have to equip it! I was running around with only a shield in utter confusion.

Also I tried the ring thing that V_s posted, and whilst it DOES give you the GBA rings, it didn't copy over the list properly. About 90% of the rings came over, but others were replaced with different rings I hadn't found. So I think I'll give up on the GBA rings for now.

EDIT: NVM, turns out I screwed up transcribing the code . When I went to put the correct code in instead of the GBA modified one, I realised what I'd done wrong. Happy to report success! GBA rings Get. Thanks V_s!


DrFinkelstein said:
Just beat Oracle of Seasons. Only missing one full heart. I have the Noble Sword and Iron Shield and Red Ring. Here comes Ages!

When you say missing one heart would it have been your 14th or 15th heart? I just know I remember having a maximum of 16 hearts in a linked game, one of which comes standard when starting the linked file. But does the 16th heart come from heart pieces or another link secret? Just trying to figure out if I had the maximum in my Seasons file with 14 hearts or if there's another 4 heart pieces floating around Holodrum somewhere.
Posted: 06/10/13, 11:15:33  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/13, 13:02:04
Beat Seasons last weekend with 13 hearts. Onox wasn't a problem when I had full hearts and a potion.

I'll start Ages this week sometime.
Posted: 06/10/13, 13:35:45

I had 15 hearts, so I guess the last one would have been from linking. Awesome! I think I heard this is the case elsewhere.

As of last night I beat the fourth dungeon in Ages and saved Zelda in a throwback moment from Donkey Kong. Using a password deal I managed to get the Master Sword in Seasons and then instantly got a code to use that power again in Ages but it only gave me a Noble Sword because I was at L-1 at the time sword-wise. Ah well.
Posted: 06/10/13, 13:46:20
@Shadowlink - Awesome! Glad it worked for you.

@DrFinkelstein - Nice, you get to find/earn the Master Sword in a way that gives the sword's story a little more depth, IMO. I like to think that the way you get the Master Sword in Ages when the password only gives you the Noble Sword is the canon explanation for how the Master Sword is able to exist in the Oracles despite them taking place after ALttP in which "the Master Sword sleeps forever".
Posted: 06/10/13, 20:52:15
First Ages dungeon down. Onward we march.

(I keep hoping to see a Delorean n this game )
Posted: 06/11/13, 01:38:43
Just finished the 5th dungeon of Ages. What a bitch. I can't wait to be done with all these puzzles!!!!
Posted: 06/12/13, 17:31:07
TheOldManFromZelda said:
Finished the second dungeon of Ages. It all came back to my like a horrible nightmare. This IS the game I stopped playing 12 years ago. What an obnoxious boss...

God in heaven yes. Faced off against that jerk yesterday. What a shit.

First time around 12 years ago, I remember fighting that boss the weekend I was babysitting my cousins. They learnt some interesting new vocabulary that day.

A tad easier this time around with the extra health, but I can't help but wonder if the blast ring I picked up in Seasons would have helped even more. At least the Toss ring...

TheOldManFromZelda said:
Beat the 4th dungeon of Ages last night. Fun dungeon, and much easier than the 3rd. I also am now able to carry more bombs.

Currently working towards entering the 5th dungeon. Love the Gorons!

No. They're stupid Gorons and their dance is stupid too.

4th dungeon down here. Not looking forward to the next part.
Posted: 06/13/13, 13:44:53

Haha, I actually messed up on the first TWO dances of the set, then went 8 for 8 to not fail the challenge, getting it done in one try. I was pretty impressed with myself. I should really backtrack and do the trading to get the new sword before I tackle the 6th dungeon.

OH! And some asshole Old Man From Zelda made me pay for his door repairs!!!! What a dick!
Posted: 06/13/13, 13:56:23  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/13, 13:56:55
I just paid that asshole too as I've made it to the Goron Dance Club. Gotta wait till I'm outta work to finish and get to Dungeon Six.
Posted: 06/13/13, 14:41:21
Wow, there are still no Heroes of Wisdom that have finished Oracle of Ages? I'd have thought there would have been one at least four days ago! *ahem*

EDIT: That asshole Old Man from Zelda has some much friendlier ancestors...
Posted: 06/13/13, 14:48:13  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/13, 14:49:41


In my defence, a) I didn't see the post, and b) apart from my own Seasons completion, Fink has been beating me to adding people

...Also I thought your post just now was mocking our slowness, it wasn't until I reread the previous page of posts that it twigged
Posted: 06/13/13, 15:04:37  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/13, 15:06:41

Sorry if I've thrown you off Shadow. I didn't mean to impose in any way and hijack your thread. I intend to be helpful. Let me know if I shouldn't add someone if I see them.

Also, Seasons has way more of the assholes in holes than Ages. I'm liking this about Ages.
Posted: 06/13/13, 16:12:16
Thanks guys!

@DrFinkelstein Seasons has a lot more throwbacks to the original Zelda (more burnable trees, "pay me" guys, "it's a secret to everybody" guys, and of course the bosses). That's one of the things I like more about Ages.
Posted: 06/13/13, 16:20:41

Nah, it's cool. Your efficiency has just made me lazy is all .

It's funny. 12 years ago these were my 3rd and 4th Zelda games respectively (unless you count emulated partial playthroughs of Zelda's I-IV). At the time I basically considered them on par with each other. Same production values, same structure, same gameplay etc etc.

Looking back now as a Zelda veteran though, I think I have to give Ages an edge. The game just feels more intuitive than Seasons does. The Overworld map design itself is better for one thing. It seems a lot more structured, and easier to find your way around in than Seasons, which was a higgledy piggledy mess- Although I guess you can argue that Seasons is more 'organic' if you like that sort of thing. I'd say this would be a side effect of Seasons starting life as a Zelda I remake, whereas Ages was built from the ground up.

Also the puzzle focus in Ages emphasizes the really clever design work that went into the game. Seasons is more about brute force which isn't as difficult to put together.

...I might put up a poll after the RGC is done
Posted: 06/13/13, 23:17:14  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/13, 23:18:20
7/8 essences in Seasons. I'm getting close!

Very good game. Some of the items are sooooo fun!
Posted: 06/13/13, 23:22:48
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