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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 19: Zelda Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons [community]

The lands of Labrynna and Holodrum cry out for a saviour.
The forces of evil are gaining power.
The Triforce summons you.

As Link, take up your sword once more to determine the fate of two worlds, in the Game Boy Colour classics. Wield the powers of the Oracles to traverse time and control the seasons. And link your quests to reveal the hidden truth in an epic meta-adventure that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Primary Discussion Begins on page 3!

Heroes of Power
(Complete Oracle of Seasons)

Heroes of Wisdom
(Complete Oracle of Ages)

Heroes of Courage
(Complete the linked ending to both games)

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Posted: 05/20/13, 17:26:43  - Edited by 
 on: 08/09/13, 02:04:50
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sirmastersephiroth said:
Beat the first dungeon in Seasons. A little underwhelmed, so far. Link's Awakening seems tighter. Music sucks too.

I've played the games numerous times before, but this time I feel like this is the first time I specifically realized that the music is a step down. Really not a fan of some of the tunes, which probably contributes to my general distaste for the games.
Posted: 06/01/13, 14:12:38
Oh I'm dumb...I didn't realize Moosh could hover by hitting A repeatedly. I just thought he had a nice long jump.
Posted: 06/01/13, 18:13:24
I've defeated the second dungeon in Seasons and I'm inside the third. The game is actually a lot better than I gave it credit for at first. I'm a bit annoyed that most of the rooms are so unnecessarily big that they don't fit in the screen. Also, the bomb mechanic requires some getting used to. I do love that they are using the bosses from The Legend of Zelda so far. It's a pretty nice throwback.
Posted: 06/02/13, 01:01:44

Help me out. My memory serves me wrong and I can't remember what to do next.

I've got the key to the third dungeon, but I need to get the next season on the wand. And well, I went back to the temple but couldn't do anything. I already went to the swamp and did the whole Kangaroo with gloves thing but now I'm stuck.

I've just been shoveling dirt for rocks for the last hour.
Posted: 06/02/13, 01:49:06
@DrFinkelstein I'm not sure exactly where you're stuck so I'll clue you in from the key:

Did you find the tunnel that was revealed after you drained the water to find the key? It's right outside that house.

Go through there to find the path to the keyhole, which will drain the upper part of the swamp.

You should be able to explore a path south and west through there which will eventually get you to an impassable cliff. Use the flute to call Ricky to bounce you up. From there, you should be able to find the warp to Subrosia.

I'm having my own memory problems. I got the feather in the third dungeon, then spent half an hour running around before I remembered the spot I had to use it jumping the switch that makes the floor disappear. Then I ran into the sub-boss and threw everything I had at him without making a dent. I can't actually remember how to kill it!

No-one tell me yet, I'm going to give it another crack later.
Posted: 06/02/13, 02:54:23  - Edited by 
 on: 06/02/13, 02:55:00

Oh my God... I'm mental. I for some reason never actually used the key there. I kept seeing it from the other side and then when I'd get as far as that damn Deku Scrub, I just... never noticed it one screen over. Wow. Thanks for jogging the ol' memory and attention to detail.
Posted: 06/02/13, 02:59:07

Glad I could help!

In other news I found the owl statue outside the sub-boss room, and got the hint I needed to kill it. Moving on!
Posted: 06/02/13, 04:34:54
Playing Ages first... like I voted :)

I'm excited to be playing these games for the first time...
Posted: 06/02/13, 04:45:19
I've just entered the third dungeon. The music is indeed lesser than it's predecessors but I'm still loving the game. Having two seasons now on my Rod of Seasons is nice. Can't wait till this bad boy is fully souped up.
Posted: 06/02/13, 04:45:48
nate38 said:
Looking for the fourth dungeon in Seasons...anyone else having more trouble than usual finding the path forward? Maybe it's just me, but the unseen hand doesn't seem to be guiding me forward like most 2D Zelda level designs do. I got stuck before the midboss in the third dungeon for quite a while, and I've been searching for this Sunken City for at least an hour now. The game is dense with stuff to find and do, though, so it hasn't been for nothing.

Man, you and I must be having the same experience. I got stuck around the midboss in the third dungeon too, and I just spent half an hour looking for the way to the Sunken city. (Just found it).

More shameful for me though because I've actually played this before.

Time for a break though, don't want to cram the experience...
Posted: 06/02/13, 05:31:49
Now I'm heading to the fourth dungeon also. I think it said something about a waterfall to the north. I know there is a section or two I could jump over if I had Roc's Feather, which now I do. So I'll try there first.
Posted: 06/02/13, 05:36:14
@Shadowlink I only just got to the fourth dungeon...about three hours after completing the third one. Now, I did quite a bit of legwork in the trading quest, and covered some ground I probably wasn't supposed to yet, and went back to town for plenty of ring appraisals, and found two of the four optional(?) treasures by pure luck, and grabbed a bunch of heart pieces in neat overworld segments...but still! I'm at almost eight hours of play time and have only completed three dungeons!

It definitely doesn't seem as tightly designed as Link's Awakening. There's a lot more to do and see in what seems to be similar acreage, but all the animal friends and season changing and underworld portals and such make getting around the overworld seem way more complicated than usual. I'm definitely not as up on it as I was Link's Awakening and Flagship's great Minish Cap game. Still, it's pretty good 2D Zelda and that's good enough for me.
Posted: 06/02/13, 07:10:55  - Edited by 
 on: 06/02/13, 07:16:32
@DrFinkelstein I just saw your question. I'm glad @Shadowlink was able to help you out. I just kept exploring till I found out what to do next. This game is a bit convoluted.
Posted: 06/02/13, 07:11:45
It's also really long. It has 8 Main temples, 2 after that, and 2 mini dungeons.
Posted: 06/02/13, 07:28:02
So now I am trying to find Dungeon 4.... I have the flippers but I can't find wherever else I'm supposed to go. And also, I need to find that guy who wants something scary in the trade sequence, but of course after running into him multiple times, I now can't find him when I'm trying to. Oi!
Posted: 06/03/13, 00:05:15
Well I still haven't found the fourth dungeon,... but I did figure out where to go from the flooded village.

Subtle hint is subtle,... yet obvious.

And now I have found myself with the Spring enhancement. I'm not sure if I was supposed to do this now. But it's happenin'!
Posted: 06/03/13, 00:57:46

Nah, you're on the right track.

I got annoyed with myself for spending an hour or so running around the mountains to the west and getting confused. Then I smacked my forhead when I realised I'd completly skipped past the Subrosia warp which was right there.\


I got to the end of the fourth dungeon on the train, pulled into my stop right in the middle of the boss battle (ugh). 3DS is currently in sleep mode.
Posted: 06/03/13, 01:04:11
@Shadowlink Haha I did the same thing. Skipped that warp right over.

I'm now about halfway through the fifth dungeon. The item you get there is pretty cool.
Posted: 06/03/13, 01:15:12
Loving the Mega Man reference midway through this game. I wonder if Ages has it's own Capcom reference. I totally forgot about this.
Posted: 06/03/13, 02:49:31

Eh? What might this be?
Posted: 06/03/13, 04:35:27
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