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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread 19: Zelda Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons [community]

The lands of Labrynna and Holodrum cry out for a saviour.
The forces of evil are gaining power.
The Triforce summons you.

As Link, take up your sword once more to determine the fate of two worlds, in the Game Boy Colour classics. Wield the powers of the Oracles to traverse time and control the seasons. And link your quests to reveal the hidden truth in an epic meta-adventure that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Primary Discussion Begins on page 3!

Heroes of Power
(Complete Oracle of Seasons)

Heroes of Wisdom
(Complete Oracle of Ages)

Heroes of Courage
(Complete the linked ending to both games)

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Posted: 05/20/13, 17:26:43  - Edited by 
 on: 08/09/13, 02:04:50
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Well I'm stuck. No idea where to find the eighth essence, and I've been wandering all over for about an hour now. The Goron psychic said to look in some new plains...I've got the entire map uncovered, except for one section that is inaccessible from its own time period and just goes crazy cuckoo bananas if I time-warp there and sends me back, and another section that is completely surrounded by wavepools. I bet it's in that area somewhere, but I'm pretty sure I swam around it in both time periods and couldn't find a way. I got that Zora Hero Certificate or whatever it was, but I have no idea where that could be useful.

At least I found a few heart pieces and one step in the fetch quest in that time.
Posted: 06/21/13, 02:27:02

You're on the right track. All I can suggest is you do a bit of diving.
Posted: 06/21/13, 03:09:21
Defeated Veran. I guess I'll finish the Twinrova stuff tomorrow. I assume I can go finish sidequests and extra stuff after beating the final boss, like in Seasons? I'm at a loss in the fetch quest, never went through the Hero's Cave or whatever, and am still running around with the wood blade. Think there's one or two map spaces I haven't searched yet, too. And I assume there's more stuff I haven't found, though it looks like I'm at full hearts (even though I think I have one heart piece extra...?)
Posted: 06/21/13, 06:11:16

What part of the Fetch quest you stuck at?
Posted: 06/21/13, 06:31:23
I has a sad book. Don't remember anybody who was too cheery or...something.
Posted: 06/21/13, 06:57:13

That one's easy! How long have you had it for?

Trust me, if you think about it, it'll hit you.
Posted: 06/21/13, 07:09:57
Finished both games. I even did some of the password swaps and got the sword and shield upgrades, the extra sword, and the Bombchus.
Posted: 06/22/13, 21:10:20
so, I'm trying to get the Mirror Shield in my Ages linked game. Is it missable?? I'm a little concerned that since I only had the Wooden Shield when I used the secret that I can't get anything higher (Mirror Shield). I found the Tokay on Crescent Island who sells shield but he is only willing to sell me an Iron Shield (which I already have).

Posted: 06/23/13, 19:11:58

There's two upgrades for your shield in a linked game, one that you find, and then the password. No matter which one you use, they'll both upgrade your shield one level from whatever it's current status is.

If you've already used the password upgrade, then you still have to find the other one.
Posted: 06/23/13, 23:06:47
Oracle of Ages beaten. Onto Oracle of Seasons!

...I never want to play Ages again!
Posted: 06/24/13, 00:47:50

Surely it wasn't that bad
Posted: 06/24/13, 01:05:39
Ages is a lot more frustrating than Seasons. I started on Saturday night and have pushed through the first three dungeons.

It's not that the dungeons are hard, but (for whatever reason) I'm struggling on the parts between dungeons. It took me forever to figure out how to get to Symmetry Village. Good thing Ricky found me. Now I have to find some carpenters to repair a bridge...ugh.

I'm enjoying it, but not as much as Seasons. I'm hoping to be finished before the end of the month.
Posted: 06/24/13, 16:16:42

Weird. I had the exact opposite experience. I got stuck three or four times in Seasons despite playing the game twice before, but in this Ages playthrough I ripped right through it. It seemed more intuitive to me for some reason.
Posted: 06/24/13, 18:10:45
Think I figured out where to finally go in Seasons. Maku Tree wants me to check out theruins, so I'm up around where the Temple of Seasons used to be (I think).

I'm excited about playing Ages again at some point. I still don't think it's as good as Link's Awakening though. It has better puzzles, but I remember some overworked bits being less confusing, and the story/atmosphere and music were just awesome. I wish Ages and Seasons cribbed less from LA. They would've had more of an identity if they had more of their own music and art style. I don't want to say they feel like fan games because they're obviously higher quality than any fan game, but thy just don't feel as unique aside from a couple of new items and the ring system.
Posted: 06/24/13, 21:23:50
I'm confused about the linked game stuff. I assumed that when I put in that password at the start of Seasons, that I'd already have my Level 2 sword. But this was not to be. So upon doing a little research, I see that I need to talk to certain people in Ages to get those 'secrets'. So, I turned on Ages and started looking for the people to talk to... and they aren't there. Have I completely missed my chance to get the awesome upgrades? If so, what was the point of playing through the first game? Frustrating.
Posted: 06/25/13, 20:16:07

As you play through Seasons (your second game), you'll meet people who'll give you passwords to tell to people in Ages (your first game). These characters aren't there if you play through Seasons first. Once you give those passwords to Ages' characters, you'll then get a password to get that SAME upgrade in Seasons (by telling Farore).

Don't worry, you'll come across plenty of secrets soon enough. I think they start after you do the first dungeon. And I don't think any are permanently missable.
Posted: 06/25/13, 20:39:59  - Edited by 
 on: 06/25/13, 20:40:16
Thanks for the explanation. Seems cumbersome, but worthwhile to upgrade quickly. I've been taking pictures with my phone of the password(s) I stumble across.
Posted: 06/25/13, 21:10:55
I heave beaten Ages! and thus, both games!

Ages definitely had more INTERESTING stuff (the Ralph character, the Zora city, the whole Mermaid Suit/underwater thing, etc). However, it also had far more infuriating things. I think I used a walkthrough like twice for Seasons, I used it like 10 times in Ages. yuck!

Based on the final scene after beating both games, I might have to go ahead and purchase Link's Awakening DX next!!
Posted: 06/26/13, 00:29:51
I'm one dungeon into Seasons, and I already enjoy it SO much more! Feels like Zelda 1 or ALTTP moreso than Ages did.
Posted: 06/26/13, 00:43:11
Just making a small announcement. This Retro Game Club will run for two months. It'll give us more than enough time to finish both games.
Posted: 06/28/13, 03:27:31
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