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Resident Evil: Revelations Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.33/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Resident Evil: Revelations on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

As of 5/14, the RE:R demo has hit the Wii U. What do you guys think? Feel free to discuss the game here.

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Posted: 05/15/13, 02:24:03  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/13, 21:15:33
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I don't remember how it was in the 3DS demo but the aiming controls in the Wii U version (and apparently other versions as well) are really bad. You have to nudge your analog stick a bit more than usual before it actually registers it as moving and it just doesn't feel good when it comes to aiming at moving targets. Why couldn't they add a Wiimote control option?
Posted: 05/15/13, 02:33:50
It feels like they maintained the aiming sensitivity of the 3DS version (which is a bad thing ;p)

The only difference though was that with the 3DS version, we were able to use gyro aiming instead which worked wonderfully for me. With that being absent in these games, aiming just feels a lot less precise to the point where I just aim in the vicinity of the part I want to hit and wait for the enemy to sway into my reticule.
Posted: 05/15/13, 02:42:05
A demo, eh? Will check out.
Posted: 05/15/13, 02:46:27
Yeah, the aiming is a bit...miserable. Otherwise, it looked good and played fine. Looks pretty in HD.
Posted: 05/15/13, 03:16:52
I turned up the speed to "Fast" for aiming, but I think the problem is it's built around the buttons on the 3DS, at least that's what it still feels like even though you've got a stick now. Characters look good, the rest is OK to not-so-good. Lighting is pretty weak (flashlight wise) and the environments didn't get any lovin'. Probably a good pick-up later on down the road, but won't be jumping in for full price.
Posted: 05/15/13, 03:51:42
I think others were saying that the dead zone is just enormous. I was having a really hard time with it as well. I couldn't really aim for crap. Otherwise the game seemed kind of like a dialed down RE4, but I don't know how the rest of the game really plays. The beauty of RE4 to me was what you could do with the environment. Setting up ladders, making a barricade to keep the zombies (or whatever) out....that was all enormously fun and tense.

It's incredibly silly that there are no Wiimote controls in this game either. I'm getting so sick of some of these developers.
Posted: 05/15/13, 04:39:59
No Wiimote aiming? LAAAAAAME.

Too bad they mucked up the analog aiming. It worked wonderfully on 3DS - why can't they get it working properly with the console version?

I'm pretty interested in the new stuff they are adding to the game, considering the stuff they had to take out in order to "shoehorn" this 3DS game onto a console. Maybe I'll make a run down to my buddy's place (he owns a Wii U) and check the demo out there.
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:37:23
I thought the Demo was good enough to make me wish Nintendo would have just called the Wii U the Nintendo HDS. Damn, that sounds so good.
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:56:38
The game controlled wonderfully on the 3DS with the Circle Pad Pro.
Posted: 05/15/13, 06:28:32
Yeah, I had a good time with this game and the CPP.

Since I played the heck out of the orginal, is there any point in me downloading this demo?
Posted: 05/15/13, 06:31:26

To see it on a huge display in a higher resolution? Also, its hardest difficulty is quite challenging.
Posted: 05/15/13, 08:18:55
Ugh I still really dislike Wii U's analogs but I don't think the way they made the game helps much either.
Posted: 05/15/13, 09:43:06
Played the demo on Steam with my 360 pad. (I'm fine with third-person shooters designed around controllers with a controller. Feels more comfortable.)

Controls were absolutely fine, but my God the game is ugly. I guess that's to be expected from a 3DS port, but some of the textures looked worse than the horrendous RE4 port.

Kinda sucks, because for me, atmosphere is huge in horror games. And when I see a texture (Was not looking for bad textures, but you get so damned close to them...) and go "Wow that's awful," it kinda kills the mood. Enemies also don't seem to react to being shot. Like... at all. At least the early ones I fought. I got bored after like 10 minutes.

It's also a REALLY hard swing right after Metro: Last Light.

It felt like going back two generations.

Again, I understand WHY it is the way it is, but ughh. They should've just put the shitty RE6 on the 3DS (or nothing at all...) and designed RE:R for the Wii U since it works fine there, anyway. It'd at least look way nicer.
Posted: 05/15/13, 09:54:23  - Edited by 
 on: 05/15/13, 09:58:30
3DS is awesome hater.
Posted: 05/15/13, 10:17:36

A lot of that same scrutiny could be levelled at MHT:U, because some of those textures can look pretty rough. Doesn't mean its not fun, though.
Posted: 05/15/13, 11:41:53


Looks great, IMO. *shrugs*
Posted: 05/15/13, 12:10:41
@Deerock69 Right but Resident Evil's entertainment value is, at least in some part, derived from the atmosphere. Monster Hunter can have some nice vistas occasionally, but it's always been a sort of ugly game on every platform, and is all about pure gameplay mechanics.

@Zero ? I love the 3DS.
Posted: 05/15/13, 12:10:56
I played the game on the 3DS and loved it. A great RE game, esp after the sucktacularness of RE5 and RE6. They should have ended it with RE4 and rebooted the series with Revelations.
Posted: 05/15/13, 13:15:44
I thought the game had great atmosphere, the creepy ship and whatnot, but yeah, it is a 3DS game blown up on a relatively huge screen, so not surprised the graphics are a little rough.
Posted: 05/15/13, 16:52:57

I'd hate to play a game and instead of wondering if I'm having fun or not, I'm scrutinizing every bit of the game's walls and textures to see if they live up to the latest benchmark in video game graphics. Geez, just play the game and have fun
Posted: 05/15/13, 16:54:38
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