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Do you ever feel sorry for videogame characters? Or other gaming quirks? [roundtable]
I'm playing A Link to the Past right now, and I always feel sorry for the little elephant looking dude selling bombs in the place that should be Link's house in the Dark World. Also, I don't like to leave a single fairy floating around by themselves in a Fairy Spring just so they won't be lonely. I know, it's weird.

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Posted: 05/10/13, 04:09:59
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Yeah. The first one that comes to mind is Kaim from Lost Odyssey.
Posted: 05/10/13, 04:47:50
King of Hyrule.

Wind Waker.

At the end.
Posted: 05/10/13, 04:52:53
Oh I definitely get all weird about some stuff. In the Shin Megami games you can choose to spend time with some females and develop stronger relationships, but it can't be everyone. I always feel bad for the ones that I don't choose to spend time with.

Posted: 05/10/13, 05:03:40

I know that feel
Posted: 05/10/13, 05:05:26
Any time I have to tell a character I can't do something for them.

I'm like... shit. I wanna help you! I DO! I JUST CAN'T RIGHT NOW I'M SO SORRY!
Posted: 05/10/13, 05:06:48
Lufia II is one of the most heart wrenching games for me.

Always felt sad for Tia never getting Maxim. And that ending, so sad, so very very sad.

Also Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. Great character and really makes you care for her.
Posted: 05/10/13, 05:08:47  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/13, 05:09:27
I tried out the demo of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and what I come across is what appears to be a creature with its baby. Really? It made me feel super icky. Yeah, I killed them, but waited til I was attacked first.
Posted: 05/10/13, 05:53:45
@Koovaps Oh man, killing random creatures in Xenoblade always felt bad. It's like... why am I doing this? You can avoid most fights, and most of them aren't your "enemies" just creatures out existing. And yet you run around slaughtering them.

And then there are the ones like the Hodes that seem to be sentient beings just minding their own business and yet you're killing a bunch of them.
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:01:06
How about this guy?

Posted: 05/10/13, 06:08:11

Yeah, stuff like that makes me feel terrible. I'm absolutely all for gun rights and hunting and all that crap, but I can't do it myself. I'm even one of those dopes that'll carry bugs outside rather than kill 'em. Two days ago a stupid bird landed in front of my car as I was doing 50mph. I slammed on my brakes, and it tried to move, but not in time. I'm still miserable about the whole thing.
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:08:52
Yeah sometimes if the characters are really cute or nonthreatening, I feel bad if I have to murder them. Can't think of anything specific right now, though.
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:10:06

Thinking about the death toll in just about any RPG is pretty bleak. Even if the enemies are ostensibly evil, it always seems like overkill. And then just think about grinding. Specifically seeking out people or creatures to kill just to practice your murderous skills.
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:13:04
I constantly feel sorry for EVERYBODY, and I have a whale of a time when contracts are up in sports games. Kinda tough for me to release someone, too. They gotta really make me mad.

EDIT- I JUST threw across the middle and my WR got leveled. Injury Timeout. Pretty sure he's got a serious concussion. *sigh*

**UPDATE** Just a pinched nerve! He's already back in!
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:45:13  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/13, 06:47:57

Ya, what a poor sap. He needs a big dose of niacin.

When I first played LttP as a kid I was CRUSHED when I witnessed Flute Boy transform into a tree. WTF?!? Stop! Noooo!....
Posted: 05/10/13, 06:56:15
@Jargon Yeah, that guy. At least he got a special Cucco friend.

@Koovaps I'm like that in real life too. If I see a turtle crossing the street, for example, I help it get to the other side.

@Abdooooo I just witnessed the Flute Boy incident a few hours ago, since I'm replaying ALTTP. Right in the feels, man!
Posted: 05/10/13, 07:15:48
@Jargon This is true, but I haven't played many that got me hooked on sidequests at the same level. So usually in an RPG I'd really only end up fighting whoever / whatever attacked me, and then well... their fault, I guess. But in Xenoblade I was constantly going out of my way to seek out monsters (and Hodes who I swear to god are sentient) to kill for what? I don't even know?! I rarely even cared about the rewards.
Posted: 05/10/13, 09:22:17

Flute Boy! Makes me tear up every time, even though I know what's coming!!

I felt terrible for a lot of characters in TellTale's The Walking Dead. So many sads were felt.
Posted: 05/10/13, 13:41:33

Haha I did the same exact thing yesterday. I saw a spider on the wall and instead of just killing it, I just took it outside.

There was this one moment in Chibi Robo which I don't remember all the details of but it was a very sad moment in a game and totally unexpected And it's not even live objects! It's just toys! Though even if it was live... it's still a game. But whatever!
Posted: 05/10/13, 15:08:49  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/13, 15:09:31
Sometimes. Most of the NPCs in Majora's Mask fall under this category. Especially the son of the Deku Butler.

I also feel really bad when one of the characters on my side die in Fire Emblem. I already feel bad because I'm losing out on a good character (or a potentially good character) but their last words often leave me feeling even worse off.

I also felt really bad for Zack at the end of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, even though I knew his fate from the beginning.
Posted: 05/10/13, 16:08:00

Yea, Xenoblade makes it more clear that you're just killing things that are minding their own business, but really, can you blame some wild beast for attacking you in a normal RPG when you keep walking around in his habitat?
Posted: 05/10/13, 17:07:38
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