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Would you like to see Nintendo games on smartphones? [poll]
Yes (5/34 votes)
No (29/34 votes)
Ignoring the question of whether it's a good financial direction for Nintendo, would you personally like to see the company focus some of their development resources on making games for smartphones?

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Posted: 05/07/13, 18:13:17
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I don't know, we know if they buckle down and focus on something they CAN make it work. They would just need to realise that it cannot be the same as a 3DS OS.
Posted: 05/08/13, 03:06:27
@Xbob42 I'd take that same game on 3DS with buttons for jumping. MARIO RUNNER: FUTURE LEGEND OF RHYTHM HEAVEN ZELDA.
Posted: 05/08/13, 03:06:32
@Zero The 3DS would get a kickass bigger version with an expanded world and BUTTON-EXCLUSIVE™ features, and the two could connect to each other to unlock little goodies in each one. BAM! Cross-marketing. How weird would that be? Phone-to-handheld feature swapping. MY BRAIN.
Posted: 05/08/13, 03:15:26
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