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Secret of Mana Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
8.86/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Secret of Mana on the SNES!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Secret of Mana was the game that showed me that RPGs didn't have to be just single player, turn-based affair. I grew up with this game, and playing through it time after time with my bud. What memories do you guys have of this game? We've got 29 ratings for it on our database; have an unfortunate number of Negative World users missed out on this gem?

We just completed Secret of Mana as our second Epic Center game, so you'll notice our "leaderboards" below. If you missed it, and you'd like to play on your own as if it were being done LIVE! for you, simply click on WEEK 1, WEEK 2, etc. and follow along that way. This, of course, is also the destination for the continuation of Secret of Mana in the Epic Center, for those who did not finish immediately as they hoped they would.


Like Ogre Battle, Secret of Mana was another game that I couldn't get enough of in my youth, and it also changed the way I thought about Role Playing Games. I grew up used to Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, two huge-time RPGs that made their money on turn-based affair. Secret of Mana set itself apart from games of that ilk, however, while still nesting in in the RPG genre. It was known as an "Action RPG," allowing the player to move freely and attack at will while still enjoying the experience points and magic-y goodness that we've come to love. Was it the first of its kind? More than likely not, but it FEEEELS like it in my heart.

This game has been mentioned A LOT in the last year, as a number of our members have been meaning to get around to playing it, but just haven't found the means to. And here we are: Negative World Epic Center presents Secret of Mana. In our database (at press time), Secret of Mana enjoys a 9.23 average, wtih 29 Ratings and 7 Perfect 10s. Will we add a few more to this list? Quite possibly. This game has a widespread love, and has been made available on many other platforms, but was born on the SNES. Members are encouraged to join up and play on any console you deem worthy, though SNES / Wii VC is of course, preferred.

We pack up at the end of this week and head out into the wilderness at midnight (Saturday Night..) on Sunday, March 10th (if you prefer to start your own quest AFTER Sunday, like Monday, or Tuesday, or Wed-- you get the picture; thats fine!). There will be a number of checkpoints per week, and looking at a quick bullet list, this looks to be the least intensive quest we've had yet. I know I keep saying that, haha, but we should be able to cruise through this thing with no problem in roughly 6 weeks. If Week 1 is too heavy, we can scale back and move this to a 7 week program, and of course an 8th week if we need it. I really don't think we will.

A little more info on Secret of Mana. Unlike typical RPGs before it, this one granted players the ability to play with a friend...AND ANOTHER FRIEND. Yes, using the SNES Multi-Tap, THREE(3) players could team up and hit the ground running with swords/spears/axes a blazing. Without spoiling the game too much, each character has their own abilities, with the two "support" characters being polar opposites of each other in a sense. This game also boasts some of the best music heard in any game ever, and it still holds up today. The story was enough for a kid, but word has it that it may've worn a little thin with the years, haha. I'm eager to see how I take it as an "adult."




Jew Drop
Mr_Mustache / Mrs_Mustache

Week 5 Complete!

Week 4 Complete!

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Week 2 Complete!

Week 1 Complete!


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 on: 05/02/13, 00:30:40
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DW, Cube, and Finko, are you guys planning on finishing soon, or is this going in the TBD pile?

Hopefully it isn't for a lack of AWESOME.
Posted: 05/02/13, 01:11:47
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