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Tetris: Axis Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.7/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tetris: Axis on the 3DS!

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Ah, Tetris. THE classic puzzle game of all time. Appropriately so, since the task of collecting and stacking puzzle pieces together is so simple and timeless.

This version of the game came out early in the 3DS's life, with improved graphics, new music and modes, Mii integration, and online multiplayer. And while it was a *bit* of a hurdle to justify purchasing Tetris (again, for most people) for $30 at retail, 3DS owners can now purchase this game digitally on the eShop for a mere $9.99! Unless you really don't care for puzzle games, there's not much of an excuse not to own this classic, 3DS gamers!

I'm hoping this thread will inspire more of you to download this game so we can get some online multiplayer action going. This is a perfect pick-up-and play game, and the price is perfect for the high amount of content you get for it.

Come puzzle fans, UNITE!

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Posted: 04/19/13, 20:37:33  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/13, 20:42:18
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I wanted it when it launched, but $30 was a tough pill to swallow to get it. For $10? No questions.

I bought six games on 3DS today. Six!

Aero Porter
Crimson Shroud
Legend of the River King (was modestly curious about this one)
Liberty Maiden
Tetris Axis

All that cost around $36 with Alabama sales tax...can't beat that!

I'll give this one a "spin" (tee-hee) this weekend.
Posted: 04/19/13, 22:46:55
Ahh... I'll buy it at a low price.

Posted: 04/20/13, 05:05:13
I was interested in the game until I found out that it's nearly exactly the same as Tetris Party Deluxe with a 3D mode tossed in. I'll probably still get it at some point, it's been getting cheap lately, and with the eShop price it should now be even easier to find a cheap copy somewhere.
Posted: 04/20/13, 05:55:07
@Mop it up

And an AR mode, too! ....or, is that what you meant when you said "3D mode?"

Either way, let us know when you pick up a copy! We'll play online for sure!
Posted: 04/20/13, 06:28:50
I picked this up awhile ago on clearance at Best Buy for $9.99. The AR modes are uh...interesting. I liked about half the modes so I consider the game to definitely be worth the purchase price.
Posted: 04/23/13, 19:03:15
I have Tetris DS, and nothing, NOTHING tops Push Mode for multiplayer Tetris. Sure it'd be nice having it on my 3ds at all times, but I'd rather spend $10 on a game I don't already own.
Posted: 04/23/13, 19:23:07

Yeah, that's the best part of Tetris Axis - there are so many modes and features, you are bound to find at least a good handful of modes to enjoy. I'm a fan of the Fever Mode, personally.
Posted: 04/23/13, 20:08:26
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