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Toki Tori 2+ Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.26/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Toki Tori 2+ on the Wii U!

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Who else is playing this? I'm liking it a lot so far. The music and atmosphere are really great. The cave area even reminded a bit of Limbo! Those scared frogs freak me out. Should I be scared too!?

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Posted: 04/05/13, 08:55:33  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/13, 08:57:59
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Got it and really enjoy it so far. Nothing TOO hard yet but a few parts have made me stop and think what to do next. I really enjoyed how it just jumped into the game on startup. It's really fresh when playing games that just shove tutorials in your face. It gets insulting when games have to expect that you've never touched a game in your life. Though I understand that they have to be there for some gamers, sometimes they just drag on a bit too much.
Posted: 04/05/13, 14:30:20
I downloaded it last night but didn't have time to play. I'm planning to give it a shot this afternoon after work.
Posted: 04/05/13, 15:50:38
I downloaded it, but I haven't started it yet either. I'm almost done with Runner2, so I may start it once I'm finished with it.
Posted: 04/05/13, 16:07:56
The lack of handholding kind of made the game a nightmare to play for review, but with the Miiverse there to lend a hand and the FAQs that are sure to pop up, it's not going to be a problem for most people.

Plus, the puzzles are the whole point of the game. It's not being sold on being a cinematic experience! Being stuck on one puzzle in this game for an hour won't kill anybody, haha.

ST said:
Those scared frogs freak me out. Should I be scared too!?
Haha, they're just scared of the dark.
Posted: 04/05/13, 16:16:17  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/13, 16:16:32
Bought it and played a bit of it with my son. Seems like a fun game so far.
Posted: 04/06/13, 05:26:53
Just downloaded it this morning. Played a bit. Figured out how to make a yellow forcefield around myself, but don't know what it does. I like what little i've played.
Posted: 04/06/13, 23:13:10
I've only got to play through the first couple areas but I'm having fun with it so far.
Posted: 04/07/13, 01:41:04
Well I broke the game and now I'm stuck unless I restart from scratch. Fun!

EDIT: Scratch that. The enemy that was blocking my path was apparently not reacting to things as it should cause it apparently doesn't exist so I can just walk through.
Posted: 04/07/13, 15:29:02  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 15:35:25
Haven't played this for over three weeks. I don't know if I remember enough to go back to it! There are so many subtle environmental behaviors that you pick up on as you're playing.
Posted: 05/01/13, 00:24:24
I adored Toki Tori for Wii, and hotly anticipated the second installment - downloading it the moment it became available (or rather, the moment I was able to). However, after an initial play through, I was left feeling completely indifferent towards the game. I really didn't want to continue my initial play session out of boredom, and had no interest in trying it again - but I still kind of liked it. I did play again, of course, but was left feeling underwhelmed again. And oh how this pains me to say given how totally taken by the Wii installment I was. I'm not sure what's missing in this version that is keeping me from enjoying things. I don't know if it's because this one is more platformer than puzzler, and the platforming is too samey, or if the music is just so tame this go 'round that I'm not compelled to inch my way forward. In either case, I'm just not all that thrilled with Toki Tori 2. I haven't given up on it, but it has most certainly been set every so carefully on the back burner.
Posted: 05/01/13, 01:24:49
I've given up on the game (put in about 8 hours) because it got to the point where I would spend way too much time on each puzzle and not having the slightest clue what to do. If you've seen my Miiverse posts, you know I've asked for assistance on more than one occasion. I guess I'm not really having fun in a game when I feel like it's taking way too much time just to make small steps of progress. It's especially frustrating when you're trying out different puzzle solution possibilities that take quite some time to set up, and you don't know for sure if it's going to work or not. Then, when it doesn't work, you basically have to reset the puzzle and try all over again.

I did get to the part of the game where you have to lead the five legendary/ ancient frogs into the portals. I think I got 3 of them and got stuck on the small frog that you have to get safely through the grass since all the birds keep picking him up and taking him back to their nest. The problem I was having was at the end of the puzzle. I think you're supposed to keep the frog still on top of the moving crab platform, since he can't jump the small ledge up to the portal? I thought I could use the bubble creature so the frog would eat it and stay still, but I couldn't move the crab platform without making the frog spit the bubble out, at which point he would fall off. It just takes a long time to set it all up.

Given that the game has been praised by many people and places on the internet, I think it's less a matter of Two Tribes making their puzzles too hard or obscure and more a matter of this just not being the kind of game for my tastes. I can definitely appreciate what this game does very well, though; it's amazing that you pretty much play the whole game with all your abilities from the start, which are the whistle and the ground pound.

Oh, I do want to mention it was awesome when one of the game's programmers pointed out on my Miiverse post (*puzzle solution spoiler*) that I solved one of the puzzles in a way they never intended!


Yeah, this one's completely different from the WiiWare game. I didn't finish that one either, I suck at Toki Tori games. Totally agree about the music being much better in the WiiWare game. I still have those tunes playing in my head!
Posted: 10/16/13, 19:54:10
I started this game today on Steam and it's definitely cool how the game subtly shows you how to interact with the creatures and the environment. But I'm confused about my progression. It's not linear right? Am I supposed to remember branching paths where I went one way and left another unexplored? I hope there's something to tell me where there's still things to collect or whatever. Am I going to learn a quick way to get around? I figured out which of those things are checkpoints, but I also interacted with some other things like those obelisks and the doors with the blue gems and I don't know what those do. Fun game, but I just want to make sure I'm proceeding in the correct way.
Posted: 12/18/13, 03:56:23
There should be some sort of map. On the Wii U, it's right on the GamePad.
Posted: 12/18/13, 04:08:28
I restarted the game today, and after playing for about 45 minutes I've already hit an area I'd never been to before. Not sure if that was new to 2+ or if I just took a different path, but I'm really enjoying it again. Such a delightful game.
Posted: 12/18/13, 06:10:09
Playing on Steam and loving it. I'm not having any tremendous problems with the game, and only got stuck once (which was silly on my part). I just led the second fire frog into a portal. love how the game shows you how to do things without you really getting a tutorial. I felt like a brain surgeon when I revisited an area and knew I had to water the grass in order for it to grow.

I'll have to see how the update improved the game because so far I'm not having a lot of issues others are having.
Posted: 01/02/14, 03:37:24
Bump to the thread....but I'm currently on the last ancient frog, I believe. Making my way there but I'd guess I only have a couple hours left.

Amazing game. I love how you can see all the landmarks in the world while you're running around the levels. It's something I had hoped Nintendo would do with NSMBU - you see a castle or mountain on the map, and then you see it in the background during the level. It's just such a cool thing that gives the game such a great sense of place. I really get sucked into this world and always have a good idea of where I am.

What's crazy about this game is that unlike a Metroid game, you don't return to areas with new gear or abilities. You just know so many more things you can do with the world than you could before. Whereas before, the electrical guys were a roadblock, I now know that I can kill them by splashing some water on them. So cool! It's also pretty crazy how the game mixes and matches elements to create whole new puzzles. In many ways, this game feels incredibly Nintendo-ish. It kind of reminds me of Fluidity, in a way.

My only gripes are still that the game is very slow, but it kind of has to be slow. I've had to look at a guide a couple times, but both times were for "OH DUH" moments on my part. Totally didn't realize that I had to unlight some fireflies at some point. I felt like a complete idiot! But then I got through it and felt like a genius. Very rewarding game.
Posted: 01/04/14, 01:01:02
I've gotten to the same spot I got to last time and haven't played since. Will I finish it this time!?

No one knows.
Posted: 01/04/14, 01:06:11
Just finished the game. Loved it. But let me say I'm not very happy with the ending. That was...pretty abrupt. I was hoping for some final stage or something like that. It just kind of.....ended.

On well. On to either Batman or Guacamelee.
Posted: 01/04/14, 07:29:48

About how long did it take you to beat?
Posted: 01/06/14, 23:33:48
About 11 hours give or take, but I did look up a couple things on GameFaqs. I think only one of those times felt like there was no way on Earth I'd ever figure out how to solve a puzzle. It was ridiculous.

For those who have played the game, it was the part on your way to the ceiling frog, where you have to use two green frogs to get up to this portal on the upper right of the screen. You had to have one of the frogs on a wooden block, and it was just so confusing to me! I tried for forever before I gave up and looked up the solution.
Posted: 01/07/14, 00:25:35
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