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Disappointments in gaming [roundtable]
I'm playing Devil May Cry 2 right now and it's a pretty horrible game. I'd stop playing it but I want to finish it at least once and be done with it, since I want to play the entire Devil May Cry saga. The graphics are boring and so is the gameplay. The music is lazy and can hardly be heard over the guns. The story? What story? It's just some cutscenes interconnected in between boring easy battles. This game is pretty disappointing, especially after having played Devil May Cry 1 immediately before.

What are some of your gaming disappointments?

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Posted: 04/04/13, 06:48:25
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Yeah, I heard that. Made me cry, to be honest.

But it's not really hypocritical to dislike Final Fantasy 7 for whatever reason. I just think it's just worth pointing out the context. Same thing when people around here grouse about Halo, GTA and Sonic. From my point of view, anyway, certain games represent popular opposition to Nintendo better than others. And those games get knocked harder here at Negative World than other places.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:10:10
@kriswright But you're a Nintendo fan so who is this mysterious group of Nintendo fans that you're not included in?!

Either way it seems like a perspective thing. Like, you could say, duh... Nintendo fans hate on the stuff they didn't get. But you could also say duh... Nintendo fans didn't care about that stuff, which is why they remained Nintendo fans when other Nintendo fans jumped ship and became Sony or Microsoft fans. Which is true? Some of both maybe? Depends on the individual though.

Anyway, I'm about to play Final Fantasy VII for the first time soon... soonish... we'll see. Some of the complaints against it that I've heard do sound a bit annoying though. And honestly, I've talked to many people who were PS1 fans that still consider VI the top game.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:10:31  - Edited by 
 on: 04/04/13, 22:12:24

Angry Birds is another one of these 'scapegoat games'.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:14:23

Oh god yes, Starfox Adventures. Finally got a Gamecube in 2003 and this was the first game I grabbed. A Zelda-style title? Made by Rare? How could it be anything BUT excellent? I was salivating.

Ended up being a pretty looking but ultimately horribly linear experience, with none of charm of Rare's earlier offerings or the grand epic scope of Nintendo's Zelda titles.


Interesting theory. Maybe I avoided it because I only went 'Full Nintendo' somewhere around 2000.

So yeah I don't get the 7 disappointment myself, I loved it. Interesting story, great battle system...what's not to like? Graphics are a bit dated when you look back on it, but that's hardly fair.


I knock Halo because it badly diverted the evolution of FPS games from the path GoldenEye and Perfect Dark took and instead went down a road filled with checkpoints, rechargeable health, and forgettable level design. I'm never not going to be annoyed about that.


Angry Birds is a ripoff of a free flash game that I played once for 20 minutes. It does not deserve the ridiculous levels of success it gets.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:14:59  - Edited by 
 on: 04/04/13, 22:20:38
I was not impressed by Angry Birds and this was before it was a huge thing and I had no idea what I was playing other than it seemed like Boom Blox only less interesting.

But I feel like there is no point in getting too up-in-arms over the casual flavor of the month / year / whatever. They all are generally ok to mediocre games.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:22:52

If you're going to point out the context, point out all of it. You've apparently made up your mind that people here were disappointed in FF7 because they're Nintendo fanboys, and ignoring a bunch of other important points.

For instance, many here say they played it after the fact. Well, isn't it possible that the constant "best game ever" talk blew expectations so high that it was impossible to live up to them? It happens all the time. You hear it about movies. "The Godfather is overrated". You're a fan of the Beatles, you've surely encountered people who were unimpressed. It's something that fucking happens and you know it.

Playing it after the fact also means you already know about the big spoilers, probably, and don't get the same impact from them.

Plus, playing it after the fact, some scenes just don't have the impact they had then, video games having come a long way since then.

All these, by the way, perhaps help explain why I don't care for Ocarina of Time, having played it years after the fact, and after Wind Waker.

Of course, I've heard on a lot of podcasts from people who played it at the time and have little good to say about it. That Final Fantasy VII is overrated is actually a pretty common opinion these days. Deal with it.

And those games get knocked harder here at Negative World than other places.

Well perhaps those games just aren't aligned with some Nintendo fans' tastes in games. I don't like GTA4 but I like Bully. I didn't get into FFVII but FFIX was better. What does that mean?

Nothing pisses me off more on gaming message boards than these accusations of hypocrisy due to liking Nintendo. As if we can't disagree on a game you like for actually valid reasons, no, it has to be brainwashing. Not something I expected from you.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:23:37  - Edited by 
 on: 04/04/13, 23:01:02
@ShadowlinkExactly, and also - I wanted a next-gen Star Fox game. When I replay Adventures now it's alright, but back then I was crushed. I wanted awesome on-rails Arwing segments, and who knows how cinematic they could get with the power of the Gamecube?

Maybe if it had just been an awesome Zelda clone from the beginning, but no, they gotta start the game off before anything else with a quick Arwing section that is just good enough to tease me. And then bam, it's over. Oh yes, it's over.

They did the same thing in Assault. Amazing first level, everything the next Star Fox game should be, then bam. I hate that shit. Then they had to release a sort of strategy game with only all-range missions. This franchise is probably my biggest love-hate relationship in gaming.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:23:45
Guillaume said:
You're a fan of the Beatles, you're surely encountered people who were unimpressed. It's something that fucking happens and you know it.

Indeed. I personally cannot stand the Beatles.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:26:54

I'll give you X, but XIII had arguably the strongest characters in the series. Vanille and Hope started out painfully bad though, and even if some of them were cliche JRPG-type characters, they were the most well developed in my opinion.

Cloud was part of my problem with VII as well, as was Sephiroth.


Dude, I had VII on PC (and later on PlayStation before its value skyrocketed). I played it after VI. It has nothing to do with my Nintendo ties. It wasn't a bad game, but it was disappointing coming off of VI.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:33:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/04/13, 22:39:09
ludist210 said:
I'll give you X, but XIII had arguably the strongest characters in the series.

...You never speak to me ever again. The ONLY decent character in that fucking game was Lightning, and even she was borderline cliche.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:36:43

I didn't like any of the characters from the get-go, but they grew on me...that happens when you spend 100 hours playing a game I guess. Though I could have lived without Sazh and Snow.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:40:30
@Xbob42 I don't dislike the Beatles, but I'm pretty apathetic about them. Which seems to straight up ANGER Beatles fans. Apparently you're not allowed to not care about the Beatles.

I don't care about much "classic" rock in general, to be honest, but it's only the Beatles that people get all on my case about.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:44:51
@ludist210 Well that's the difference. I spent about 55 hours with FFXIII and felt that time was completely wasted. Their fumbled attempt at storytelling, the poor character development, the constant weird ass grunting that Japanese drama always has coupled with ridiculous melodrama about complete bullshit I couldn't care less about, UGH. It makes me ANGRY. ANGRY I SAY!

@Zero Yeah, I've had so many Beatles fans get on my case for not liking the Beatles. I don't go around trash talking them or anything, I just, like you, don't care about them. When I say I cannot stand them I mean when I hear a Beatles song come on I will actively change it because there's something about that (specifically the Beatles, but it applies to a lot of) classic rock that just feels... weirdly lifeless and depressing. Every Beatles song just... ugh. It gets under my skin in a weird way, so I don't listen to or like them. But Beatles fans act like you're insane, as though any one group or product is going to be universally loved. I don't try to make others not care about the Beatles, I just don't care myself! Why is that so hard for them to accept?! WHY CAN'T I LIVE MY LIFE?
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:48:58
Alright, I wasn't trying to troll Kris with the Beatles thing, it just seemed like an example he would be very familiar with.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:50:16

Meh, I enjoyed the story, linear as the game was until Chapter 11. So I guess XIII would be on your list of disappointments then?
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:52:17
@ludist210 Ehh, I really didn't have high expectations to begin with. I'd say it probably surpassed them a little bit.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:54:17
JRPGs this generation (360/PS3/Wii). Tales of Vesperia/Graces F, Lost Odyssey and Xenoblade. Outside of those four games, this entire generation saddened me with JRPGs. All leading up to the massive disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIII. That was everything wrong with AAA games this generation. All flash. Can't believe they made two follow-ups to it. Just cannot believe it. Refuse to.
Posted: 04/04/13, 22:56:38
Thankfully the DS and PSP were a sanctuary of JRPG goodness.
Posted: 04/04/13, 23:02:27
@missypissy I thought The Last Remnant was this generations' diamond in the rough. The 360 version was utterly miserable due to unbearably low framerate and massively long load times, but my lord the PC version was spectacular. I still have to do a video on that game! Have my script all written up still...
Posted: 04/04/13, 23:19:38
Posted: 04/05/13, 00:59:37
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