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The reasons Sonic beats Mario in every possible way, period. [top ten]
Mario VS. Sonic. The debate has gotten the blood of many a fanboy boiling for more than two decades. Well I'm here to end the debate once and for all! It's Sonic!

Everything Mario and everything Sonic is fair game in this top ten, so let's dive right in! In no particular order, here are the reasons that Sonic rules and Mario drools.
Posted: 04/01/13, 17:17:59  - Edited by 
 on: 04/01/13, 17:54:08
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Blast Processing.

'Nuff said.
Sonic saves the world. Mario just saves the princess.

Every time Mario sets out on an adventure, what's his main goal? Save Princess Toadstool...again. That's getting old and tired. Shouldn't she be able to save herself by now?

Now with Sonic, it's all about the bigger picture. Defeat Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman if you prefer) with the aid of the Chaos Emeralds, and save the world first. The girl comes later.
Bowser is a lame villain.

Going from the last point, Bowser's plans usually revolve around kidnapping Princess Peach and then...what? Sit there and stare at her? His plans aren't usually very well thought out. After all, he isn't even literate.

Meanwhile, Sonic's main nemesis is Dr. Robotnik. He's brilliant, with a mind-boggling IQ of 300. He builds massive, near impossible to destroy machines to stop Sonic. Can't beat that, can you Bowser?
Sonic uses better weapons.

In all fairness, there isn't a huge sample pool for this topic.

Mario uses hammers. Sonic uses...SWORDS! Much like how ninjas beat pirates, swords beat hammers.
Sonic's spin-off games are better.

Luigi's Mansion? Super Princess Peach? That's all you've got coming out of your universe, Mario?

To that I counter with the intuitive Knuckles Chaotix and the award-winning Shadow the Hedgehog.
Sonic is better with the ladies (plural).

Mario has been chasing Princess Toadstool for almost three decades, and they still aren't married! All he gets is an occasional kiss and a cake, whatever that means. On top of that, she's not even there half the time he goes searching for her.

Sonic, on the other hand, has the ladies chasing after him. Amy Rose follows him to the ends of the earth just hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Secretly, Rogue is hoping to find a treasure so astounding that he can't help but fall in love with her. Cream the Rabbit also has a child-like crush on "Mr. Sonic".

If you ask me, Sonic is doing something right, and Mario, despite his best intentions, has it all wrong.
Mario's power-ups stink.

Now I'll be the first to admit that making fire appear out of nowhere is a pretty cool party trick, but then things get weird. Propellor Mario? Penguin Mario? Spring Mario? Seriously, who thought coiling up an out of shape plumber was a good idea?

Sonic, on the other hand, has the best power-ups. Super speed, invincibility (something you never see in video games), and Super Sonic form. The best power-ups. Ever.
"Mario is a better athlete," said no one ever.

In one of the only games that directly pits Mario and Sonic against each other in "friendly" competition, Sonic and Mario are basically equals. That's only because Sonic had to compete at Mario's level. Truth be told, he can outrun, out-jump, and out-everything Mario. It's not even close. But...he'll settle for a close second on occasion to boost Mario's self esteem.
"Sonic is a better fighter," said everyone who plays Brawl.

In their only other known game that they star in together, Sonic wins again. He's faster, his moves are more effective, and his taunts are better. So there you go.
Blue is a better color than red.

True, Mario wears blue overalls, but 1. who wears overalls anymore unless they live in the rural jungles of Alabama* and B. Mario's known for his red hat more than his blue overalls.

Sonic, on the other hand, is all blue with some red on his shoes. Ergo Sonic > Mario.

*Editor's Note: I live in Alabama, so I'm pretty much allowed to say that since I see overalls on a weekly basis.
So there you have it. Sonic is the best, and Mario is, well...lame. I think I've made my points perfectly clear in a non-biased, non-fanboy way.

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Posted: 04/01/13, 17:17:59  - Edited by 
 on: 04/01/13, 17:54:08
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Blue hedgehog > Fat, not athletic plumber. Why is this still a debate?
Posted: 04/29/20, 06:02:37
ludist210 said:
Blue hedgehog > Fat, not athletic plumber. Why is this still a debate?
Nope. Athletic plumber>>>Blue lab experiment.
Posted: 05/04/20, 08:39:29
Mario is the best and sonic is lame. Athletic and not fat Italian American plumber>>>>>>>>>>>Blue lab experiment gone wrong.
Posted: 05/04/20, 08:40:39
nate38 said:
That blue sonikey lab experiment in the classroom that can be built with human brainpower. The United States—a nation that's in the process of really eroding the values that made us unique and proud—needs to honor the legacy of late-scientific humanism with an action plan that champions science that is worthy of a system that awards merit.

Celebrate meritocracy. Despite a stream of societal problems—troubled men attacking women, gangs of homeless people eating stray cats, terrorist plots on Broadway—many Americans of all races and ethnicities want to see America continue to be a land of opportunity. And they look forward to having scientists help keep the current system of meritocracy running smoothly.
That lab experiment can’t be built in the United States nor anywhere in the world or universes because it doesn't exist
Posted: 05/04/20, 08:42:13
So is this some kind of Turing test or...?
Posted: 05/04/20, 15:16:39

Even robots know Sonic >>>>>> Mario
Posted: 05/04/20, 17:08:10
Did TheViss somehow find his way here? This is just becoming comical.
Posted: 05/10/20, 14:44:36
ludist210 said:
Did TheViss somehow find his way here? This is just becoming comical.

Oh man, TheViss! I totally forgot about that weirdo.
Posted: 05/10/20, 15:41:08
Posted: 05/10/20, 21:52:43
kriswright said:

Even robots know Sonic >>>>>> Mario
Robots know Mario>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sonic.
Posted: 05/12/20, 02:22:51
I love this idea that Laser King wakes up every 4 or 5 days and realizes he needs to come back here and school us about Sega and Nintendo.

BTW, real talk? I’d take most of Sonic’s goofy ass friends over Yoshi.
Posted: 05/12/20, 04:51:15
@kriswright This is as good a time as any to continue the Sonic supporting character survivor poll series!
Posted: 05/12/20, 05:18:00
kriswright said:
I love this idea that Laser King wakes up every 4 or 5 days and realizes he needs to come back here and school us about Sega and Nintendo.

BTW, real talk? I’d take most of Sonic’s goofy ass friends over Yoshi.

Yoshi was the coolest thing ever in the SNES days. Mario World and Yoshi's Island Yoshi are fantastic. Then Yoshi's Story came along and ruined him irreparably. Now he's basically a dopey Pokemon. You all know it's true!
Posted: 05/12/20, 06:32:04

Real talk? I ain’t that crazy about him in World. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him back then, but now riding on Yoshi feels like I’m breaking the game. The modern games have it about right, with specific Yoshi levels that you can’t take him out of.

Tails >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yoshi
Knuckles >>>>>>>>>>>>> Yoshi
Shadow >>>>>>>>Yoshi
Big the Cat > Yoshi
Posted: 05/12/20, 07:16:22

Wait what? Why was Yoshi's Story the tragic turning point in this character's 30 year story?


I know I just got done whining about DLC characters breaking the rules in Smash, but I actually like how Yoshi sort of gently breaks SMW. Maybe it's just because I'm bad at that game and need all the help I can get. Don't be mean to Yoshi. He's too pure for this world.


Why are you 39 now?
Posted: 05/12/20, 19:05:32  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/20, 19:09:02

That's interesting; I think there's definitely a difference in how Nintendo designs their games nowadays versus back then, but I think both have their merits. For instance, feeling more powerful with Yoshi and being able to take him around to "break" other levels actually adds quite a bit of replayability and player agency IMO. But I can see why one would prefer a tighter experience.

I cannot see why Shadow the Hedgehog beats anything, anywhere though! I'd take ten Big the Cats (Bigs the Cat??) over Shadow!


It sounds shallow, but it's largely that voice. It was initially supposed to be just for Baby Yoshis in the game, but it spread out to all other aspects of the dino in all future games. "Yoshiiii!" The singing, the kind of generic mascot element...I dunno, I just felt like the character suddenly slipped out of my demographic before my very eyes. Nintendo is teh kiddie!!!11

Also, he just seemed to have more personality prior to that, particularly in YI. Like when you beat Prince Froggy and Yoshi shows up with this wide-eyed, horrified expression after going through that mess! I can't image the newer Yoshi doing that kind of thing.
Posted: 05/12/20, 20:02:00

I mean, I'm not a fan of Shadow the Hedgehog either, but there's a minor case for him.

-He's a dynamic character in Sonic Adventure 2. He goes from a villain to an anti-hero. You actually see him experience the death and loss of a close personal friend and leads to a heroic sacrifice. So he's not all bad.
-He's a foil character, so he's there to contrast and highlight the heroic decisions made by Sonic. (That's a classic trope, though not honestly a favorite of mine. Nintendo does this all the time though, so we can't knock it categorically)
-The version of him in the Sonic Boom cartoon is an hilarious send up of anti-hero characters. Shadow is worth existing for those couple of episodes alone.

But that's all I got. He's apparently very beloved in the Sonic community for reasons beyond "Sonic with Guns", which is how you and I mostly look at him. I'm not a fan, but I don't think he's quite as ridiculous as I used to think he was.
Posted: 05/12/20, 20:17:16  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/20, 20:17:54

...You know, I was all ready to throw down but this is actually a pretty darned good defense of Shadow. I actually did enjoy his part in SA2 and think his arc should've just ended there, confined to that game. It's the stuff afterward that was dumb.
Posted: 05/12/20, 23:41:07
Lemme tell ya, as a little kid whose first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure, having EVIL SONIC in Sonic Adventure 2 blew my mind. And then there's a secret ending where they team up and both go into Super Sonic mode to take down a giant space dragon? Amazing.

His swearing in Shadow the Hedgehog made me uncomfortable...
Posted: 05/13/20, 02:45:56
ludist210 said:
Did TheViss somehow find his way here? This is just becoming comical.
TheViss. I feel like I should know that name.

But anyway....anyone else notice that you never see LazerKing and Zero in the same room together?

Huh? HUH????
Posted: 05/14/20, 01:05:31
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