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3D Classics: Kid Icarus Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
7.77/10 from 17 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus on the 3DS!

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3D Classics: Kid Icarus (Nintendo 3DS eShop) Review (8.0)  by  

Did anyone else get this recently as a free game? Or just anyone who has played it ever? Or the original?

I'm a little confused on how it works. What do all of these hearts do? What do the hammers do? Can I upgrade stuff?

I'm at 1-4... is this place some kind of maze? Ug.

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Posted: 03/31/13, 08:09:02  - Edited by 
 on: 03/31/13, 08:08:20
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Music is way better in Kid Icarus. I'll fight you over this. Till one of us bleeds out.

To be honest, both games have control problems. But I think Kid Icarus takes more crap because falling is frustrating. But that's what the game is all about, yo!
Posted: 04/02/13, 19:20:40
To be honest I was kind of liking this game in the first 3 stages, but this dungeon is annoying. I should mention that I have serious short-term memory problems, so navigating mazes without maps never works well for me.

I know where the map and pencil are now, still no idea where the freaking flame is. Furthermore, why is it called a "map" when it is actually just a blank piece of paper?
Posted: 04/02/13, 19:39:56
Because shut up, that's why.
Posted: 04/02/13, 19:52:12
I agree on the music issue. Kid Icarus has some seriously great tunes.

Oh man, keep at it! The next set of levels is pretty traditional and therefore nifty in their own way.
Posted: 04/02/13, 20:30:58
I dunno, I just like how weird the music gets in Metroid. Kraid's Lair? Ridley's lair? There's some creepy stuff going on that fits the game perfectly. Maybe I'll bite on KI through Club Nintendo and see if I'll like it more.

Edit: This game is really hard. I think I'm finding the jumping harder than it is in the original.
Posted: 04/02/13, 20:55:01  - Edited by 
 on: 04/02/13, 22:03:42
I believe there are two shops, and at least one of them carries the torch, just keep going in and out of the shops until they offer it.
Posted: 04/02/13, 22:04:18
Zero said:
Furthermore, why is it called a "map" when it is actually just a blank piece of paper?

kriswright said:
Because shut up, that's why.


And yes, Samus controls just as horribly (possibly even worse) in Metroid. I finished Kid Icarus. I refuse to bother with the original Metroid. That's telling IMO.
Posted: 04/02/13, 22:05:49
So, when you are turned into an eggplant, what do you have to do to get back to normal? I'm assuming it has something to do with these rooms that have the medical boxes in them but nothing seems to happen?

BTW I'm at 2-4 now.

@Dark Weres Yeah I just discovered the in and out thing. I mean um... in the game.
Posted: 04/04/13, 23:19:38

Yup, anytime you get eggplanted you have to make your way back to the hosPITal

Annoying as fuck.
Posted: 04/04/13, 23:48:33
I just beat the boss of 2-4... as an eggplant. GO ME!

I'm kind of surprised this game gets so much hate. It's decent. Low to mid 8s for me so far.
Posted: 04/05/13, 00:47:34  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/13, 00:48:23

Thare should be an achievement for that.
Posted: 04/05/13, 02:21:34

How the heck did you do that? Wow! Careful management of your centurions?

My respect for you has just increased. Awesome!
Posted: 04/05/13, 03:47:22
It was simple! The boss just kind of jumps out of the lava and falls back in in a very, very predictable pattern. He did take out 3 of my 4 centurians before I had any idea what was going on (and when I was kind of halfassing it because I didn't think I stood a chance) but once I realized he followed a simple pattern and my remaining centurian could last as long as I could keep him out of harm's way... it was pretty easy actually.
Posted: 04/05/13, 07:50:02
This game is weird. Vertical platformer, dungeon crawler, horizontal platformer... and now it's a SHMUP?!
Posted: 04/06/13, 01:03:37
Yeah! Ain't it great? Jack of all trades, master of none. Ambitious as heck.
Posted: 04/06/13, 02:32:41
Is this the end of the game, BTW? It seems "short" but this is the NES so...
Posted: 04/06/13, 02:35:23
Zero said:
This game is weird. Vertical platformer, dungeon crawler, horizontal platformer... and now it's a SHMUP?!

That was by far my favorite part of the entire game.
Posted: 04/06/13, 02:35:33
Isn't it neat to say you've beaten Kid Icarus now? YAY!
Posted: 04/06/13, 02:55:03
Funny thing is it's more difficult to get the worst ending than the best one!
Posted: 04/06/13, 03:37:11
@ploot Well, I hadn't when you posted.

But now I have!

It's neat I suppose, although I feel like I cheated by playing the 3D version. I read somewhere that they made it a bit easier. Though maybe not. I dunno.

Anyway, it's a fun game. Not amazing or anything, but not bad.
Posted: 04/10/13, 05:45:29
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