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Punch-Out!! Discussion (Nintendo NES) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Punch-Out!! on the NES!

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After Mike Tyson was put away for rape, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! was rereleased as Punch Out!! featuring Mr. Dream. I'm sure there are lengthy articles on the internet about whether Little Mac fighting Mike Tyson is canon or not.

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Posted: 03/20/13, 18:44:28  - Edited by 
 on: 03/20/13, 18:48:58
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Plus, I can't imagine how Nintendo could make that facial tattoo less horrifying.
Posted: 03/21/13, 17:45:59  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/13, 17:46:14
I am so cheating my way through this with save states [face_evil].
Posted: 03/21/13, 17:53:36
Jargon said:
After Mike Tyson was put away for rape,
From what I've read, it wasn't the rape charge, at least not directly. It was that their contract had run out. The rape charge probably just kept Nintendo from renewing the contract with Tyson.
Posted: 03/22/13, 05:56:02
I defeated Mr. Dream for the first time a few years ago. Probably the greatest video game accomplishment of my life.

With save states, I'm going to do it all over again! I love that feature, even if it is cheating.
Posted: 03/22/13, 06:17:20
Wait wait wait wait wait.

I think it just now clicked that save states can be used in the middle of the actual fights to make them super easy.

I don't think I will do that though. That's uber cheating. I was just planning on using them in between matches so I wouldn't have to worry about getting sent backwards.
Posted: 03/22/13, 06:43:46
That's what I plan on doing as well. I couldn't imagine using save states during the fights themselves....that's super cheap.
Posted: 03/22/13, 07:10:42

Ick, no. I use them between fights, not mid-fight. That is cheap.
Posted: 03/22/13, 14:51:25
Feh to save states entirely! Feh, I say!

Except during Mole Mania's endgame boss rush.
Posted: 03/22/13, 15:15:43

Yea, I'm gonna do it without save states. Just like I did in Mole Mania
Posted: 03/22/13, 15:16:40
No save states for me, either. Save states are for the weak and/or busy!
Posted: 03/22/13, 17:55:49  - Edited by 
 on: 03/22/13, 17:55:59
I managed to take down Piston Honda and can now do so every time, but I've yet to make a dent on Soda Popinski. Can't even make it to the first bell.
Posted: 03/22/13, 19:44:36
Argh, is it just me, or does the GamePad have a delay? It might be because I'm used to the responsiveness of the Wii Punch-Out (on an SDTV), but it seriously feels sluggish to me. In a game like Punch-Out, a fraction of a second's delay can make all the difference between beating a foe in the first round, and getting KO'd.

Von Kaiser knocked me down once, for cryin' out loud. Von Kaiser!
Posted: 03/23/13, 17:21:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/13, 17:21:42

Hint if you want it: nearly every boxer (especially later in the game) follows the exact same progression. "Hook, hook, uppercut" or "jab, jab, hook."


My German friend..
Posted: 03/24/13, 00:36:59

Yeah, I'm noticing a delay even when playing on my TV with a Wii Remote. I never notice lag in games on my TV, even when playing Super Punch-Out, so my only guess is that the original NES version is exactly the same.
Posted: 03/24/13, 00:58:08

The Gamepad should have about a 1-2 frame delay, or about 16-32 milliseconds. If you're noticing that it's worse than your TV, then your TV probably is really good with input lag (what are you playing on)?

A lot of people might not notice a delay because the delay is similar to their HDTV. Some people might notice the Gamepad being MORE responsive than their TV if their TV has awful input lag.

And some people STILL might notice a different lag if their TV handles HDMI input differently than Component. I think some TVs will have lower input lag when playing via certain inputs.
Posted: 03/24/13, 06:19:22
What determines how much energy you get back between rounds when you press select? Do you have to tap it fast to regain more health or just press it once?
Posted: 03/25/13, 01:33:15
I dunno guys, I'm not experiencing noticeable delay on the GamePad versus TV. Keep in mind I've pretty much exclusively played this game on non-HDTVs so there would not have been lag on my TV experiences. I wonder what effects how much GamePad lag you get?
Posted: 03/25/13, 02:10:14
Well, I've got Soda Popinski down pat and I managed to beat Bald Bull once. Then Don Flamenco didn't seem too tough but I still lost to him twice and then lost to Bald Bull when I was bumped down. I still don't have the timing on the bull charge perfect.
Posted: 03/25/13, 03:14:10  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/13, 03:14:28
Got to Mr. Sandman for the first time in my life. I feel pretty hopeless against him, but then again I felt hopeless against Soda Popinski yesterday and now I never lose to him. The joy of video games!
Posted: 03/25/13, 03:41:47

I have a noticeable delay between the Gamepad and TV. I think it's because the the WiiU goes through an amp, THEN goes to the TV. I haven't tried just going from the WiiU to the TV. Sorry for butting in on the Punch-Out thread! I don't even like Punch-Out!
Posted: 03/25/13, 13:06:24
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