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LEGO City: Undercover Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.73/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I love Legos. Always have. Always will. As I get older and discover the little bit of disposable income, I've found that besides video games, I occasionally will splurge on a Lego set. There's just something about the miniature world of Legos. Their mimicry of the real or fantasy worlds we're used to is something special. This new game, which releases in less than a week now, looks to take the Lego concept, strip it of it's usual franchise licensing, and do something in a complete new direction.

I just read a really wonderfully thorough review from Eurogamer and I wanted to post it to start this discussion thread. The game is just a few days away... are you getting it? Tell me how you like it! (or don't like it)

In addition, an important note for those downloading. I'll let the original speaker do the talking (also seen in the thread below).

TheOldManFromZelda said:
For those interested in downloading the game, apparently you will need to have an external HD. Weird.

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Posted: 03/14/13, 03:36:39  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/13, 00:19:44
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I had the chance to play a couple more hours of this game. Really like it - by no means the best game I've ever played but the city is unfuckingly (yes, It's a word now) unbelievably well made. This game is for the collector.

Side note: Wish I hadn't watched so much of the media for this game. A lot of the references like the Shawshank stuff would've been hilarious to see if it had been my first time seeing it. I knew what to expect though because it was shown in preview features.
Posted: 03/21/13, 03:26:37

As I watch my kids play, I too marvel at how well thought-out the city is, and they're only causing mayhem on one island! When they go to bed...nah. I'll watch them play this one. I'll be Monster Hunting up tonight.
Posted: 03/21/13, 04:16:57
Upon further playing, you are right. It isn't vibrant. What was I thinking? You made a very valid point. I was hanging by the beach and the tones just weren't sunny enough. It seems like the sun in the game is hiding behind clouds at all times.

Also, HELP! I can't find the darned space suit. I have been running all over the area in which I need it and I can't find ittttt. HEEEEELLLLP!
Posted: 03/21/13, 04:17:08

Okay, that's good to know Still, the game can look amazing at times I think. I really love the variety in locations and the more specific level missions. They seem to have a nicer finish on graphics and look SUPER shiny
Posted: 03/21/13, 04:22:51
I can confirm that the sharks in this game are not of the friendly type. I plunged into the ocean and tried to swim across only to be devoured by a big grey shark. Gave me a scare, I had no idea that they would be in the game. After that I swam along the shore line to a beach that had a shark sign in front of the water. Ha, ha.
Posted: 03/21/13, 04:49:18

I can see where this is a very good family game. Truthfully, this is a totally welcomed change of pace game. I've been driving myself crazy with Runner2 and others. To be able to play a game without pressure for high scores is a very nice thing.

One moment I had that was really nice-I was walking around scanning for superbricks anf stumbled upon the beach. I was really taken aback by how clever and scenic it was. It was a very cool moment. Then I started destroying it one palm tree at a time...but you get the point.
Posted: 03/21/13, 12:10:35  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/13, 12:11:21

Sounds like something my nephew will enjoy.

I can't wait to get this after work today! Yay!!!!
Posted: 03/21/13, 12:54:40
They took one annoying feature from GTA IV. That chick who talks to you through the Gamepad is like those damn phone friends. Trying to explore "HEY, CHASE YOU DO THIS YET?!" Every five minutes...
Posted: 03/21/13, 14:23:06

Until you unlock the donkey ring tone and you laugh every 5 minutes


The game can be very pretty. Some stuff will have you stop and enjoy.

Posted: 03/21/13, 14:42:02  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/13, 14:43:25
Except she doesn't ask you to play darts, making you lose relationship points if you refuse.

Nobody can help me with my question?
I am thinking I need to build one of the super builds on the island. There's one specific one I think it is...
Posted: 03/21/13, 15:12:26

I wish I could but I'm not that far yet I gotta get on with the story.
Posted: 03/21/13, 15:18:38
It's all good! I'm betting I'm on the right track.
Posted: 03/21/13, 15:34:11

My daughter found a fully functional park with a slide, swingsets, and a merry-go-round. She played on all of them. When Chase started up the merry-go-round and jumped in and sat down in the middle, he put his hands up in the air. This game is so packed with cool little touches...it almost feels like Nintendo made it!
Posted: 03/21/13, 16:25:20

The Dilemma I have is that my nieces and nephews could play it but it's dealing with their parents and how pissed they'll be that their kids keep nagging them to get them a Wii U that's the problem. Although cool uncle points should be redeemable as eShop credit, right?
Posted: 03/21/13, 18:59:27

You essentially captured the reason I spent whatever it was Nintendo decided to charge me that day for a game that lacks any real challenge. Also, being as how Nintendo did handle the licensing, I presume they had some say in the final product.

Anyway, another great one is the the headquarters on the first floor - if you destroy some desks you can rebuild into a funny surprise. The Superbrick will come in handy as well.
Posted: 03/21/13, 19:08:07
So I just unlocked the camera that you can take first person view pics with, zoom in and such. I love it! Buuuut... the way it's organized is crappy. I do like that you can upload the pics directly to Miiverse from within the game. That's a nice feature... but you cannot add text to your pictures. Also, it does not put up the pics in the community but instead just tags your post with "Photos" so the only way you can see other people's pics is finding your own in your profile and then clicking that tag so it shows everyone else's with that tag. The community should be divided into two and have a photo section. I really hope they can patch that in later and maybe even have picture competitions and such. Would be neat!

This game does leave a lot of room open for improvement and I really hope they patch in new features and consider fan demands too. It's already a really fun game to play but could be a heck of a lot more with simple enhancements.
Posted: 03/21/13, 20:41:04  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/13, 20:46:26
VofEscaflowne said:

This game does leave a lot of room open for improvement and I really hope they patch in new features and consider fan demands too. It's already a really fun game to play but could be a heck of a lot more with simple enhancements.

And better load times. They make playing this game in short bursts almost impossible.
Posted: 03/21/13, 20:43:33
I see some people on Miiverse saying it'll be better once the Wii U OS patches hit... this can't be on the OS level, can it? I do hope they do something about it though.
Posted: 03/21/13, 20:49:24
I seriously have no idea what to do here. It must be something so simple that I feel stupid after learning what I'm missing.

Is anyone on Apollo Island yet? I am super-stuck.
Posted: 03/21/13, 21:55:33

I don't know about that. Game seems to just load the outside world on initial start-up, then once you enter areas it loads those. Then goes back to loading the world once you re-enter it. I'm sure the boot up will be helped, as every game takes a long time to boot up after you hit the button, but I don't see the OS update shaving a good chuck off the times.

I got the Donkey ringtone, just don't have it turned on. =)


Sorry, not that far into the game yet. I think I'm like 7% in.
Posted: 03/21/13, 21:59:17
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