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LEGO City: Undercover Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.73/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO City: Undercover on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I love Legos. Always have. Always will. As I get older and discover the little bit of disposable income, I've found that besides video games, I occasionally will splurge on a Lego set. There's just something about the miniature world of Legos. Their mimicry of the real or fantasy worlds we're used to is something special. This new game, which releases in less than a week now, looks to take the Lego concept, strip it of it's usual franchise licensing, and do something in a complete new direction.

I just read a really wonderfully thorough review from Eurogamer and I wanted to post it to start this discussion thread. The game is just a few days away... are you getting it? Tell me how you like it! (or don't like it)

In addition, an important note for those downloading. I'll let the original speaker do the talking (also seen in the thread below).

TheOldManFromZelda said:
For those interested in downloading the game, apparently you will need to have an external HD. Weird.

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Posted: 03/14/13, 03:36:39  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/13, 00:19:44
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VickiL said:
I beat the game last night. I think my completion rate at the end of the game was right around 30% and my time was under 20 hours. I'll probably get on now and again until either (1) Pikmin 3 comes out or (2) my spouse stops holding my computer hostage for his current Civ 5 binge. As fun as the game is, I do not aspire to 100% it.
Yeah, I played some more last night, got the game to around 65% completion, and I'm ready to move on to something new. I think I might jump back into it occasionally when I'm having a bad day and just want to mess around in a colorful game I can't really die in.
Posted: 04/11/13, 17:17:49  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/13, 17:18:18
Holy cow,
Alright, I cracked this open last night. First, let me say that this -MAY BE- the FUNNIEST game I've ever played. There have been funny things in games before, but this is consistent LAUGH OUT LOUD ("LOL") stuff. Everything from movie lines, a Wilhelm Scream early on, "Honey," the Samich Mini-Quest; all of it is GREAT. Another thing which is funny is how that can get so much EXPRESSION out of a cartoon'd toy when some super-realistic games have faces that come out looking awkward and Uncanny Valley creepy.

So I've established this game is hilarious, which it IS (and I'm sure you've talked it up like crazy in this thread); I do have some questions though. Early on (Chapter 1?) there is an iridescent block on some slippery rocks? It is right in your path and you have to go by. Can you get it -now-, or is it something you need to come back to later? You don't need to tell me HOW to get it (I'm still learning the game, too), but if I can't get it now, I'll stop running and jumping...

Thanks dudes, great game!
Posted: 05/09/13, 23:32:28
The vast majority of "stuff" is locked behind abilities you don't have yet, some that you won't have until the very end of the game. So it's best to save intensive exploration until you've beaten the game.
Posted: 05/09/13, 23:48:13

Posted: 05/09/13, 23:48:39
I just started playing (digital copy) (for NewGameBer 2013) last night for a short amount of time, some quick impressions so far:

-Whoa, those are some long loading times!
-The voice acting, dialogue, and humor are all genuinely good and even funny, more often than not!
-I feel extremely compelled to collect every stud and collectible that I see; they are all over the place! But I'm not going to let the collect-a-thon hinder my progress significantly.
-It's funny when you tear down objects and rebuild them into something else in order to keep the game moving along.

That scene when the Police Chief is giving his briefing on Rex Fury and those different detectives come running into the room like some kind of old cop drama... it's so campy, haha.

And Frank Honey... lol.
Posted: 11/06/13, 20:23:25

You gotta admit there's only the two long loading times, and then unless you jump into the mission, the whole world exists for you without loads. That's a fine trade off IMO to have the load times front-loaded like that.


I think the best way to enjoy the game is to play the missions and unlock all your powers first. Then go hunting to complete sections of the town.
Posted: 11/07/13, 01:00:55
The spouse and I used to race to see which game would load first, Lego City: Undercover or Civ V. He would win back when Lego first came out, but since then he's gotten the Civ V expansion and the Wii U got a system upgrade that I think helped a bit, so I win now.

Now that I barely play the game anymore...
Posted: 11/07/13, 17:45:52
Grabbed this game from the library. I pretty much hated the earlier Lego games. But, surprise of surprises, this one's actually decent! You guys were right. (About the load times, too.)

I mean, the gameplay still isn't the tightest thing ever, but the platforming and exploration is way more fun than the mindless smashing/'puzzle-solving' of previous games. And it's genuinely funny! Always a nice surprise when a game actually makes me laugh. Not all of the jokes land, but some do, and that's enough. The story is integrated quite well into the gameplay. Well, it WOULD be, aside from those load times...

I tried to get that brick, too! I surfed around on that tiny, slippery rock for a couple of minutes before I gave up.

By the way, this game seems like utter hell for Completionists.

Also, it's kind of funny how you get points for smashing everything. You're a cop!
Posted: 11/10/13, 15:20:59

I 100%'d it without too much trouble. But the limited range of your scanner does make things harder than it had to be.
Posted: 11/10/13, 15:51:03
Yeah, it's also kind of brutal that they don't let you use the analog stick to move the view in scan mode. The full 360 view is cool, but it's, like, physically challenging to turn 180+ degrees on a couch.

God(s) bless scanning, btw. I'm so happy that that is the ONE Nintendo mechanic which everyone has chosen to copy. I mean, really, is there a more intrinsically enjoyable activity in this world than just standing in one place and lookin' around?
Posted: 11/13/13, 21:31:18  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/13, 21:32:25
Beat the game last night (Miiverse post)! 40.1 %, Wii U log shows 24 hr 58 min. That ending! So awesome. You guys were right about that.

Here's a high res image I took during one of the final action sequences: Spoilers! This was epic indeed. Amazing visuals and a dramatic musical score including a choir!

And I'm surprised no one mentioned in this thread the awesome tribute in one of the final battles that directly pays tribute to the Nintendo classic Super Mario 64. Throw the dinosaur by the tail into the explosive, awesome!

Some things I didn't like:
--Game falls too heavily on the easy side of difficulty, ridiculously so at times. Combat is almost too simple. And I find the constant on-screen flashing text prompts telling you exactly what to do a bit annoying (so much visual clutter).
--Related to the low difficulty, gameplay does get a bit repetitive during some of the levels and it feels like you're just going through the motions to complete the objectives. Often you don't enough need to think about what to do since the big bright icons all over the screen clearly tell you "ok, use this ability here, then take this new object and place it here, then press the A button."
--I think there could have been some streamlining with some of the actions. An easy example is when you pick up a key and insert it into a keyhole. You wait for the animation to finish and watch for the little A button icon to appear so you can press A in order to turn the key. Why not just turn the key the moment you place it into the keyhole?

I will say the humor is great and rarely falls short. Even toward the end, I was still chuckling along. (Like when Chase gets mad at the elevator when it loudly announces his arrival to his destination when he was trying to be all stealth-like).

Otherwise, it's a pretty fun game and becomes very addicting when you simply explore and try to find everything. It was awesome to get the jet pack since I already had my ability wheel maxed out once I got the construction worker disguise. I doubt I will go for 100% but I at least want to have something a little higher than 40% to feel like I accomplished something, haha. I only have so much time to give to the large library of Wii U (and occasional 3DS) games to play!

ploot said:
The credits have rolled and I now have all the abilities needed to do EVERYTHING. MUAAHAHAHA!

Be sure to find the red bricks that give you unlimited dynamite and the super colour gun. They make exploring WAY more fun, with no need to search for colour-swap machines and dynamite vending machines. I am also making x48 studs at the moment. What fun.

I also just found out how to get to Lady Liberty Island. Pretty dang AWESOME!

Oh wow, I need to find those red bricks!

ploot said:
Look for the Uptown toy store. Be sure to have GREEN in your lame, regular colour gun.

Awesome, thanks.

DrFinkelstein said:

It's the red brick found in the final chapter of the game. Chapter 15, the Moon Base. When I went back into it a second time, with the Rex Fury suit in my criminal slot it was easily apparent what I needed to do for it. I now have 6 billion after playing today. I am at 97.6% completion.

Another great tip!


Your Thriller video is hilarious!

DrFinkelstein said:
Well, I've 100%ed the game.

58 hours and 44 minutes or so. Feels good. Now to start Bioshock Infinite.

Wow, congrats! I don't think anyone else here has done that!

and now I'll post some random screen shots I took:

Cool Mario reference!
Miiverse post
Posted: 11/19/13, 05:20:10  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/13, 10:21:09
Hmm I 100 percented this Puppy when It came out. Wondering If enough time has passed for em to enjoy it from scratch again
Posted: 11/19/13, 08:04:39
I started playing this game for the first time ever today. Love it so far! It's been a long time since I played a Lego game, so this felt fresh, and incredibly freeing.
Posted: 01/18/14, 05:33:24

That feeling should last the entire game if your experience is anything like mine. I 100% the damn thing. Loved it.
Posted: 01/18/14, 05:37:31
I really gotta get back on this.


Louuuuu, I didn't know you started up! You should've got me all pumped, I could've got back in, toooo.
Posted: 01/22/14, 00:35:20

Yeah brah. I've played for like, 6 hours, and I've only accomplished 6% of the game. Crazy how much there is to do and get!
Posted: 01/22/14, 13:53:50
Beat the main story, with 51.4% of the actual total game completed. Wowzers, there's a lot of stuff left to do. It seems every time I turn the game on and get started, I get sidetracked by new rooftops or new things I can get. This game is amaze-balls.
Posted: 02/17/14, 14:57:38

Glad to hear this. I love this game.
Posted: 02/17/14, 16:17:28
I'm gonna have to get that unlimited color gun. Good thing I went back and read some of the older posts, so I know where to look.

Also, how do you move those large boxes with the golden handles in the missions?
Posted: 02/17/14, 18:07:07
I finally got around the playing the game, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with it. After the fifth disguise I quit because at that point it had become more complicated than I wanted it to be (what can I say, I am a very lazy gamer these days) but if I wanted to put in even a tiny bit of effort I could see desiring to 100% the game. It's a good time.
Posted: 02/17/14, 18:28:03
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