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BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Discussion (Nintendo Wii U eShop) [game]
8.51/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien on the Wii U!

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BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Review (Nintendo Wii U eShop) (9.5)  by  

As this game is set to release next week, I figured we might as well start discussion now. Who else is excited? Will it be better than the first game? WHO KNOWS?!

Also, in a strange show of complete honesty, Gaijin just posted about the build differences. It kind of sounds like the Wii U version might be the best version? Unless you have a good controller for your PC? The PS3 version is missing some stuff and the Xbox 360 version has the worst load times, apparently.

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Posted: 02/22/13, 02:40:27  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/13, 02:42:56
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My TV has the same lag problem, and there's no way to correct it... there's only ways to make the lag worse. Very noticeable in a game that demands precision. But on the Wablet, it's very smooth and spot on. So I imagine it's an issue with the HD cable running from the Wii U to the amp, then another cable to the TV. It's the only thing I can think of.
Posted: 02/28/13, 18:21:45
VofEscaflowne said:

Oh I know it wouldn't make much sense for the dancing... but I guess having the option for those that are more used to its timing would be nice because constantly tapping it on lower difficulties when going for high scores does get annoying. And I've noticed that sometimes while pressing it, the dancing won't work. I don't know if it's an animation glitch of some sort and if you get the point reward or not. Kind of annoying to not get a score bonus if it's a glitch.
Maybe you press it when he's not finished his previous animation? It never happened to me (I play it on XBLA).

I don't mind pressing the button, it's like tapping the rhythm, and anyway the levels, even on easy difficulty, get busy pretty soon with fewer occasions to dance, so it's not really an issue IMO.
Posted: 02/28/13, 18:30:40
I played through the first world and a bit of the second. This game is amazing. Better than Runner in every way (subjective graphical taste aside - though, the new art style is very nice and easy to read). Now, can someone tell me how to unlock the key stage in the first world?

Re: the dancing

I don't have a problem with it, but it's not implemented ideally, in my opinion. Let me explain.

The dancing animations are not in-sync with the music. If you spam the dance button, you can pull off a couple extra dance moves in the same span of time than if you were pressing the dance button on every beat. It kind of goes against the nature of a rhythm game, to have a "spammable" button that does not involve rhythm. However, it's true that you can't dance everywhere and it is a risk-reward setup because of the obstacles. So in the end I'm ok with it - it will help differentiate high scores, along with the "wheel" thing (where you spin the analog stick) which can give highly varied output of score per spin. I just wish it were better integrated into the gameplay.

Oh, and the Wii U did freeze on me exiting to the Wii U home screen, and I did access Miiverse from within the game. Nothing that can't be patched, I presume.
Posted: 02/28/13, 20:40:56

Isn't there a "Game Mode" on your receiver? If you're going through one, it's most certainly the problem.
Posted: 02/28/13, 20:44:25

There is not, unfortunately. There is only an "A/V sync" option, which is on, and "game mode" option on the TV, which is also on.
Posted: 02/28/13, 21:05:06
... in fact, my main gripe is with the target mini-game. It's a bit lame to have to replay a whole level just because you miss the bullseye, it's completely off-topic in the game and the same thing over and over, so I feel it's superfluous.
Posted: 02/28/13, 21:43:37

I can usually time it okay, but when I miss, it's frustrating. That's probably the one negative thing I can say about Runner2.
Posted: 02/28/13, 21:45:52
GameDadGrant said:
Xbob42 said:
Smashed all of Grant's scores. Going to bed, game is excellent.

Wait, what? I don't own this game, how did you beat my scores!?!

Not you, Grantimus! Also, I love how the game is less... weird to play than the original. In the original jump timing felt strange and over-precise in all the wrong ways. This game plays similarly, but much better.
Posted: 02/28/13, 22:23:05

Have you tried plugging the Wii U into your TV directly to rule out some other cause? I have my Wii U going into a receiver via component, which goes to my TV via HDMI, and I haven't noticed any input lag.
Posted: 02/28/13, 22:54:21
@Simbabbad I haven't done the dancing yet and that at least sounds like it sort of fits, but it's a huge pet peeve of mine when something totally unrelated to the core gameplay is thrown into a scoring game at the END of a stage. Although at least this isn't like the NSMB 2 coin rush mode where hitting the top of the flagpole was a multiplier so it became more important than anything else.

Which reminds me of another thing I hate, when there is a single multiplier that, when missed, completely kills your entire chance at a good score. Burnout 3 had a cool crash mode but the dumb part was that you basically had to hit the one loan multiplier or it didn't matter how insanely awesome of a crash you made. But I guess this doesn't apply to RUNNER2 does it? I haven't played it enough to understand the scoring yet.
Posted: 02/28/13, 22:59:13

I don't think you have a reasonable chance at getting the highest score without hitting the bullseye. It's not as dramatic as missing a multiplier, but you'll still miss out on 10K points and Perfect+ status.
Posted: 02/28/13, 23:12:53

I haven't played much of "New Super Mario Bros. 2" yet (I have a 3DS XL and love it, BTW), but at least the pole has a varied challenge attached to it, it still blends with the general platforming, and you can manage to grab a raccoon suit to make it easier. Whereas the canon mini-game in "Runner 2" is the same thing over and over again and is completely unrelated to the core gameplay. It's like, you have this super tight gameplay and then boom, something random that'll affect your score and ranking.

I guess after a while I'll get the timing 100%, but currently it's really annoying me, I'd just like not to have to deal with it. I guess it's not THAT big of a deal not to have a plus on my exclamation marks and miss the scoring equivalent of one or two dances, but still, it's IMO a mistake.
Posted: 02/28/13, 23:35:50
The perfect+ status from getting a bullseye is a big point boost.
Posted: 02/28/13, 23:43:45
Oh I didn't know perfect+ added more points, I thought it was just the loss of the 10k (which, considering you should at least be hitting the 7k pretty consistently, would only be a 3k loss in most cases of a miss.)
Posted: 03/01/13, 00:31:49
Does the bullseye thing get harder? Because if not, it's incredibly easy, so not much of a problem. I suppose it would be annoying to mess up a perfect based on the 1% chance of missing the bullseye or whatever, but the whole game works that way. You can also mess up a perfect based on missing a simple jump that you would make the other 100 times you do it. And it's not like it's completely unrelated, it's a matter of timing just like everything else.
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:44:56
I think I hit it about 50% of the time. I highly doubt many people are at 99% accuracy on it, at least not early on in their score attempts.
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:52:04

Really? Playing the demo, even when I felt like I messed up I still hit the bullseye.
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:55:26
This is the first time ever where I'm like "Damn, I may need to buy a Wii U". Or is this also on PC?
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:55:31

Mayyyybe... okay it is.

And PS3. And 360.
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:56:17
Oh dang LOL. Well so long to that idea until Pikmin.

I will now leave this thread until I buy the game.
Posted: 03/01/13, 01:58:51
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