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Future of used game sales- The Great Debate [roundtable]
So the rumours surrounding the Xbox720 and PS4 have included hints that they may be including new features to prevent the playing of second-hand games. From 'always on' internet requirements to game disc registration, the prevailing theory is that the coming generation is seeking to eliminate the used game market once and for all.

The question is, is this a good thing for the industry? Or will it bite them in the ass as the consumer base revolts? Will Nintendo continue to strike out on their own, or will they follow Microsoft and Sony? Is there a common ground that can be reached between consumers and publishers?

Lots of issues and opinions to consider, which means it's time for another Negative World Roundtable

So what's your view?

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Posted: 02/10/13, 08:03:45  - Edited by 
 on: 02/10/13, 08:04:12
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Renjaku said:
Some of us have spare time. Ask zero how much time he could be spending making music while he's at work.
Isn't that all he DOES at work?

Anyway, I don't usually buy used, but I do sell games once in a while. If both MS and Sony do this, it HAS to turn prospective customers away, right? I mean, I know the buying public is ignorant and gullible, but even ignorance and gullibility have their limits!

Seriously, MS' vision of 'next-gen' couldn't be grosser and more off-putting to me. Just like most of their decisions during the last 2-3 years. Why are they winning, again?

People have been filled with schadenfreude about the Wii U, but, damn, it's starting to look like Nintendo is the only company that wants to cater to consumers' wants (re: Backwards Compatibility, used games, etc.). And they didn't even really change! It's just that everyone else is becoming way more consumer-unfriendly.

Almost every piece of news that comes out about Durango is chilling.
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 on: 02/13/13, 17:26:45
Posted: 02/22/13, 17:58:04
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