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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) discussion [game]
9.38/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

And here we are.


Game IS NOT Region Locked: NA + SA CAN PLAY with Europe + Australia + Africa(?)



Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thread! This will be our headquarters for coordinating our Hunts, sharing stories of war, and helpful hints for our brothers-in-arms, compatriots, friends, and neighbors. Please be mindful of folks' different definitions of "spoilers," and remember that not EVERYBODY played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, though everybody totally should've.

The "burden" of running this thread has been placed upon me but...I can't do it alone. I will lean on Maxi and others to help with the heavy lifting occasionally, both in planning things and also in feeding this thread. Please keep it bumped (once we get going). If you could, let us know if you're getting this game, WHEN you're getting this game, and what your aspirations are so we can get us situated in groups with likeminded people. Do you want to barely play this game? Is this going to be your new #1? The most fun with this game is had when you get to go out with a group of guys week in week out, so if we can find someone with a schedule similar to yours, you'll have the most fun with it.

I'VE GOT IT, AND I'M HUNTING MONSTERS (Name / WiiU ID / NW / HR / Weapon of Choice)
Nova (Mop_it_up / Mop it up) HR135 / Lance
Mustache (RobSchulz / Mr_Mustache) HR125 / Sword & Shield
Cryojin (Cryojin / Cryojin) HR110 / Switch Axe
OlManZelda (OldManFromZelda) HR89 / Dual Blades
Joseph (NinSage / NinSage) HR83 / Switch Axe
Ludist210 (Ludist210 / Ludist210) HR57 / Switch Axe
Ananda (AnandX / Anand) HR54 / Gunlance
Stratos (Chronocast / Stratos) HR40 / Longsword
Munchie (brass / chackfalcon) HR40 / Jack of All Trades

Scrawnton (Scrawnton / Scrawnton) HR7 / Longsword
d_Artagnan (SMGriffith / d_Artagnan) HR7 / Hunting Horn

Davoid (DavoidXPlay / Davoid) HR6 / Switchaxe
Andrew (WindWaker99 / WindWaker99) HR6 / Assorted Blades

Mikey (Anon_Mastermind / Anon_Mastermind) HR5 / Dual Blades
Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR4 / Dual Blades
Kaiten (kgtennispro / kgtennispro) HR4 / Bow

vinnom (vinnom / vinniebrock) HR3 / Hammer
Skyreus (FirstW / CPA Wei) HR3
Graptakular (Graptakular) HR 3 / Sword & Shield

Melia (MattB92 / Nintendo.Wii) HR2 / Switch Axe
Darius (Pokefreak911) HR2 / Great Sword

Ruby (Rokninja / Dynablade) HR0 / Hammer
DeputyVanHalen HR0
Brick HR0
Dark Weres

Scheduled Posses / Group Outings (date & military time EST - # - hunters - quest if applicable):
03/21 ------ 1/4 LUDIST
03/22 ------
03/23 ------
03/24 ------
03/25 ------
03/26 ------

NinTemple_Maxi's Section of HELP!
Weapon Tutorials!
..and a Pro / Con breakdown!

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Posted: 02/10/13, 01:03:40  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/15, 09:37:48
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I'll be around Sunday. I have a decent Poison Dual Blade weapon, and have some awesome Dual Chainsaws as my main weapon.
Posted: 04/12/13, 21:10:57

Posted: 04/12/13, 21:12:25
quick question: When slicing off tails, does all the damage done to the tail have to be slicing damage? Or do you just have everyone wail on the tail and then eventually deal a slice to cut it off?
Posted: 04/12/13, 22:44:18
@Dark Weres

I think it needs to be slicing damage, yeah. Like, I'm PRETTY SURE a Hammer on the tail is completely pointless (I guess a good experiment -- without looking it up -- would be to have a Sword guy ignore the tail forever, and just have Hammer dudes on it, and then see how long it takes the tail to come off after about the 10 minute mark. Hmmmm..). Do you need a tail cut off? I'm your man! (Though people with Longswords get it done SO much quicker; it makes me a little jealous..but I LOVE that Sword and Shield).

Anand told me before (I think) that you CAN take the tail off with a Bowgun Slice shot. That sounds....pretty crazy though.
Posted: 04/13/13, 03:08:22
I was told that you could weaken the tail with other weapons, as in you don't have to tell your allies to avoid hitting the tail if you're trying to slice it off.
Posted: 04/13/13, 03:19:17
@Dark Weres

Huh. Like I inferred, with this game, I've treated it like..I'm not sure what exactly, but I've read NOTHING of the game, and everything I've learned is via firsthand experience or a secondhand story. Theres just something SO COOL, to me, about asking "whats this guy weak against?" and someone says "Primarily Ice..but Poison hits him pretty hard, too." Love that stuff.

And the way the game is set up, you can't really do this with any other game. Its not the same. If you could "party" up in Xenoblade, I could see there being something similar, but we can't. Maybe with X?

When are you hopping on, DW?
Posted: 04/13/13, 03:22:32
Probably a little later on today. I'm mostly just doing single player quests and testing out the upgrade options I have at my disposal
Posted: 04/13/13, 03:41:12
@Dark Weres

Have you been online at all? Update us when you get a chance so we can get you up there. Everyone up there I'VE played with personally, so of course if I haven't played with someone, I won't know their name, their weapon, their HR, etc.

I won't be on tonight at all, but I'll be on with OMZ on Sunday sometime. Let us know! He's up to HR2 though, so I guess he'll be knocking on HR3.
Posted: 04/13/13, 03:50:21
I'm available to play on Sunday until 4 p.m. Then I can get back on after midnight. Just need to know what time you guys want to start.
Posted: 04/13/13, 07:00:05
I've been online to get the DLC and do event quests, but I haven't played in the multiplayer at all yet. Sunday's bad for me, I'm training another Agent, Night Mare, in Monster Hunter Tri actually! She seems happy with the Sword and Shield that you start out with, although we'll see if that changes once the other weapons open up for her. We're supposed to be live streaming the Epic Centre for Secret of Mana as well!
Posted: 04/13/13, 07:05:53
Here I am :

Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR1 / Dual Blades

Hope to see you guys ;).
Posted: 04/13/13, 17:05:27
I added pretty much everybody in this threat with the game to my friend list! Depending on my homework load, I'm usually able to make it on a couple nights a week for a couple online hunts. I'm level 3 now, so I just made it to high rank. I was farming Rathalos+ a good bit, and actually managed to get the Ruby I needed, only to find out that I still can't forge the whole Rathalos+ set because I can't get Fulcium Ore and Firecell Stones until I'm HR4. Dumb. So I farmed the Great Jaggi a bit last night so I could make my first high rank set, and at least SURVIVE against these monsters. I was sad to see my Lagiacrus armor from low rank go, but such is the way of life.

Next on my list, I figure it's time to craft a new sword. I'm currently using the Wyvern Blade Fire, and I'm not sure what I want to go for next. I kind of figured that new high rank weapon designs would become available in the same way that Armor sets did, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Anyway, I could probably make some time to play with you guys this weekend! Make sure to add me, and let me know what time you guys are gonna play!

Also, do I only need to add you to my WiiU Friend Roster? Or do I have to somehow add you in the game itself, too? I'm a little foggy on that.
Posted: 04/13/13, 19:46:14
Bleah, so behind. Fucking work... It's made me lose track of my REAL priority in life! Monster Hunter!

You HR2 guys wanna organize a catch-up day sometime?
Posted: 04/13/13, 21:24:24



If you've added their Nintendo ID (via MiiVerse or other?), they automatically show up on your MH friend list.
Posted: 04/14/13, 05:31:46
I'm going to a wedding-type thing, but I might be back in time to join y'all.
Posted: 04/14/13, 14:27:47

Heading on now..
Posted: 04/14/13, 20:59:26
i was gonna jump on, but folks have been using my Wii U since this morning (not that I mind. may have even convinced 1 or 2 people to buy their own). I've hardly played at all this week (& somehow still at 85 hours ), pretty much just a little single player on my 3DS; crappy/busy week. Also haven't done any HR3 stuff.

I think tuesday is the next day I'll be on. It can also be a catch-up day, since I'm not really ready (equipment-wise) to jump into the HR3 quests yet, anyway.
Posted: 04/14/13, 23:34:15  - Edited by 
 on: 04/14/13, 23:36:12

Should be playing Catch-Up in Secret of Mana club...

Anyway, Laura's leaving on Saturday morning, so I should be on that afternoon and most of Sunday afternoon & evening. Pair that with the upcoming update and I'll be playing more frequently.
Posted: 04/15/13, 01:09:41  - Edited by 
 on: 04/15/13, 01:10:26
Yesterday reaffirmed my love for the game. The new monster encounters were harrowing and intense, and the teamwork was top notch.

Except for me attacking after Rob put monsters to sleep. Oops.

Is today patch day?! If so, happy patch day!!!


Posted: 04/15/13, 14:41:04


As for the patch, I thought it was coming late tonight since Europe is getting it tomorrow.
Posted: 04/15/13, 16:00:02
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