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New EAD Tokyo 3D Mario game. What do you want from it? [roundtable]
It's in the title.

Personally, I'd be elated to get Mario Galaxy 3. I suspect that'd be a minority position - Nintendo already comes under fire for not shaking up their key franchises enough and the press always has their knives sharpened anyway - but this is one situation where I simply like the formula so much that I don't even care. Mario Galaxy 3. That kind of game in glorious HD, made by the talented team that's already given us 2 classic games. You could see that as a wrap-up of the Mario Galaxy Trilogy (as utterly preposterous as that sounds). At the end of the day, that's what I'd really like to play the most.

But there's certainly a lot of folks who'd disagree. Folks who want more open-level exploration. Or a return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario 128. Or a massive overworld that's simply packed full of platforming puzzles. All of these are worth discussing and could be a good direction for Mario to go, too.

So what do you personally want? Has that changed now that it's been confirmed that EAD Tokyo is working on it?

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Posted: 01/23/13, 21:58:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/23/13, 21:59:44
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Playable Princesses. In addition to Mario, Luigi, and the mushroom retainers, the era of the damsel in distress is over. Give Peach her hover, and maybe some other jumping moves that distinguish her from the brothers. Have her use the mushroom/flower/star and other power ups, maybe even some of that anti-Bowser magic that was expositioned on back in SMB1. If there are other princesses present (ie: Daisy, Rosalina, &c.) make them playable, too, and let it be girl-power that saves the kingdom/world/universe!

Sort of a side note but....
You know how "3D" games on TVs show 2D images of 3D objects? I'd like to see a 3DS Mario game that shows 3D images of spacial-4D objects. Super Mario Pentachoron, here we go!
Posted: 01/25/13, 07:17:35
Imagine if Luigi was the villain. Seriously. It'd be awesome. He finally gets so jealous of Mario he kidnaps Peach. Or Bowser steals her and Luigi becomes your rival.
Posted: 01/25/13, 11:25:35  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/13, 11:25:51
They could do like Double Dragon and fight over her at the end.
Posted: 01/25/13, 14:55:27
@carlosrox I loved it in super Paper Mario but was disappointed how it ended haha. YES! Well, if they're not going to let him be a hero alongside his brother, then make him a villain. It'd be Mario's ultimate villain because he could match him move for move, and even technically jumps higher. Lol did you read my post or you just thought it up too. I've considered of it before Super Paper Mario but I did really love Mr. L when they did that.

Only time they're a TEAM is Mario and Luigi and I love the series and what it did for them as brothers and team work but they do try to embarrass Luigi as much as possible and hes kind of a joke
Posted: 01/25/13, 16:42:43
I'd like to see something impossible. Something I can never have. I want a kitchen sink of a Mario game.

Some levels are 2D, some are like Paper Mario/Mario RPG, if you're trolling around the grounds of Peach's Castle you can find a tennis court and play Mario Tennis. I want to surf turtle shells again, and to wear Spiny shells as boots that let me stick to ice. I want more random power ups like that weird boot in SMB3.

I want a hub that's Metroid style. Beat the lava world and you can get a Fire Flower in the hub that lets you burn walls and get to new areas. Beat the cloud world and you can hop on a Lakitu cloud to get to new places. Beat the water world and get Fludd to clean a path to new parts of the hub. I want the goals to be flagpoles and stars and shines and other things, each of which unlock different places to go.

I want Bowser, Wario and Waluigi to team up as bad guys. I want more than Mario and Luigi to be playable characters.

I want online, simultaneous co op and some pathways that can only be accessed with multiple players.

But I'll be happy with whatever we get. :p
Posted: 01/25/13, 17:26:51
Dark Weres said:

Sort of a side note but....
You know how "3D" games on TVs show 2D images of 3D objects? I'd like to see a 3DS Mario game that shows 3D images of spacial-4D objects. Super Mario Pentachoron, here we go!

Oh god, tesseracts everywhere.

It'd be like being trapped in an Escher painting .
Posted: 01/26/13, 00:56:43
How about a Mario land style game where you save daisy?
Posted: 01/27/13, 21:11:34
Just thought it up on the spot actually hehe.
Posted: 01/30/13, 04:27:12
i just thought of how i would like nintendo to do the miiverse in game. NSMBU was good in which they had the posts on the map screen. In the 3d game, i wish for there to be a in depth hub world, like the castle in mario 64, and have a lot of hidden areas and hard to find places. I would like for them to let people leave trinkets and hidden messages throughout the castle to see if people can find them. Have it like Demons's Souls and have something appear on the ground for people to find. Let people make scavenger hunts for power ups or extra lives.

Like, i can post a picture on miiverse of a certain area and tell people to look there for my message and the first person to find it will get a 1-up or something more tangible. It is a simple way to make a single-player game like mario feel like it has engaging multiplayer.

Any thoughts?
Posted: 01/30/13, 17:28:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/13, 17:28:25
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