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New EAD Tokyo 3D Mario game. What do you want from it? [roundtable]
It's in the title.

Personally, I'd be elated to get Mario Galaxy 3. I suspect that'd be a minority position - Nintendo already comes under fire for not shaking up their key franchises enough and the press always has their knives sharpened anyway - but this is one situation where I simply like the formula so much that I don't even care. Mario Galaxy 3. That kind of game in glorious HD, made by the talented team that's already given us 2 classic games. You could see that as a wrap-up of the Mario Galaxy Trilogy (as utterly preposterous as that sounds). At the end of the day, that's what I'd really like to play the most.

But there's certainly a lot of folks who'd disagree. Folks who want more open-level exploration. Or a return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario 128. Or a massive overworld that's simply packed full of platforming puzzles. All of these are worth discussing and could be a good direction for Mario to go, too.

So what do you personally want? Has that changed now that it's been confirmed that EAD Tokyo is working on it?

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Posted: 01/23/13, 21:58:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/23/13, 21:59:44
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Stephen said:
I want a return to the Mario 64 style where there is sort of an open world and you go around completing various tasks to get the stars. Maybe a bit more Banjo than Mario though (as in new abilities/powerups and seamless progression from one star to the next). Probably won't happen though.


Pokefreak911 said:
I have to agree with the majority of the people here. Sunshine/64 esque game Don't get me wrong, I love Galaxy, but the linearity stopped me from, loving, galaxy.

And this.

Galaxy was good but it was hardly the second coming of platforming that it was made out be. I'd be pretty disappointed if we ended up with Galaxy 3.
Posted: 01/24/13, 09:43:27
I want all the cool stuff we got in the Galaxy games, but it doesn't have to be Galaxy 3. With that said, I have nothing against a Galaxy 3 game.

It doesn't matter to me if we get levels broken up, like in the Galaxy games, or if the game world would be one huge seamless adventure. When it comes to Mario games, I'm not expecting some huge game world. The game being linear, like in Galaxy 2, is fine with me. Its not like Mario games have to reflect real life experiences.

All I know is, whatever Nintendo comes up with, is really going to have to blow me away, cause imo, the Galaxy games are the best Mario experiences out since Super Mario 64.

As much as I love Mario 64, the Galaxy games are even better than Mario 64.
Posted: 01/24/13, 10:45:20

What about a Wereplumber..?
Posted: 01/24/13, 10:50:39
My vote is in the "linear" pile, I gotta say. While I enjoyed SM64 a lot (and to a lesser extent, Sunshine), the novelty of larger platforming environments sort of wore off on me a bit after the N64 had a ton of them. I love the tightly designed stages in SMG1 and 2, and it's a major reason why I've replayed both games multiple times, as opposed to only playing through Sunshine, DK64, and Banjo-Tooie once. Larger planets/levels are a good way to mix it up (like Freezeflame Galaxy), but I'd prefer them to be the exception rather than the norm.

Also, keep Yokota on the soundtrack!
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:07:35
You can have those precise, tight platform levels in open-world games though, they just need to be designed properly.
Super Mario Sunshine had some.
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:10:54  - Edited by 
 on: 01/24/13, 15:12:01
Above all I want a decent hub.

Princess Peach's castle was fricken awesome, chock full of secrets.
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:21:29
So was Delfino Plaza...
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:23:52

Yeaaah, but Mario 64 was definitely the tighter experience in that regard.

Grunty's Lair in Banjo was another great example of that sort of awesome hub.
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:29:37
Grunty's Lair is one of the greatest hubs ever. Small but with tons of detail. Isle o' Hags was great too, but larger and less dense.

Unlike Klungo.
Posted: 01/24/13, 15:34:55
I want the return of Tatanga. He'd fit right in if they go with another Galaxy game, so why not?

carlosrox said:
Oh and how about we actually get a Super Mario BROTHERS game?? CO-OP with MARIO AND LUIGI, IN 3D.

Agreed. One person controls Mario on the TV, the other controls Luigi on the Gamepad.
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:17:57
I want a good HUB world back filled with exploration and secrets. I liked galaxy, but I wish they would do a mix between 64/sunshine and galaxy. I liked some of the dedicated levels with multiple stars, yet I liked the one off levels where everything is new.

An updated peaches castle idea would be amazing, though.
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:20:04
I want Super Mario Galaxy 3 with even more gorgeous orchestrated music.

Honestly, I'll take anything though. EAD Tokyo hasn't come close to letting me down yet.
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:21:31
I want a return to the Mushroom Kingdom with a total mash-up of a sandbox hub and the large open worlds of Mario 64 mixed the gravity defying stages/planetoids of Galaxy and the forced 2d stages as well. Give me EVERYTHING!
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:41:34
Like other already said, Co-op, Wii remote+nunchuck or pro controller for one player, gamepad for another, Mario and Luigi. I don't care whether it's M64 style, Sunshine, or Galaxy, all 3 rocked. I'm betting it's gonna be something brand new though, and it'll be awesome.
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:42:09
I adored the Galaxy games, but I still have a soft spot for Super Mario 64 (and Super Mario Sunshine to a lesser extent), so something in the middle. A little more open-ended than the Galaxy games with rock-solid platforming (like the FLUDD-less sections of Sunshine) and a sense of awe when playing it (like I got when I first popped in 64 and the whole time I was playing both Galaxy games).
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:58:45
Super Mario 64 style with co-op (one player on screen and one on gamepad). Open worlds with mini-challenges scattered throughout.
Posted: 01/24/13, 22:38:32  - Edited by 
 on: 01/24/13, 22:39:00
I don't want anything specific, I'd just like a whole new Mario game that doesn't recycle assets from previous games. We've gotten too much of that in the last few years.
Posted: 01/24/13, 22:48:41
Bowser has a nightmare machine and Mario would have to battle all of his worst enemies from Wart to Wario, Dimentio, Princess Shroob, Cackletta, Fawful, maybe Shadow Queen and I definitely think Mr. L because him having to battle his brother would be the biggest nightmare of them all.

I just think we can't keep playing console Mario games where you battle the kids and save the princess... and Mario 2 and the Mario galaxy games are the most out there Mario games as far as different worlds and art style. So to change up the game and give up some really weird levels, another galaxy game or Mario fighting through another dream world are your only other options to get a drastically different Mario game.
Posted: 01/24/13, 23:16:45

What do you think would happen? Would Mr. L tap dance all over his face?
Posted: 01/24/13, 23:56:37
I just think Nintendo is overlooking a villain for a few games because Luigi gets so overlooked and underappreciated haha

edit: I wouldn't mind some new Mario moves... maybe a punch or some of his Brawl moves. He hasn't gotten a new moveset since......NSMBDS? (wall jumping)
Posted: 01/25/13, 03:19:13  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/13, 03:22:26
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