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The Cave (Wii U eShop) discussion [game]
7.34/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Cave on the Wii U!

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The Cave Review (Nintendo Wii U eShop) (8.2)  by  

What the. Doesn't this usually only happen on thursdays?!


Someone download it quick and tell me if it is awesome. I'm reading a few early reviews and they all seem very positive.

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Posted: 01/22/13, 17:28:03  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/13, 00:58:20
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@VickiL is your name VickiL on Wii U? I will search when I get home from work.

I finished the Knight's stage and MANNNNN is it disturbing. I am not going to ruin it but it is good and creepy. Does each person only have one stage or do they have multiple and it rotates? The Knight stage was very easy for me and I had no problems going through it. Took me like ten minutes.

I will tackle the hillbilly puzzle later this weekend, probably tomorrow.
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:20:19
@Scrawnton Yes, VickiL.

The Knight was the first one I did. I was wondering what in the world I got myself into when people started screaming and there were those huge blood smears on the walls. It was followed by the Twins, who are disturbing regardless of whatever else is going on.
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:51:03
@VickiL on the knight quest when the dragon ate the princess whole and spit out the amulet for you i was in shock, and then you go to the king and he says "some times my daughter can be hard to swallow".... i was actually a little creeped out as to how disturbing that was.....
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:53:01
@Scrawnton Yeah that was really...wow. This game has some of the darkest humor I've seen. When the king said that, I thought, "So...that was supposed to happen!? What the ----?!" And before that, when he walked into the room, he just stood there and listened to the Cave crack jokes while the princess was getting chewed up! I was all, "Do something!!"
Posted: 02/01/13, 17:21:21
@VickiL i am wondering if that was supposed to happen.... or if you can change that outcome...
Posted: 02/01/13, 17:30:33
@Scrawnton I think Guillaume said something about two endings. Maybe if I do something differently next time...was there a way to close the gate? I may be playing this game through five times if that's the case.
Posted: 02/01/13, 17:52:17
I talked about this game on the podcast a bit and yeah, it has some pretty disturbing content. Doubly so because it makes you, as the player, do this stuff step by step, without realizing at first exactly what you are doing, but slowly picking up on what you are doing... and not being able to stop (unless you quit the game.) But as I said on the podcast it's also a presented with a comedic edge so... it doesn't feel quite as messed up as God of War or something that just has you brutalizing women in a "serious" (I use this word with full reservations) game for stupid reasons. Although I'm a bit conflicted on dark comedy games like this as a whole, like, shouldn't I feel more disturbed by games that have super disturbing content presented in a comedic light to dull the harshness? The content is still f-ed up, and I'm still in control of the ones doing it, but it's making me think it is ok to enjoy doing f-ed up stuff just because it is "funny" and isn't that super f-ed up? I already suspect that the big end game reveal will be connected to the fact that I, as the player, blindly went along with this terrible stuff just because I was told to or because there was some comedic value or something...

I have these same kind of internal conflicts with Metalocalypse, which is also a pretty brutal / f-ed up "dark comedy" show. And I love it. But I question that love.

Hmm, if I review this game, this might be an interesting angle to explore.
Posted: 02/01/13, 18:02:22  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/13, 18:03:52

No, it's a choice right at the end, before the credits, that yield a good or bad ending. I wouldn't have known about the choice if I hadn't looked it up, however.
Posted: 02/01/13, 18:53:09
@Guillaume Thanks for the clarification! I am intrigued, but will try to avoid looking it up before finishing the game.
Posted: 02/01/13, 19:12:45
@Guillaume how long was your first playthrough?
Posted: 02/01/13, 20:29:41
@Scrawnton I'm curious about this too. It seems like each playthrough will be relatively short, unless there is a lot more to each one than it seems. I've probably only played 2 hours or so and I am already through 2 of my 3 characters' individual stories.
Posted: 02/01/13, 20:34:06
About 4 hours? I got stuck at that "rangust" puzzle for a little while.
Posted: 02/01/13, 21:41:55
@Guillaume I know, F THAT ONE! I think I spent close to an hour on it before I just gave up, looked it up, and realized it was exactly what I already tried several times, except you can't let go of the push button while you switch over.

I suppose that I must be almost through my first playthrough. Will probably go for a second. Maybe a third, but like... wouldn't a third playthrough be essentially all rehashed content except for one character's unique area? Or do they throw some new stuff in because it is the end end?
Posted: 02/01/13, 22:14:07  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/13, 22:15:38
Three times through the game should be enough for most people. I mean you can go for the good/bad ending you didn't get the first time around, but youtube seems like a better use of your time at that point.
Posted: 02/01/13, 22:25:41
But am I right that the only new content in the third play is a single character's? I might not even bother at that point.
Posted: 02/01/13, 22:59:30
At last, my review is posted!
Posted: 02/02/13, 02:26:28
Regarding the postcard... I carried the postcard all the way to the end (along with a spare hotdog just in case of the munchies) and nothing happened. I looked it up, no longer fearing spoilers, and it's just an achievement. I mean if the game itself tracked these things, that would be fine, but the game says and does nothing when you do something that would be an achievement or a trophy in another game. I really don't mind the lack of achievements on the Wii U, but it's kind of rare in an adventure game to do something with no acknowledgement at all of what happened. Guess I should get used to this in ports.
Posted: 02/03/13, 17:44:14
I made my way through the hillbilly puzzle and I'm not on the mine cart part. The puzzle seems like it'll be easy. I had to leave my house but I saved the game with a sense of ease for what I will be doing soon.
Posted: 02/03/13, 19:48:34
I'm digging it so far... it's not on the same level of greatness as Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island, but it's totally worthwhile for $15. I can see myself at least giving it a couple playthroughs.
Posted: 02/04/13, 07:45:20
Hinph said:
I'm digging it so far... it's not on the same level of greatness as Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island, but it's totally worthwhile for $15. I can see myself at least giving it a couple playthroughs.
same. i will probably beat it once and then play through trine 2 and beat fire emblem. I am covered for games easily until rayman comes out..

....anyway. Lastnight i gave this game another round whilst listening to @Guillaume talk about it on RFN. I finished the Zoo level and made my way deeper in the cave. I like how the game showed you the levels for the characters you did not have and how you could not get in them. It really makes me want to play through with all characters.

I left off last night beating the Monk level. It was fairly easy, but the "patience" puzzle was a pain in the arse. I am looking forward to playing again tonight to see if I can finish my first playthrough. I now beat all three of my character puzzles. I am unsure what all is left, but it cant be all that much.
Posted: 02/04/13, 16:45:09
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