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NW Epic Center: Chrono Trigger: FINAL WEEK
* * * * * Chrono Trigger - Week 5 * * * * *

(Plain English: Scroll down to the bottom of the "OP" if you're lagging behind for previous weeks)


i Okami Club
ii Fire Emblem Club

Epic Center:
01 Ogre Battle
24 Secret of Mana
39 Phantasy Star IV (cont'd)
67 Earthbound (cont'd)
99 Breath of Fire II (cont'd)
110 Paper Mario (cont'd)
123 Golden Sun (cont'd)
136 Chrono Trigger


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello, true believers! Welcome to Negative World's newest RPG-centric Club Hub, springing off the heels of the Fire Emblem Club. Way back when, Nintendo Power introduced a monthly walkthrough / in depth Role Play Game section (right around the beefiest SNES RPG era), but since they aren't around anymore to use it, Negative World will bring it out of the ashes, dust it off, and roll with it (two things of note: #1, this is not in reaction to Nintendo Force Magazine at all -- I know that because I thought of it in the shower this morning, so THERE; and #2, I just looked up "Epic Center RPG" on Yahoo, and there is apparently another RPG-based site that has that, ugh. I guess we're looking at a "Ghostbusters" / "Real Ghostbusters" thing now... Whatever..).

For anyone who grew playing SNES RPGs, and were a fan of them, they surely resonated to the point where they still hold office as some of your favorite games of your entire videogame life, systems, generations, and decades later. The NW Epic Center (run primarily by myself, with the aid of some special friends occasionally) will help to expose some of those games that didn't quite get the recognition they deserved, and also to relive some of the greatest games EVER as we play through them again -- together -- and open up a whole new dialogue on these lost treasures.

Next up..

Chrono Trigger is held by many (myself included) as The Greatest RPG of All Time, pun not intended. It is a benchmark title in the genre, and even after 20 years the game is discussed daily and held in high regard, even in the face of juiced-up, HD "masterpieces." Is simpler sometimes better? Sure, but we're not talking "Dragon Warrior" simple here; we're talking 16-bit perfection at its finest. I'm personally a bit worried about pursuing this game once more; it's been a long time since my last jog through it, and I'm afraid I might have the rosiest pair of glasses that any shot of nostalgia could ever produce. We find out later this month, for better or for worse. (C'mon, it's gonna be fine -- we're talking Chrono Trigger here!! THE BEST, JERRY, THE BEST!!)

Sunday, August 30th marks the start of Week 1 (if you prefer to start your own quest AFTER Sunday, like Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, thats fine!). Golden Sun ran 6 Weeks. GameDadGrant will be our DUNGEON MASTER for this one, and we figure the playthrough to run about the same length. Less than two months. I'm told the total quest should last you between 20 and 30 hours.

See ya soon!!


Dungeon Master: GameDadGrant

You Did It! Chrono Trigger Complete:
Mop it up

Week 4 Complete:

Week 3 Complete:
Mr_Mustache (and Mrs_Mustache!)

Week 2 Complete:
Dark weres

Week 1 Complete:


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5


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Posted: 12/22/12, 00:24:09  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/15, 03:51:49
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I bought BoF 2 on the Wii U VC but haven't played it yet. Also, you must've missed my post yesterday, but I finished week 7.
Posted: 10/15/13, 01:03:04
Posted: 10/15/13, 01:12:56
@VickiL @TheOldManFromZelda To be fair, the description of the bat also alludes to its properties with something like "You can't help but swing this bat with all your might, so you may just whiff." I agree it could be more clear that it'll either "SMAAASSH" or miss, but it does hint at it.
Posted: 10/15/13, 01:31:27
@Mr_Mustache I would really like to play Final Fantasy III/VI next. I want to play through that game very badly, but I'm horrible about finishing RPGs without a high level of motivation (such as Epic Center). These weekly segments are perfect for someone like me who tends to get burnt out on an RPG halfway through.
Posted: 10/15/13, 06:24:00  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/13, 06:24:55
First one to finish gets the heaviest weighted vote! Others to finish in time get heavily weighted votes, and the rest get to influence it a little one way or another.
Posted: 10/15/13, 10:29:18
I have emerged from Magicant and am headed towards my home to investigate there. So, I'm done with week 7 and heading towards the end game. I'll probably be done with the game by the end of the week.
Posted: 10/15/13, 13:21:42
I finished Magicant as well and went back to get both Laura's (Paula) and Dave's (Jeff) ultimate weapons. Now I'm all set to find a few Star Pendants (and grind some more levels, just because) and finish up for the week.

IF YOU'RE USING THE GUIDE! Ness' ultimate weapon is NOT dropped by the Kraken in the Sea of Eden. It's dropped by the Bionic Kraken a little bit later.
Posted: 10/15/13, 15:52:16  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/13, 18:02:32
@Mop it up

That's how I figure out it was the bat (and then had my, Duh moment). Can you read item descriptions before buying them? I don't often read descriptions for equipment.
Posted: 10/15/13, 16:09:24
Entering the underworld now. I'm starting to get a little wasteful with my PSI resources, now that Paula is super-powered. Enemies are starting to appear with shields, and PSI Thunder seems to be better at tearing those down than Jeff's Shield Killer.

My vote goes to Breath of Fire II on the Wii U VC (and Wii VC), for the next game. Perhaps with a spike of Breath of Fire activity on the Miiverse we can convince Capcom to turn BoF6 into a full-fledged Wii U game.

I kind of wish there was "Help!" Text, or more specifically, flavour text, not what Jeff gets with his "Spy" ability, for some of the more interesting monsters you see out there. Perhaps something else to consider in an Earthbound (or Mother series) remake. *goes to look at the guide*
Posted: 10/15/13, 23:05:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/13, 23:15:16

Man, there was just a huge movement (less than a year ago, right?) where a bunch of guys played Final Fantasy III all together. I'd like a little more time to elapse between then and our run here. However, if enough people REALLY wanted it..I couldn't exactly say "no."

Glad you like the format though, HoH! I hope you join us for more RPGs! (Would you play Breath of Fire II, too?)

@Dark Weres

Another Breath of Fire II vote? Awesome.
Posted: 10/16/13, 00:57:22
@Mr_Mustache In that case, I completely understand why you wouldn't want to do FF3.

I most likely wouldn't play Breath of Fire II. I have little interest in it. Plus, A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D World will both come out in the middle of playing BoF II. Since I'll probably feel compelled to 100% both of those games, I'd most likely end up abandoning Breath of Fire II due to a lack of time.

But yeah, not wanting to do FF3 again so soon makes sense. There's a good chance I'll join in for the game after Breath of Fire II, so I look forward to that.
Posted: 10/16/13, 04:53:20  - Edited by 
 on: 10/16/13, 04:55:52
My sister is getting majorly PO that I've been neglecting playing games with her to play EarthBound, so I may have to bow out next time. I've felt overwhelmed and unable to keep up with my obligations. I still haven't finished week 5 quite yet.

Now watch y'all pick a game I adore and I join in anyway.
Posted: 10/16/13, 19:05:11
Stupid Star Pendants...I can easily beat the Major Psychic Psychos, but I have yet to get one. Two items have dropped for me: both were PSI Caramels. I always have to fight them with Psychic Psychos. Is there a good spot to spawn them by themselves, or should I just keep spawning them by going in and out of that first cave in the Fire Springs dungeon?
Posted: 10/16/13, 19:08:52
Done this week. Are these ones shorter on purpose to allow lots of time for item-hunting? To allow people to catch up? Or am I just perceiving them as shorter because of all the time I spent trying to get the rare item the previous week?

You can have Jeff spy on the enemy that you want an item from. If there's a present behind it, Jeff will take it. Then you can simply run.
Posted: 10/16/13, 21:07:28
VickiL said:
...so I may have to bow out next time.


Was that intentional?
Posted: 10/16/13, 21:18:18  - Edited by 
 on: 10/16/13, 21:18:58

That makes sense, abandonment is no good!

And I DO look forward to your next involvement! Lets not forget about the task at hand though.


Can't you do both? How much are you "avoiding" her? How much of your attention does she need? I'm still in Week 5, too! I think you're probably farther than I am (as you've given up on the Sword of Kings? I haven't.....).
Posted: 10/16/13, 23:37:11
@Mr_Mustache You got mad at me for going ahead and you're behind? That's even worse! Maybe.
Posted: 10/17/13, 00:00:57

That isn't worse at all. Not even close.
Posted: 10/17/13, 00:09:16

You can't have it both ways. If you can fuss at other people in last year's Backlaugust for not finishing on time, you can be fussed at for not finishing part of a game on time.
Posted: 10/17/13, 00:47:20

The reason I'm NOT on time is because this game if F'n ridiculous. Lou gets the thing in two fights, I've spent 4 hours. SEEMS FAIR.

EDIT- And the game isn't OVER; you guys are being jerks for jerk sake. If we're working on Breath of Fire II, and I'm still not done, THEN you can bitch at me. But then Zero will PM you and tell you that you're being too mean or something.
Posted: 10/17/13, 00:50:33  - Edited by 
 on: 10/17/13, 00:51:25
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